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Dehumidifiers Can Help You Avoid Mold Issues

Dehumidifiers Can Help You Avoid Mold Issues


Mold is something that grows in areas where there are high moisture concentrations like basements and bathrooms.  Once an area has be exposed to a mold infestation, the spores can spread quickly and even attach to other surfaces only to begin growing there as well.  The worst part about mold is that it can cause a number of health issues and can be hard to stop.  Today, the Fenton area heating and cooling experts at American Services wants to show you how the use of dehumidifiers can help you in your fight against the many issues that are caused by mold.

Dehumidifiers work to lower moisture concentrations in the air.  This reduced moisture level deters mold growth since mold likes to live in areas with high moisture levels.  Dehumidifiers work to deter mold growth very well when used in high humidity climates, basements, or specific areas where moisture build-up is prominent.

When shopping for a dehumidifier, it’s important to consider where and how the machine will be used.  You can purchase units that cover a single room or get one that will work to lower humidity levels throughout your building or home.  These units are are often called whole-house units and require installation by an HVAC professional.

Other ways that work at keeping mold at bay include:

  • Check for and replace any damages insulation around windows, doors, and water pipes.
  • Repair leaky roofs immediately.
  • Remove any rotting wood from around your structure.
  • Avoid standing water around your space.
  • Permanently fix any plumbing problems.
  • Run your air conditioner regularly, as it works as a dehumidifier when cooling the air.
  • Have your air conditioner maintained properly to avoid water pooling.

Don’t let a mold issue become a major problem around your commercial or rental home space.  Contact the American Services team for a free estimate on a dehumidifier unit today!



More Cooling Tips From

More Cooling Tips From

Helpful TipsOver at, their experts provide a variety of tips on how you can keep your business cool during the summer months while still being mindful to energy waste.  In a prior installment, we went over three ideas that can help you stay cool and save energy.  Today, let’s go over a few more of their tips.

  • To lower your overall cooling temperature, make sure you are setting your indoor temperature as close to the outdoor temperature as possible.  Keeping this difference as low as possible is the key to lowering your costs.  You will also want to ensure humidity control.  High humidity is what causes most of the discomfort we feel during high temperatures.
  • Don’t set your thermostat at a cooler than normal temperature in an attempt to cool your space faster.  This practice will not work and only wastes energy.  You will also experience much higher cooling costs if this is done.
  • If you use a window air conditioner unit, it is a good idea to use an interior fan that more evenly distributes the cooled air.  This practice is a great way to make your home more comfortable without using a significant amount of added energy.
  • Be mindful of where you place appliances that give off heat.  For example, placing a lamp near your thermostat will cause your unit to run more often because the thermostat will pick up the heat from the lamp.
  • Consider upgrading an older cooling unit for a newer, more efficient unit with the Energy Star label.
  • Ask your HVAC specialist about the energy saving associated with a whole-house fan or evaporative cooler.

Get ready for summer now!  Call the experts at American Services for the best deals on cooling service and installation near Florissant today!

Maintaining Your Cooling Systems

Maintaining Your Cooling Systems

industrial cooling in MOWith record heat hitting across the nation each summer, there has never been a better time to improve your cooling system for maximum efficiency by performing commercial cooling preventative maintenance in MO.

Commercial air conditioning cooling systems require regular maintenance to keep them running in top condition and to save money on cooling expense for commercial spaces.  There are vital components that need to be checked such as air filters and more in order to keep your cooling system putting out maximum cool air.  One area of expertise that our professional technicians can perform is to summarize your unit to ensure it’s working properly.

In order to prevent major breakdowns of your commercial cooling systems, it’s important to continue doing regular maintenance all year long, NOT just in the summer months.  This will keep your indoor climate control system operating consistently even with record breaking ambient temperatures and high humidity. It’s important to keep a professional cooling expert, such as those at American Services, available every day of the week, and have a twenty four hour emergency contact in case of break downs.  Our technicians are highly trained and ready to assist you with any of your cooling maintenance or repair needs, every month of the year.

