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American Services Presents Holiday Happenings Around St. Louis!

American Services Presents Holiday Happenings Around St. Louis!

parents going ice skating with kids

Here at American Services, we like to take the time to focus on our families during the holiday season!  That means finding fun, memorable activities to share with those we care for the most.  This holiday season, we hope that you will take the time to show those around you how much you care by taking the time to make some special memories too.  In honor of this tradition, here’s our list of top holiday happenings around the St. Louis area.

The 43rd Annual Way of Lights Christmas Display at the National Shrine of Our Lady of the Snows runs from Friday, November 20th until Friday, January 1st from 5-9 pm in Belleville, IL.  The way of lights also offers other activities including: Tree and wreath displays; camel, donkey and pony rides; petting zoo; Lego display; and a children’s play area.

The Polar Express Train Ride runs from Friday, November 20th until Wednesday, December 30, 2015 at St. Louis Union station.  Ticketing prices start at $39 for Coach, $59 for First-Class, and $75 for Premium.

The 3rd Annual Garden Glow runs from Saturday, November 21, 2015 until Saturday, January 2, 2016 at the Missouri Botanical Garden.  Hours and ticketing prices vary.  Visit for more details.

The Steinberg Skating Rink in Forest Part offers extended holiday hours starting December 18th through January 2nd from 10 am – midnight.  The rink is also open on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve and New Years Day.  Admission is $7 for all ages and skate rentals are $5.  Please note, they are a cash only establishment.

The 40th Annual Soulard Holiday Parlour Tour runs from Saturday, December 5, 2015 until Sunday, December 6, 2015 in the Soulard Neighborhood.  Tours area held from 10 am- 4 pm and 10 am – 3 pm.  Advanced reservations are encouraged by visiting

The Lafayette Square Holiday Parlour Tour takes place on Sunday, December 13, 2015 in the Lafayette Square Neighborhood from 10 am  – 5 pm.  Visit for more details.

Be sure to contact the team at American Services for all of your Bridgeton area HVAC needs this winter!

HVAC Efficiency Made Easy

HVAC Efficiency Made Easy

Keep It Simple On A Virtual ScreenWhen the weather heats up for summer, many business owners worry about the high cost associated with an HVAC unit that isn’t working efficiently.  A unit that isn’t able to do it’s job will cost you extra money on your monthly bills and can also cause damage that will lead to service or early equipment replacement. Today, the expert technicians at American Services will give you their top efficiency related tips for the summer cooling season.

The top reason why your equipment may be working inefficiently has to do with your maintenance schedule.  All HVAC systems need to undergoing bi-annual checks that include a full cleaning and maintenance service.  In fact, those who skip the maintenance on their equipment can experience a 5-10 percent jump in their monthly bills.  Also, be sure that you have a reliable, licenced HVAC technician perform all maintenance to ensure the quality of service you deserve.

Another area that falls into maintenance is your filter.  You should be choosing a quality filter that is appropriately sized and that specializes in your specific needs.  Filter commonly need to be changed every 90 days.  This is a simple task that anyone can perform, but if you don’t feel comfortable always call your HVAC contractor.

Finally, maintaining the right Freon level is imperative to the proper function of your cooling system.  Many think that this means that you most likely need more, but over doing it with your Freon is just as bad as not having enough.  Be sure to have a trained HVAC technician check and adjust your Freon as needed.  This is not a service you can perform on your own.

If you are a Bridgeton area commercial HVAC client in need of professional heating and cooling advice the team at American Services is here to help!  Contact our customer care team for a free estimate today!

Commercial HVAC Rules To Live By!

Commercial HVAC Rules To Live By!

Top 3 card isolated on white backgroundWhen it comes to your commercial HVAC equipment, there are some simple rules you need to keep in mind.  These rules will help you to keep your equipment not only running smoothly, but also help to sustain the life of your valuable investment.  After all, when you make a purchase as large as a commercial HVAC system, you need to make sure you are doing everything in your power to help it work for you!  Let’s get started with our top rules.

