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Some Will Clean HVAC for the Sake of Clean

HVACHeaded back around the bend, we are still looking closely at the HVAC systems of today, and more specifically, whether or not we need to concern ourselves with having them cleaned by heating and cooling service in St Louis near Webster Groves MO.  The answer seems to lie, like so many other questions, in the details of your situation. “Some research suggests that cleaning heating and cooling system components (e.g., cooling coils, fans and heat exchangers) may improve the efficiency of your system, resulting in a longer operating life, as well as some energy and maintenance cost savings. However, little evidence exists that cleaning only the ducts will improve the efficiency of the system.”  So, it could be more of a question of how much of your heating and cooling system you address in the cleaning process, or just how thorough you ask them to be when you call your St Louis heating and cooling installation near Webster Groves for your next HVAC service.

Many people will agree that the debate is pointless, in fact you may consider having your air ducts cleaned simply because it seems logical that air ducts will get dirty over time and should be occasionally cleaned. “Provided that the cleaning is done properly, no evidence suggests that such cleaning would be detrimental. EPA does not recommend that the air ducts be cleaned routinely, but only as needed.”  Also true and found in our recent research on behalf of your St Louis heating service near Webster Groves, is that the EPA does, however, recommend that if you have a fuel burning furnace, stove or fireplace, they be inspected for proper functioning and serviced before each heating season to protect against carbon monoxide poisoning.

If you do decide to have your air ducts cleaned, take the same consumer precautions you normally would in assessing the service provider’s competence and reliability.  You may wish to only pursue those businesses highly recommended to you, such as your St Louis Heating Sales and Service near Webster Groves.


Heating and Cooling Replacement vs Cleaning

heating cleaningWe are now broaching the second post within the same subject of HVAC systems and whether or not to have them cleaned.  We ended the previous post on mold scenarios and how, obviously, if you have mold in your HVAC in St Louis near Fenton, then you need to consult an HVAC service company in St Louis in order to have it cleaned or to have someone referred to you for cleaning.

A few final mold pointers for you, found online, are as follows, “If you have insulated air ducts and the insulation gets wet or moldy it cannot be effectively cleaned and should be removed and replaced.  If the conditions causing the mold growth in the first place are not corrected, mold growth will recur.”  Now, we will move onto other scenarios by which it is wise to have your heating and cooling in St Louis near Fenton cleaned by professionals.  Say, for example, your ducts are infested with rodents, insects or other vermin.  You will definitely want to consult heating and cooling services in St Louis if that describes your situation.

A third and less unusual situation will involve your St Louis Heating and Cooling Ducts being clogged with excessive amounts of dust and debris and/or particles (more than the average system).  This describes an HVAC that definitely needs heating and cooling service near Fenton to be cleaned thoroughly for optimum performance.  “If any of the conditions identified above exists, it usually suggests one or more underlying causes. Prior to any cleaning, retrofitting, or replacing of your ducts, the cause or causes must be corrected or else the problem will likely recur.”  So, don’t let someone talk you into full replacement from the start as this will not necessarily address the cause of your predicament and will likely get you back in the same boat.

Cooling Technology and Movement Activation

motionIn the world of HVAC, we continue to have so much to report and read about.  The latest and greatest innovations continue to sift through the heating and cooling world and make our job reporting the latest news to you pretty fun and rarely ever dull.  One specific and somewhat revolutionary HVAC technologie that could change how we heat and cool our homes as we know it was found in our recent research on behalf of your heating and cooling in St Louis near Jefferson County MO. Many of these HVAC technologies are still on the drawing board, but there are some you can take advantage of now to boost your home’s comfort levels, according to all that we read.

Movement-Activated Air Conditioning was one thing we encountered in our research on behalf of your cooling specialists in St Louis and it has originated from engineers at MIT who have come up with a new air conditioning design that utilizes sensors along aluminum rods hung from the ceiling. Movement then activates these sensors. In other words, the air conditioner only kicks on when people are present.  That may be one of the most efficient cooling set-ups we have seen to date.

“A motion-activated system seems like such a simple, ingenious idea that it’s almost baffling it hasn’t been tried before now. However, this kind of prototype is just one example of how future HVAC systems are going to be more compact and portable, helping to reduce both energy and utility costs.”  Technology is amazing whether it is in the works or already in play in homes and offices and their existing cooling in St Louis near Jefferson County.  Either way, you need to stay on top of the latest in technology in order to find the best cooling system to fit your needs.

Not All Furnaces Are Created Equal

efficientIn an effort to finalize and summarize our recent series of posts on behalf of your St Louis Heating and Cooling installation and sales near Fenton MO, we are here today to say that of all the ways in which you can stay abreast of technology that will save you money in the HVAC world, the one way, besides the last money saving technology is to make sure you understand not all systems are created equally.

There are some systems that are much better than others at running efficiently.  Here is what one set of writers has to say on the subject in an article we found on behalf of our research being done for your St Louis Heating and Cooling sales near Fenton, “Not all furnaces and air conditioners are created equally. Just like different cars have different gas mileage, different HVAC systems use different amounts of energy to heat or cool a home.”