Regular maintenance, and particularly  a preventative maintenance plan needs to be implemented as soon as possible if you want to keep your cooling system running at an optimal level of functioning all summer long.  Our certified technicians will also be sure to check your Freon levels and make sure you do not have any leaks. This will also extend the life of your system and save money in the long run.  Fewer breakdowns also leads to less unplanned expenses out of your business budget.   Experience   fewer breakdowns and certified techs will also make sure that the air has enough Freon in the air conditioner.

Advantages of High Density Cooling Towers

Advantages of High Density Cooling Towers

Industrial cooling in MOAmerican Services commercial heating and cooling installation in  St. Louis, knows that there are advantages to the use of high density polyethylene based plastic cooling towers for commercial cooling.

Not only are polyethylene based plastic cooling towers becoming more popular in the U.S., but are growing in popularity in the Middle East as well. Cooling towers manufactured in the U.S. have been integrated into an advanced, solar-powered cooling project taking place in Abu Dhabi.

The Abu Dhabi project is a pilot program which was implemented in order to offer rooftop air conditioning to some of the city’s commercial buildings via concentrated solar panels that will provide clean renewable solar energy to the building during peak demand hours.

“Essentially, the project is using solar power to produce cold water that is used to provide air conditioning,” explained Mohammad Alkarmi, CEO of Limitless International Corp., Raleigh, N.C., the exporting organization that sold the plastic cooling towers to the project’s management. Limitless International is the authorized agent for Delta Cooling Towers in the Middle East

The benefits of the system include significant energy cost savings, but also peak shaving from the rooftop solar cooling technology, which will result in better grid efficiency and reduced emissions.

“We believe that this unique cooling tower technology is the ideal solution for cooling applications in the Middle Eastern countries, where very high temperatures accompanied by high humidity — especially in the gulf region — would prevent most metal cooling towers from lasting very long because they would rust and corrode easily,” Alkarmi said.

The solar powered air conditioning project was a demonstration of the option to use the sun’s energy to provide cooling even in the heat of the desert. “Essentially, they are simply using the hot water that is coming from the solar panels to get cold water from the chiller,” Alkarmi stated.

The cooling towers play a vital role in the overall cooling system performance, and the reliability of the tower reliability was an important consideration when selecting the design.


“The HDPE plastic cooling tower will never rust or corrode, as opposed to either stainless steel or galvanized metal clad models, which will eventually rust and corrode,” Alkarmi said. “The Delta HDPE design does not require any coating or galvanizing or other exterior protection. It simply will never rust or corrode, and will last well over 20 years.”


The warranty coverage period was increased from 15 to 20 years because of the products history of long term performance.

Maintaining Commercial Cooling Systems

Maintaining Commercial Cooling Systems

commercial cooling systems in MissouriWhen summer heat and humidity arrive it’s a sign to start repairing and servicing commercial cooling systems in Missouri, but perhaps implementing a new maintenance program is less costly in the winter months.

Cooling system A/C units require air filters.  The size of the unit will dictate the size of the internal air filter. The best way to keep your commercial or residential air unit working properly is to summer proof the unit.

Conducting regular maintenance keeps a cooling system running better and more efficiently. However, it does not indicate that the cooling system will not break down on the hottest day of the year. In order for your indoor climate control to be prepared and operate properly with high ambient temperatures and high humidity, regularly maintenance is required.

You will want to retain a professional cooling system technician from American Services year round for service and repair cooling service twenty-four hours a day if required.

Once you employ a good cooling system company such as American Services, it is a good idea to stick with that company. Not only does it make good business sense, but it will also enable you to receive prompt service with a company that is familiar with your system.

Certified technicians will make sure that the cooling system has enough Freon in the air conditioner. This will also help to inhibit the leaking of Freon and prevent losing the cool air in the summer.

Regular maintenance is very important; a preventative maintenance plan should be implemented in order to maintain successful cooling system operations. It will also allow your air system to operate longer and experience fewer breakdowns.

To learn more about the types of companies we serve in the commercial cooling industry  in St. Louis, the American Services webpage today.