  • Rule #1 – Equipment Sizing: When you initially purchase and have your commercial HVAC system installed you will want to ensure that your technician fits your unit to your specific needs.  You don;t want a system that is overly powerful, just as you don’t want one that isn’t powerful enough.  Either situation will cost you more money, hassle, and headache in the long run.
  • Rule #2 – Maintenance Is Key!  All business owners need to keep their large investment equipment pieces on a regularly scheduled maintenance plan.  This type of plan should be something that us very specific to your equipment.  You can also get on a plan that meets your monthly budget needs by planning out all of your services as a part of a Maintenance Contract.  A good maintenance contract will save you money and make your maintenance easy.
  • Rule #3 – Know when to upgrade: Understanding when you need to upgrade or replace an old, outdated system is really important when you want to maximize your monthly utility expenses.  Outdated equipment often doesn’t utilize all of the latest innovations and technology needed to perform at an optimal level.  This will cause you to spend more and also reduce performance.

If you find that you need help with any of the above Ladue area commercial HVAC services, simply give the experts at American Services a call!

Central Heating System Basics

Central Heating System Basics

ThermostatWhen talking about HVAC systems for commercial business, the basics of central heating are often overlooked for other more complicated matters.  Today, the team at American Services wants to give you a quick overview of what “central heating” actually means, along with some pros, cons, and basics on how this type of system works to keep you warm in the winter.

What does “central heating” mean?

When a heating system is referred to as “central heating” is basically means that your unit does the work of heating your building from a central location.  The heat is then moved through out the building via vent and duct work.

Are there advantages to central heating systems?

There are two big advantages to a central heating system.  The first is that this type of system evenly distributes heat making it a more comfortable for occupants.  The second advantage is that it provides energy efficiency due to working form a single energy source such as gas, oil, or electricity.

What are the main components found in a central heating unit?

The main components found in a central heating unit include the motor, fan or blower, burner, vents, ducts, and thermostat.

It is also important to note that participating in regular maintenance and having an energy audit are both vital in ensuring the energy efficiency of your central heating unit.  These two factors can improve your efficiency by up to 95% and should be considered when learning more about the heating system you have.

If you have more questions about your central heating and/or cooling system, the team at American Services is here to help.  Our St. Peters area HVAC technicians are fully trained on all the latest technology and can work with you to get an energy efficient system installed right away.  Simply call our customer care team at 314-733-1776 and ask for a free estimate!

Being Mindful Of IAQ During Winter Months

Being Mindful Of IAQ During Winter Months

contact usThe IAQ or indoor air quality in your commercial building is something that can suffer during the winter months as many try to create an airtight environment to help reduce winter heating costs. Yet, the practice of sealing out the cold air needs to be in balance so that the environment you and your employees are exposed to isn’t compromised.  Use these tips that take the eliminate, isolate, and ventilate principals into account when considering your IAQ this winter.

First, you need to think of ways to eliminate contaminants from entering your indoor environment.  Some simple ways to do that include: choose cleaning agents that are not made with chemicals that can be harmful to you and your employees; be sure to outfit your building with carpeting, furniture, and other finishings that are free of harmful chemicals; and make your indoor environment a cigarette smoke-free area.

Next, you will need to think of ways to isolate your indoor environment from contaminants.  A few ways to isolate include: keeping any pollutant containing chemicals in an area separate from you and your employees; sealing any appliances in sealed combustion units; and inspecting all natural gas units for proper ventilation.

Finally, check for and ensure proper ventilation.  This can be achieved by opening windows as the weather permits or by contacting your Bridgeton Area HVAC dealer about having a mechanical ventilation unit installed in your building.  These units need to be sized and installed by a professional HVAC technician to ensure proper ventilation according to your building size.

