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Variable Speed Blowers Offer Cooling Efficiency

blowerBesides smart thermostats, which we have been discussing lately on behalf of your Heating and Cooling sales and installation near Edwardsville IL, we also know of many other cost saving elements available for consideration in your HVAC systems at home and at work.  Variable speed blowers is another aspect of HVAC technology that is well worth considering that will also save you money.

“One of the most common reasons people crank up their thermostats and let their energy bills rise is because they feel hot or cold when the HVAC system shuts off between cooling or heating cycles. Variable speed blowers help eliminate these temperature swings.”  A variable speed blower can help solve this problem by running at a much slower speed in the moments when the temperature has been met, in this way helping to maintain the heating or cooling temp desired for your comfort.

Here is how one article puts it online to help describe what a variable speed blower will offer you on behalf of your St Louis Cooling Sales near Edwardsville IL, “Instead of simply turning on and off, a variable speed blower runs at high speed when the home’s temperature needs to be changed and then slows down to a holding speed once the desired temperature is reached. This allows the thermostat to be set at a lower level and saves energy even though the overall running time may be longer.”  We began our discussions covering the point that so many of us sit on the edge of our seats, waiting for the arrival of the latest technology in the toy department of our electronics stores.  If it is a gadget of some sort, then it gains all sorts of attention, we then progressed into discussions about technology that saves, rather than costs you money.  Then we transitioned on behalf of your St Louis Cooling installation near Edwardsville, to cover the specifics of smart thermostats and variable speed blowers.  We will finish our series in the next post on efficiency that has been improved in the St Louis HVAC industry.

The HVAC Green Effects

HVACBack in 2013, Obama said that the United States federal government must double its reliance on renewable energy by 2020, meaning that 20 percent of its energy supplies will need to come from renewable sources. Here at your St Louis HVAC Industrial Sales near Webster Groves, we are researching the benefits to this movement in the HVAC world and how it has had an impact thus far in what businesses are doing in this category of commercial needs.

“The added reliance on green energy has several benefits, including the ability to decrease the ‘environmental footprint’ on the plant, according to the U.S. EPA as well as to alleviate energy security issues while spurring economic growth within the U.S. Of course, this growing trend has resulted in many changes in HVAC technologies.” Some of the added revenue is stemming from all of the research that must go into HVAC changes for energy efficiency and renewal.  “Companies in the U.S. and worldwide are involved in research to create more energy-efficient traditional systems as well as new types of systems that run off alternative energies, such as geothermal or solar.”  Here, at your St Louis HVAC installation near Webster Groves, we continue to put effort into staying on top of the latest directives and implementing the newest policies, as well as passing them onto you.

There are seven rather new “green” technologies that have been birthed and evolved from the HVAC industry as an effect of the above government and environmental concerns.  We will begin our journey through them and continue in future posts on behalf of your Commercial HVAC installation in St Louis near Webster Groves.  The first green technology is the “on command” hot water heater and we will go into more detail in the posts that follow.

Product Advertising Leans Further Digitally

youtubeWe are looking at a wide variety of topics to report to our consumers who follow the HVAC industry in St Louis near Ladue.  The truth is, there are so few details to offer, yet so many subjects worth discussing that pertain to our business, that sometimes it can be tricky to narrow things down and find new information, all at the same time.  Since our St Louis HVAC install company also handles much to do about restaurants, we have decided to search hot food topics.   We stumbled upon cereal.  So, there you have it.

On behalf of our latest research working for your St Louis HVAC installation near Ladue, we found the following quote to open up our discussion for the day, “When General Mills launched Tiny Toast in June, its first new cereal brand in more than 15 years, the company also launched its first completely digital marketing campaign. Because General Mills was targeting millennials, it stayed away from traditional TV and instead placed short video clips across YouTube, Snapchat and Instagram. In the two months since its launch, the campaign has only racked up about a million YouTube views. But because these videos were organically shared across social platforms, the campaign saw 700 million earned impressions within the first week.”

Did you know, that of all of the TV watched by young adults, only 25% is watched on an actual TV?  That is such important information for anyone marketing a product to young people.  Everything from food and restaurant equipment, consumables, all the way to HVAC systems, ought to be broadcast in the ways most likely received by their target groups.  According to Alan Cunningham, senior marketing manager of cereal innovation at General Mills. “Everything else is on a mobile device or computer. So that really struck us and we said we have to diversify our approach and our content to speak to them where they are.”

Heating Installation and Repair Field

heating installWe have been discussing recently the need for HVAC technicians and how they are indeed on the rise.  In the research that we do daily, on behalf of your Heating Installation and Repair in St Louis near Sunset Hills MO, we found so many facts that point to a greater need for HVAC techs, that if you are looking for a career on the rise, this would definitely be one well worth considering.  When looking for opportunity for extra dough, think about the fact that these technicians who deal in the world of heating and cooling are irreplaceable to that customer who lacks heating ability in the dead of winter, or needs to cool off in late July with an AC that is blown.

