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How To Avoid HVAC Scams

How To Avoid HVAC Scams

Scam Alert

The weather is cooling down and unfortunately that means you may find yourself in a bad situation with an not-so-honest HVAC company.  These companies are out to only take advantage of the coming season by offering a “deal” on certain maintenance or other services.  Often times the work that is done by these individuals is not up to code, can actually harm your system, and will end up costing you extra money down the road. Today, the team at American Services wants to help you spot these scams so that you can avoid them.  Let’s get started!

  • Tip #1 – Avoid door-to-door HVAC service salesman.  These individuals are often not from the area and are only looking to get paid and leave town. Many who decide to have such people do work for them are left with unfinished jobs or end up paying for a “needed” service that was not needed at all.
  • Tip #2 – Void telephone solicitation concerning HVAC work.  Telemarketing is just not something that most HVAC companies participate in.  Those who buy into these scams often pay for unnecessary work .
  • Tip #3 – Stick with a local company.  Hiring a local HVAC contractor who has been doing reputable work in the area for some time will help you to avoid a scam.  These individuals want to keep your business and to build a good reputation for their businesses.
  • Tip #4 – Be wary of anyone who can’t provide a business card, lacks a logo on their truck, and can’t offer you a physical business address and phone number.
  • Tip #5 – If a contractor is replacing a part in your system, ask to see the old part.  This will give you evidence that an actual repair was made.
  • Tip #6 – Get several bids for all jobs.  This will confirm to you that the repairs someone is claiming you need are actually necessary.

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Commercial Restaurant Equipment Repair- Ice Machines

Commercial Restaurant Equipment Repair- Ice Machines

commercial ice machines repair in MOAmerican Services Restaurant Equipment Repair Service in St. Louis knows that commercial ice machines use a lot of electricity and are literally working all the time.  That means there is a great potential for failure.  In fact the average life span of a commercial ice machine is around 10 years.  So how do you know if you need to have your machine repaired?  There are some things to look for to decide if it’s something you can maintain or if you need to call in a professional.

In general there are two types of ice machines, ones that use water for cooling and ones that use air.  Think of the radiator in your car that uses water and antifreeze to cool your engine or a car that uses air cooling instead and you get the general idea.  Both machines have their advantages and disadvantages, but you will want to know which kind you have so you can discuss proper repair and maintenance with a professional.

If your ice machine ever stops producing ice there are some simple self checks you can do to see if a professional needs to be called.  Check all the power options first.  Is the unit plugged in securely to the outlet, has a fuse blown, can you hear the machine running? You would be amazed at how often the simplest thing can be the cause of the problem.  Filters and water lines can also become blocked or even freeze.  A visual inspection can be done, but it  might take a pro to come in and fix the issue.

Visual inspections and ice quality tasting are important to do often, so you stay ahead of any major issues.  Walk around the machine and make sure there isn’t any standing water or leaking.  Taste the ice  and make sure it doesn’t have a bad taste or smell.  These can be indications of something as simple as a dirty filter or something more complex like mold or bacteria growth.  Either way it’s an easy test to perform often to insure everything is in tip top shape.

If the ice machine just isn’t working call in a pro and have them look at it.  Many HVAC companies will also work on ice machines, so just look in the phone book or online for certified HVAC professionals.

HVAC Chillers

HVAC Chillers

hvac chillers in PAAmerican Services commerical HVAC Service in Missouri specializes in repair and maintenance of equipment such as  Trane, a well known manufacturer of commercial HVAC systems for over 75 years routinely creates new and innovative technologies that are incorporated into their commercial HVAC systems. With the introduction of each new technology brings increased efficiency, lower emissions, and more reliable products.

One of the newest commercial HVAC units available through Trane is the CenTraVac centrifugal chiller. As with most commercial HVAC companies, the use of centrifugal chiller technology has been proven to allow for increased efficiency. This efficiency is achieved through an impeller which forces the flow of air to spin faster and faster. Following a form of Euler’s fluid dynamics pump and turbine equation, the energy input to the fluid, or in this case air, is proportional to the flow’s local spinning velocity multiplied by the local impeller tangential velocity. Manufacturers have been able to design units which cause the flow leaving the centrifugal impeller to be near the speed of sound. The capability of efficiency with the centrifugal chillers produced by Trane is at least 13.5 percent better than other manufacturers.