Start taking your indoor air quality seriously and contact the team at American Services now!  Our team can help you determine your IAQ needs for the winter and get all of the proper equipment installed quickly and at an affordable price.  Contact our team at 314-733-1776 for more details about a free estimate today!

Finding the Right Commercial HVAC Contractor

Finding the Right Commercial HVAC Contractor

repairman engineer When looking for an HVAC contractor near Florissant, the task should not be taken lightly.  In fact, the decision you are about to make is just as important as finding a doctor for a sick family member.  You want to find someone with the most knowledge with the issues you have, who is reliable, and ready to take on whatever it takes to get your system up and running quickly.  At American Services, we are confident that our team of technicians can provide you with all of the needs on your list.  But just in case, here’s our list of tips for finding the right commercial HVAC contractor in St. Louis.

  • Recommendations – If you have friend or family members who have recently used an HVAC contractor, ask for opinions.  Get their honest feedback and start with those they highly recommend.
  • Online Reviews – Now, remember these are online reviews.  But when looked at in the right light, you can come up with a few good ideas using these sites.
  • Web Page – Go to the contractors website and look around.  Is it professional?  Do they offer a guarantee?  Do they offer 24/7 service?  Do they give free estimates?  How long have they been in business and what other services do they offer?  Doing this research will get a lot of the preliminary questions out of the way and possibly weed out a few that don’t meet your entire list of needs.
  • Facebook and Other Social Media Sites – Use social media sites to find pictures of work the contractor has completed.  Is the work space clean?  Does the work look professionally installed?  Getting this visual can give you an idea of what standards your candidate has or doesn’t have.

At American Services we take pride in providing high-quality services that fit all of your needs!  Give our team a call to see if we live up to your standards today!

Save On HVAC Services In 2015 With American Services!

Save On HVAC Services In 2015 With American Services!

Budget 2015As the year comes to an end, many business owners are looking for new and creative ways to start saving money in 2015.  This includes those who utilize HVAC services like those offered by the team here at American Services.  In response to this customer concern, our technician, service, and customer care providers want to give you with what you need!  That’s why we continue to broaden our reach and offer a full lineup of services to our loyal customers.

Our first suggestion when a client wants to save money on their HVAC costs is to consider a Preventative Maintenance Plan.  Our customized plans can cover as much or as little of your costs as you want.  We will also take all factors into consideration when composing your plan including budget, maintenance needs, the type of equipment you have, the need for emergency service, and many more.  Basically you tell us what you need and we will write a plan that will work for you!

We also save our customers money by offering a variety of specialty services.  Our skilled technicians not only understand the ins and outs of heating and cooling, but also have experience with restaurant and cooking equipment, refrigeration and freezer units, ice machines, industrial equipment, beverage systems, and water filtration. As you can see, we are able to meet most of your needs in just one service call.  This saves you time, money, and gets your business running at full capacity sooner.

Don’t take your chances with another St. Louis City area HVAC contractor, call our specialized team today by dialing 855-733-1776 now!  Our customer care professionals will be able to put you in touch with the department that best solves all of your issues whether it be normal service, a free estimate, or the possibility of getting a money-saving customized preventative maintenance plan.


Types of Humidifiers & How They Can Compliment Your HVAC System

Types of Humidifiers & How They Can Compliment Your HVAC System

HumidifierKeeping indoor humidity under control is an important factor in overall comfort for those visiting your establishment.  Today, the team at American Services wants to introduce you to three popular types of humidifiers.  This review should greatly assist you when making a humidifier purchasing choice.

Steam – You may be familiar with steam humidifiers, as they are the cheapest, simplest units on the market.  This simple unit works by boiling water and then releasing the steam into the room. They are also the same units used to dispense medical inhalant when someone is sick. Steam units are often not recommended to used around small children because the steam can cause burns.  Yet, this type of unit is favorable because there are not bacterial or mineral concerns.