You may be interested in knowing that heating efficiency is measured by the Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency rating (AFUE). It measures the amount of energy that is used by your furnace that is actually turned into heat. For example, an AFUE of 80 percent means that 80 percent of the energy a furnace uses is turned into heat and 20 percent of the energy is wasted, so obviously, the higher this number, the better.  If you buy a modern day furnace, or have done so in the recent past, then you should know that for furnaces manufactured after September 2015, the Department of Energy mandated a minimum AFUE of between 80 to 84 depending on the fuel type and whether the furnace is designed for a mobile home or permanent structure.  Beyond that, the numbers have to be displayed clearly on the package.  So, you likely have a more efficient furnace if it was purchased in the recent past. If you find yourself in need of a smarter heating solution in St Louis now or in the future, come visit your St Louis heating and cooling sales experts near Fenton today.


Variable Speed Blowers Offer Cooling Efficiency

blowerBesides smart thermostats, which we have been discussing lately on behalf of your Heating and Cooling sales and installation near Edwardsville IL, we also know of many other cost saving elements available for consideration in your HVAC systems at home and at work.  Variable speed blowers is another aspect of HVAC technology that is well worth considering that will also save you money.

“One of the most common reasons people crank up their thermostats and let their energy bills rise is because they feel hot or cold when the HVAC system shuts off between cooling or heating cycles. Variable speed blowers help eliminate these temperature swings.”  A variable speed blower can help solve this problem by running at a much slower speed in the moments when the temperature has been met, in this way helping to maintain the heating or cooling temp desired for your comfort.

Here is how one article puts it online to help describe what a variable speed blower will offer you on behalf of your St Louis Cooling Sales near Edwardsville IL, “Instead of simply turning on and off, a variable speed blower runs at high speed when the home’s temperature needs to be changed and then slows down to a holding speed once the desired temperature is reached. This allows the thermostat to be set at a lower level and saves energy even though the overall running time may be longer.”  We began our discussions covering the point that so many of us sit on the edge of our seats, waiting for the arrival of the latest technology in the toy department of our electronics stores.  If it is a gadget of some sort, then it gains all sorts of attention, we then progressed into discussions about technology that saves, rather than costs you money.  Then we transitioned on behalf of your St Louis Cooling installation near Edwardsville, to cover the specifics of smart thermostats and variable speed blowers.  We will finish our series in the next post on efficiency that has been improved in the St Louis HVAC industry.

Cooling Costs and Routine Maintenance Effects

hvac maintenanceIn sticking with our recent subject of HVAC upkeep as it relates to efficiency and overall heating and cooling system health, we are going to push forward, citing a handful of additional studies, and explaining in more detail all that it means to have a healthy HVAC system.  One particular study that we found on behalf of your St Louis Cooling Sales near Wentzville MO, had the following to offer, “The study included HVAC systems setpoints and schedules, economizer operation, ventilation controls and settings, and HVAC system efficiency and fan power (these last two variables were included as surrogates for adequate maintenance and balancing of the HVAC system).”

As a result of the above analysis, Portland Energy Conservation Inc. found that building operation and maintenance programs specifically designed to enhance the operating efficiency of HVAC and lighting systems decreased energy bills 5 to 20 percent in commercial buildings, without significant capital investment.  These findings are undeniable as energy efficiency and cost involved in heating and cooling are totally measurable, and therefore easy to study the effects had by maintenance on such results and numbers.

On behalf of your St Louis Cooling service near Wentzville MO, we bring you the conclusion that these results are real and the facts are of relative importance to anyone responsible for an HVAC system in St Louis or anywhere around the globe.  Another piece of supporting evidence is as follows:  The National Center for Energy Management and Building Technologies conducted 45 interviews with industry experts, and concluded that effective scheduled maintenance decreases energy bills 15 to 20 percent in commercial buildings.”  Found on behalf of your Heating and Cooling Maintenance near Wentzville, this tidbit reinforces that the facts are coming, not only from those in the energy realm, but also from the people in the trenches.  Take heart, if you want to fully optimize your savings and the effectiveness of your heating and cooling system in St Louis, call for routine maintenance and get on a regular schedule today.

Competence of a Refrigeration Repair

repairMost homeowners will require the assistance of an HVAC technician or refrigeration repair in their home or business in order to make repairs to their heating and cooling system at some point in their lives, or their refrigerator for home or commercial. Whether it is for your business or home, many of the same points or qualifiers exist in your technician selection process.

You will want a person with some experience.  If they are right out of the gate, they probably need to be working with someone who isn’t brand new, at lease for a couple years.  “HVAC technicians are specially trained service providers who install, maintain, and repair these systems. To ensure the job is done right, look for a technician with these qualifications:” A license is required in many of the areas that refrigeration and HVAC technicians work from and if this describes your town, then make sure they have this license.  It is absolutely a liability issue if they do not.  In the event you need to claim something from your insurance, or more likely theirs, then the license is a deal breaker if it is absent.