“With that said, reports that the HVAC industry is projecting a pay increase of up to 40% in the next few years. They also note that if you work as an HVAC technician for a larger company you will likely make more than $80,000 annually.”

Throughout the United States, and in St Louis near Sunset Hills, Heating and Cooling sales and install companies are almost always in search of qualified technicians and hardworking newcomers to teach the trade to. As with plumbing, HVAC technicians have great job security as Heating and Cooling services will always be needed (homes and businesses will continue to heat and cool their properties) and there is not a danger of HVAC jobs becoming outsources overseas ever, that simply wouldn’t make sense.  Also, machines will never do the job of such detailed diagnostics that require human flexibility in reasoning.   So, take if from on research on behalf of your St Louis MO Heating install near Sunset Hills, if you want a technical position and you are looking for a stable, well paying environment, consider heating and cooling repair today.

A Career in Refrigeration

refrigeration technicianDid you know that when you consider growing careers and you look at the world of HVAC technicians, you can also lump in refrigeration service technicians as well?  That is, if you are discussing growing and trending careers, especially those which are based on advancements in technology.  St Louis Refrigeration Service and Sales near Kirkwood, for example, will need many more technicians over the next several years in order to keep up with the growing demand for installation and sales of greener units and more advanced systems, both in the world of HVAC and Refrigeration.

HVAC and Refrigeration technicians in St Louis have a great earning potential. The shows that the average HVAC technician made over $42,000 in 2010, with the top 10% of the industry earning approximately $67,000. On behalf of your St Louis Refrigeration Sales and Service near Kirkwood, we found much in our recent research and want to also mention that you cannot overlook the opportunity for overtime pay.  This is an amazing benefit for anyone in the HVAC or Refrigeration industry when it comes to extreme temperatures.

It is reported that you can make as much as 80 grand a year working for the right big HVAC or Refrigeration company in the industry.  The HVAC industry, in particular, recently reported that they are projecting as much as a 40% increase in average pay over the next few years.  So, if you are looking for something to study and do in this lifetime that involves a growing technical industry, consider the St Louis HVAC and Refrigeration Sales needs an get your certification in Refrigeration technician work and or HVAC technical training soon.  Your pocketbook with thank you .

Virtual Reality and an Active HVAC Imagination

We mentioned previously and had been focused on the subject of virtual reality in the world of HVAC service in St Louis near Hazelwood MO for a bit now and are going to move forward to discuss details of how virtual reality is in play today both inside and outside of the HVAC world.

We read, on behalf of your HVAC sales in St Louis near Hazelwood, that at the 2017 AHR Expo in Las Vegas, several manufacturers showed off VR capabilities in their booths and explained how the technology is now being used for product demonstrations, sales calls, training opportunities, and more.  “Virtual reality is increasing its role in the HVAC industry,” said Amanda Comunale, director of construction piping services, Victaulic Co. “In preconstruction, it’s allowing project teams to visualize the job site in new ways. Technology, such as the HTC lens, gives project teams the ability to visualize clash detection in ways not currently possible in Navisworks. Contractors can fully immerse themselves in the model and truly walk a job site to spot issues and clashes. This technology also gives project managers and field foremen the ability to interact with the model the same way the drawing group is able to in the office.”

The virtual reality that we are aware of stems from gaming and many things that we see in the industry are all indicative of inapplicability to the real world.  However, this is a false sense of reality, no pun intended.  The truth is, that VR can easily and readily be applied to the world of St Louis HVAC near Hazelwood in all of the facets mentioned above, and then some.  All it takes is an active imagination, much like the one that got us there in the first place.

Virtual Reality in HVAC

virtual reality“Virtual reality (VR) was once the symbol of a technologically advanced future that granted users the ability to transport to different worlds, augment their own reality, and develop endless applications in any field imaginable.”  It is no longer so mysterious or advanced in the sense that it is out of reach.  Virtual reality is showing up in so many different avenues, such as HVAC in St Louis near Belleville IL.  When we take a gander at the stats, we can see that the above is definitely true.

Statistics show the following, “the VR industry is growing at a fast pace with revenues from virtual reality products — both hardware and software — projected to increase from $90 million in 2014 to $5.2 billion in 2018. The number of active VR users is forecast to reach 171 million by 2018. According to recent forecasts, revenue from virtual reality head-mounted displays is expected to grow from $685 million in 2015 to $3.89 billion in 2018.”

There are many different companies already working to optimize the VR industry.  “Several companies have already introduced VR technology. Sony’s Playstation VR, the Oculus Rift, the HTC Vive, and Samsung Gear VR are some of the biggest players in this burgeoning marketplace.”  HVAC industry leaders are looking closely, according to the research we found on behalf of your St Louis HVAC installers near Belleville.  VR is being used in a multitude of industries for such things as product demos, sales calls, as training tools in the field and even more.  There is no feasible reason why virtual reality won’t be a tool for any and every industry in the near future, including the installation specialists who handle St Louis HVAC service near Belleville.