Impeller – An impeller unit works by releasing a cool fog into the air.  To make this happen a rotating disc is used to fling water across a diffuser.  Once the water hits the diffuser, it breaks it into fine droplets that will float in the air.  Impeller units offer low energy costs, yet can cause concern due to the possibility of bacterial and mineral growth.

Ultrasonic – This type of unit often works silently and also releases a cool fog into the air.  To create this fog, the unit uses a metal diaphragm that vibrates at an ultrasonic frequency creating the water droplets.  Ultrasonic units also offer low energy costs, but also raise the same bacterial and mineral concerns.

If you have concerns about the humidity levels in your building, you can start measuring the current levels by using a hygrometer.  These are relatively inexpensive and easy-to-use.

To get a free estimate and information on how a humidifier could be beneficial to your indoor air quality, give the St. Charles area HVAC service experts at American Services a call today!

Why Not Choose A Full Service HVAC Contractor Like American Services?

Why Not Choose A Full Service HVAC Contractor Like American Services?

Why NotFinding the right HVAC contractor is am important aspect when you count on the comfort of your business for both customers and your employees.  That’s why the American Services team wants you to know how we can serve you beyond just your typical heating, cooling, and refrigeration-related needs.  Let’s take a look at just a few reasons why it makes sense to go with a contractor that is truly full-service.

When you choose a contractor like American Services, you can count on the fact that we have someone who can help you with a wide-range of issues.  You see, our team not only specializes in heating, cooling, and ventilation – we also have staff that can take care of many other areas of your business.  On our list of services we include:

  • Cooking Equipment Service, Maintenance, and Sales including gas repairs, electric repairs, fryers, dishwashers, food warmers, food processors, steamers, convection ovens, and much more.
  • Refrigeration Service, Maintenance, and Sales including commercial, industrial, and process refrigeration – along with walk-in freezers, restaurant refrigeration, supermarket refrigeration, coolers, and much more.
  • Ice Machine Service, Maintenance, and Sales.
  • Water Filtration Service, Maintenance, and Sales.
  • Industrial Equipment Service, Maintenance, and Sales including chillers, boilers, makeup air ventilation units, and industrial exhaust ventilators.
  • Beverage System Service, Maintenance, and Sale including soda, coffee, cappuccino, tea, and frozen concentrate.

This full-service approach is how we make sure you see the least amount of down-time possible.  We can also save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars because out team can take care of your entire list of needs in one visit.  All of these reasons combined are what set us apart from any other HVAC contractor in St. Louis.

Contact our team at 855-733-1776 for a free estimate now.  We have dedicated and skilled technicians ready to serve you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Let American Services be your O’Fallon area HVAC service provider and so much more!

HVAC Is Easy With American Services

HVAC Is Easy With American Services

we make it easy for youAt American Services, our list of HVAC services near Ladue are the most-complete you’ll find in the area.  Our team can accommodate a wide-range of industries and meet all of their needs not matter how specialized they may be.  Today, we want to make your search for the right HVAC service-provided even easier!   Check out our tips for finding the right HVAC company below.

You’ll know you have found the right HVAC company because:

  • When you call their office location, you will be met by friendly customer care and prompt service.
  • It will be easy to schedule a date and time for service that is convenient for you and your business.
  • The HVAC Technician that arrives to complete your service call will be prepared and able to quickly diagnose any problems you are having.
  • All work will be complete in a timely and professional manner.
  • Your equipment will be up and running without further incident once the service technician has left your site.
  • Billing will be smooth – your invoice for service will be correct, fair, and arrive quickly.
  • You will be thanked for your service and contacted to make sure all of your needs were met.

If you are a commercial business owner in need of HVAC services, our team is here to help.  We are ready to take care of your complete list of needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Our technicians cover a wide variety of specialties and we can even take care of other equipment you may having including: refrigeration, beverage systems, ice machines, cooking equipment, industrial equipment, and water filtration systems.  No matter what your needs are, you can be the team at American Services can help!