Versatility is also important in a St Louis Refrigeration Service specialist, or in an HVAC technician.  “If possible, look for a technician who has the versatility to work with all major HVAC systems, and even a few obscure ones. The exception to this rule would be if you own a specialized or rare HVAC system. In that case, the specialized experience could help you.”  The same goes for St Louis Refrigeration Repair near Maryland Heights.  If it is a specialized commercial built in refrigeration system, then to specialize is actually ok and possibly preferred.  But, otherwise, the more versatile your refrigeration repair technician near Maryland Heights, the more well versed he or she is and quite possibly, the more competent as well.

Finding a Good Fit For Your HVAC Service

HVACYour HVAC service in St Louis near Chesterfield is looking at helping you find a good HVAC technician and offering up advice on the best way to get that handled.  We researched the subject recently on behalf of your St Louis HVAC sales and service near Chesterfield and managed to come up with five nuggets of advice on the subject.  These are things to look for when shopping for your next repair person in the HVAC industry.

Find someone with a decent amount of experience if you can.  While you don’t necessarily need to hire the most senior technician you can find, you do want one that has a fair amount of experience in the HVAC industry. “Most master technicians will gain experience in apprenticeships or similar programs that allow them to work alongside a seasoned technician. Make sure the crew you hire has technicians with several years of experience, and that those technicians will be assigned to your property.”

Besides experience, the presence of HVAC credentials is another biggie.  Many people proceed and glaze right over this one, assuming that to be in the St Louis HVAC service business must mean that they have the proper credentials.  That is simply not always true.  “If a license is required for HVAC repair in your city or state, make sure you check credentials before making a hiring decision. Licensure shows that the technician has been trained and tested in your state to properly install HVAC systems according to the state’s building codes. Insurance means that both you and the technician are protected in case there is an injury or damage to property. Look for technicians with both of these credentials in place.”  So, as you read, it is a liability point, not even so much capability.  The latter is determined more by their level of experience, hence, our first point.  Stay tuned to this St Louis HVAC installation site for more information and things to look for in a service tech.

The Energy Usage Cooling Dilemma

energy efficientWe recently stumbled upon the subject of heating and cooling your home or business in the most efficient ways possible and in doing so, we were introduced to a few experts on the subject, Nexia, a home automation system, offered by Ingersoll Rand, a top notch company in the world of technology.  From your Heating and Cooling Sales and Service in St Louis near Wentzville, we bring you a bit of information we gathered online and from the above sources on the subject to the most ecofriendly and cost effective ways to heat and cool your space.

First off, things surrounding the heating and cooling of your space in St Louis must be interactive and take full use of smart technology in order to be the most efficient that they can be.   Nexia, mentioned above, is one of the products Ingersoll Rand offers to help consumers understand how their homes use resources. “It works by connecting devices — from HVAC systems to appliances to lighting — to a central hub. The ‘Nexia Bridge’ then transmits information about the home’s performance to its owner’s chosen device, be it a tablet, mobile phone or computer.”

Interestingly enough, I think this is a way, according to our St Louis Heating and cooling research near Wentzville, of discussing optimization.  This can hopefully take place when all of the energy consuming systems are looked at together and this is what that product does.  “I think optimisation, whether we’re talking about a commercial building or a home, happens when we connect all of these various systems together and gain some insights,” says Tew. “I’m a huge believer in continuing to search for the data that gives you the right insight.”  Obviously, there is a broader point than simple energy understanding.  “Making homes more efficient doesn’t just result in savings for consumers — reducing energy use also benefits the environment.”



Green Refrigeration and HVAC

frigWe recently wrote, on behalf of your Industrial Refrigeration Sales near Ladue, about the green technology wave that came on even stronger than previously experienced in the recent government announcements and push towards renewed energy.  Whether you believe the government has an agenda or not (and most are at least wise enough to know that they do), you also cannot deny that our resources are in danger and the earth is being effected in ways that require our protection to an extent.  So, HVAC and refrigeration technologies have altered the industry offerings and are doing what they can to have a positive impact and create a wave of change in the direction of green.

“Our list of 7 Green Technologies That Are Changing HVAC takes a look at changes in simple components as while as entire systems in HVAC.”  These things can be applied to the subject of St Louis Refrigeration near Ladue as well.   “Still, even more improved technologies can be expected in the future as companies work toward changing this country’s reliance on fossil fuels, which in the U.S. stands at 82 percent.”  An astoundingly low 9 percent of the country’s energy supplies currently make use of renewable sources, which leaves plenty of room for change in HVAC systems and refrigeration alike.

The on command hot water re-circulator is an awesome example of one way that HVAC and refrigeration works to help.  “This product, produced by Taco, Inc., out of Cranston, Rhode Island, saves money, energy and water while delivering hot water in a timely manner. It involves installation of the ‘On Command’ pump that attaches to the hot and cold water lines under a kitchen or bath fixture in a home.” When this St Louis Refrigeration product is fired up, it permits the cool water being drained to circulate back to the water heater through the cold water line, allowing hot water to be delivered at any time 24 hours a day.  Keep reading here, for more examples of green technology being offered by your St Louis Refrigeration Sales near Ladue.