HVAC Regulations in a Positive Light

rooftop HVACOf all the latest news and information surrounding the Commercial HVAC industry, one of the most intriguing subjects as of late involves the government regulations soon-to-be in effect for HVAC systems on certain roof tops.  The commercial world in interested, namely in the savings they are forecast to experience with these regulated changes, “Additionally, the new standards would net a typical building owner $4,200-$10,100 over the life of a single rooftop air conditioner. For larger commercial buildings, the savings are significant.”

According to our research being relayed on behalf of your St Louis HVAC business near Edwardsville, “This particular standard was negotiated with relevant stakeholders, including manufacturers and commercial air conditioners, major industry organizations, utilities, and efficiency organizations to finalize this standard,” said DOE.  We also found that in order to be in compliance with the regulations, the industry will likely need to reevaluate the ways in which they are currently doing business today.

In order to get ready for the first phase of these regulation standards, according to your Industrial HVAC service near Edwardsville, manufacturers will be making significant design changes in order to comply. Most all the commercial HVAC manufacturers are actually pretty positive about the changes needed and the new regulations themselves. “We can build in value along these trend lines as part of our work to comply with these regulations,” said Jeff Moe, product business leader, unitary business, North America, Trane.  Some are even looking at going the extra mile. “One of the things we looked at is a term called ‘Beyond Compliance.’ For example, we’ll look at the new 2018 energy-efficiency minimums, modify existing products, and increase their efficiencies so they comply with new regulations. We will also incorporate additional product changes in areas of customer interest along the trends to provide value above and beyond the efficiency increases.”

Usually Your HVAC Can Be Repaired

HVACIn the commercial HVAC industry there can be a lot worth considering. This is especially true, according to you HVAC maintenance in St Louis near Kirkwood, when it comes to the process and need for HVAC replacement.  Whether it be for your home or business, you will need to do some homework and get your ducks in a row before you head out to replace your HVAC system.  “Before replacing your furnace, air conditioner or heat pump, learn the difference between HVAC manufacturers.”  That is the first and most consistent piece of advice you will see online from people who write on the subject.  Also, you will want to most definitely plan ahead an know of someone you can trust who will handle your HVAC installation, such as your St Louis HVAC install near Kirkwood.  Ideally, you will buy from the same folks who will install your commercial system.

“So you went online to start figuring out which brand, which model, which size, which contractor, how much, what financing options, etc. — a lot of things to consider!”  In addition to the above facts, the expense of your HVAC is likely an unplanned one, right?  Sometimes it is even an emergency situation that you find yourself in when it comes time to replace your commercial HVAC in St Louis near Kirkwood.  Don’t let this shortchange the amount of time and consideration you put into your buying decision, otherwise you will likely live to regret it.

Ask yourself why the HVAC purchase is being made and proceed accordingly, “If you’re shopping for a new HVAC system because you recently had service, and the service tech told you that you had to, or that it’s dangerous, then let’s take a step back for a second. It’s very rare that a system must be replaced. Now, sometimes repairs can cost as much as a new system, but that doesn’t mean you must go that route. There are almost always options for repair.”

Heating and Cooling Help

heatingWe discussed in the previous post, all the ways in which energy costs can affect the heating and cooling of your home or office.  In the world of HVAC, when energy costs are being predicted to go down, especially when this reduction in cost is estimated to be significant and long-term, then we like to report it, as this is really great news for everyone involved.  Companies who sell HVAC, such as your Heating Sales near St Peters in Earth City, are interested in benefiting from the increase in sales and installation volume that automatically goes hand in hand with a lower energy cost projection.

“According to the U.S. Energy Information Association (EIA), those price drops are the beginning of a long-term trend rather than just a short-term reprieve. The EIA predicts residential heating oil will cost $2.73 per gallon over the course of 2015 and then continue dropping to $2.65 per gallon in 2016.”

It isn’t only heating oil costs that are expected to drop, as your St Louis Heating and Cooling experts near St Peters reports, fuel in the form of gasoline is dropping as well, positively affecting the economy as a whole.  Heating oil dropping in price, however, may not have the most significant effect on the heating and cooling industry.  Here is an excerpt on what heating and cooling magazine reports on this same subject, “In regard to heating oil, the effect of changing prices on contractors may be faltering, as multiple contractors in both the U.S. and Canada said heating oil is losing prevalence in the HVAC industry.”  Regardless of the cost associated with the process of sales, service and installation, heating and cooling are both vital parts of your industry and should be treated as such.  Call your American Service heating and cooling specialists for the help you need when the time comes.