It is also important to develop an understanding for quality of construction. Research has indicated that with proper preventative maintenance and routine system audits, units such as the CenTraVac chiller are designed to be in operation for more than 50 years. Additionally, emission ratings of this new technology have demonstrated to be four times better than other centrifugal chillers. As new federal government and EPA regulations continue to be introduced, choosing a commercial chiller which is rated for high efficiency will reduce operating costs and decrease the potential of issues with governmental agencies.

Commercial HVAC Repair

Commercial HVAC Repair

HVAC products and services in MOCommercial HVAC systems are  composed of high-volume mechanical systems delivering heated and cooled air to your building.  Unfortunately, any mechanical system has parts that need routine service.  Whether you are a building operator of a school, hospital, airport, factory, or office building, Commercial HVAC services will be required throughout the year.

When seeking commercial HVAC repair it is important to select a company that has a good reputation and will be dependable.  Technicians should be well versed in boilers, rooftop units, compressors and chillers.  Furthermore, a reputable company will provide preventative maintenance solutions to keep your system operating efficiently.

Often times, HVAC companies will provide basic training on simple preventative maintenance tasks.  The easiest HVAC preventative maintenance task is to choose high quality filters and inspect them regularly.  Dirty filters should be replaced as they will block air flow.  Evaporator coils and condenser coils should be cleaned one or two times a year.  This will increase energy savings and keep the HVAC coils free from mold and dirt.  Other simple maintenance tasks include cleaning the HVAC system with water two times a year and cleaning the dampers.

In the event that there is a system failure or malfunction it is wise to have an action plan for attaining commercial HVAC Services.  The company you choose should be able to provide you with references of previous work they have completed.  The technician will first visit your site and assess the situation to determine the repair cost prior to beginning work.

We offer the following types of commercial HVAC products and services near Belleville such as;

  • AC Maintenance
  • AC Repair
  • AC Replacement
  • Heating Replacement
  • Heating Maintenance
  • Heating Repair
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Air Duct Free System
  • Gas Furnaces
  • Heat Pumps
  • Zoning Products


Questions to ask HVAC Contactors Part II

Questions to ask HVAC Contactors Part II

Commercial HVAC Service in ILQuestions to ask HVAC contractors Continued;

5. Does the company have a physical address?  Many fly-by-night heating and cooling companies and uninsured moon lighters rarely have a business address. On the other hand, most stable HVAC companies operate from an office or shop facility, not out of a home office.

6. What is the standard company and manufacturer guarantee?  Not only will a better guarantee give you a longer peace of mind, better guarantees are usually offered by better companies

7. Does the company offer financing?  Even though you may not need financing, you should still look for companies that offer financing because it shows their concern for affordability and whether the company can meet the financial qualifications necessary to offer financing.

8. Does your company perform Manual J design calculations?  Good companies perform engineering calculations based on the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA)”Manuel J” to insure the equipment they provide is the right size. (Over sizing an HVAC system is just as bad as under sizing one). Improperly sizing HVAC systems are all too common.

9. Does the company follow proper matching of components?
When you are replacing an air conditioner or heat pump or other major components it is important to replace both the outdoor unit as well as indoor components together as a matched set, if not matched you get a reduced efficiency and increased breakdowns. Good contractors insist on properly matching to insure maximum efficiency is achieved.

10. Does the company offer you choices?  With today’s technology there’s a wide variety of options available for heating cooling and ventilation systems. Reputable companies will present you with choices in product efficiency, features, filtration, controls, and financing, as well as custom HVAC design and implementation.

11. Does the company provide customer testimonials?  Professional HVAC contractors such as American Services HVAC repair in St. Louis, should be able to willing to readily supply any number of past customer testimonials.