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Many Facets of HVAC

miscWhen it comes to the heating process that is involved within an HVAC system, and more specifically, the furnace of a St Louis heating system near Ladue MO, there are several key factors to consider and about which to learn.  “This heating process is accomplished using one of four possible heat sources — combustion (burning natural gas, oil, coal, or propane), electric resistance, heat pump, or solar energy collected on site.”

We will dive, now, further into the capillaries of each of these main points beginning with the heat exchanger, on behalf of your St Louis Heating Sales near Ladue MO.  “The heat exchanger is found inside your furnace unit’s housing. This component switches on when the furnace is activated by thermostat to produce warmer temperatures in winter. The heat exchanger pulls in cool air, heats it, and circulates the resulting heated air via your ducts and out through the vents.”

Next, we take a closer and more in-depth look at the evaporator coil which has an opposite role to the heat exchanger.  The evaporator coil, according to the experts from your Heating and Cooling repair and sales near Ladue in St Louis MO, acts to cool the air when your thermostat is set to lower temperatures in summertime. Working in a fashion that is somewhat familiar to an automobile’s radiator in order to produce cool air that can be circulated effectively through the ductwork, an evaporator coil is located in a metal enclosure on the furnace’s exterior, to the top or side.  Evaporators correspond directly to condensers both in the case of heating and cooling in St Louis and also in the area of refrigeration.  Stay tuned for more information from this source in future posts on the specifics surrounding the condenser and other facets of HVAC.

HVAC Components

lock and key“An efficient HVAC system is important to the comfort of your family throughout the seasons of the year, because this climate control device is responsible for Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning your home.” On behalf of your HVAC in St Louis near Ladue MO, we will be scrutinizing the different elements of an HVAC system to learn more about how they tie into the whole system and what each of the essential components brings to the table.

We will start with the thermostat in your St Louis HVAC near Ladue. “The thermostat is usually the most visible part of your HVAC system. Set on a prominent, easily accessible wall, it may be either programmed in advance or set manually to keep the home at a desired temperature.” When the ambient temperature becomes too cold or too hot and fails to match that which is set on the wall, the thermostat will trigger the heat exchanger or the evaporator coil-condensing unit combo to begin circulating warmed or cooled air as needed in order to bring the house up to or down to the desired temperature.

Moving on to the furnace, we discover the key component of your HVAC in St Louis MO. It’s also the largest, and therefore requires the most space.  It is often times in the cellar, your finished basement, the attic, or a special closet designed for the purpose of housing your St Louis HVAC near Ladue.  Its function is to heat a supply of air which is to be distributed to various rooms of your home via the HVAC. “This heating process is accomplished using one of four possible heat sources — combustion (burning natural gas, oil, coal, or propane), electric resistance, heat pump, or solar energy collected on site.”  We will pick up next time, looking at the heat exchanger, along with the other components of your HVAC system in St Louis near Ladue MO.

Preventing Food Poisoning With Proper Refrigeration

food poisoningFrom the desks of those who focus on bringing you the latest information on the commercial refrigeration sales in Ladue, we thought a great subject to cover would be in the realm of leftovers and how long they can and should be kept safely in your refrigerator.  Like so many things, the answer will vary by food type and, believe it or not, the quality of the refrigeration in your St Louis restaurant, however there are still guidelines to heed.  According to what we read from onine sources the following is true, “Leftovers can be kept for three to four days in the refrigerator. Be sure to eat them within that time. After that, the risk of food poisoning increases. If you don’t think you’ll be able to eat leftovers within four days, freeze them immediately.”

If you choose to exceed this time (some are more risk-takers than others), then you run the chance of getting food poisoning — also called foodborne illness.  Such an illness is caused by harmful organisms, like bacteria in contaminated food. “Because bacteria typically don’t change the taste, smell or look of food, you can’t tell whether a food is dangerous to eat. So if you’re in doubt about a food’s safety, it’s best to throw it out.”  I found the above statement, but must disagree to an extent since I, personally, have a nose that smells anything.  That is not the norm, however, and especially where restaurants are concerned, if you make excess and wish to serve it later, after storing it in your St Louis Refrigeration near Ladue MO, it is much better to be safe than sorry where other people are concerned, especially paying customers.

Also, remember the following for prevention purposes, “Fortunately, most cases of food poisoning can be prevented with proper food handling. To practice food safety, quickly refrigerate perishable foods, such as meat, poultry, fish, dairy and eggs — don’t let them sit more than two hours at typical room temperature or more than one hour at temperatures above 90 F (32 C). Uncooked foods, such as cold salads or sandwiches, also should be eaten or refrigerated promptly. Your goal is to minimize the time a food is in the “danger zone” — between 40 and 140 F (4 and 60 C) — when bacteria can quickly multiply.”

Unique HVAC Solutions and Water Technology

air conditioningWe have just recently been settled in on the subject of higher efficiency HVAC options here in the US and other places globally on behalf of your Commercial HVAC Sales and Maintenance in St Louis near Ladue.  Today, we want to look at something called an On-Demand Hot Water Recirculator.  “A U.S.-based company out of Rhode Island has designed an ‘on command’ pump for a home’s water lines, which allows cool water to be circulated back into the water heater upon activation.”  We will also examine ice-powered air conditioning and a couple other new inventions in the HVAC community.

The purpose of this design is to minimize the waste that we all tend to add to in the water world in the name of proper water temperature.  “This product was engineered to be a solution to a major problem to which all of us contribute: Each year, the average home wastes 12,000 gallons of water just waiting for that water to warm up.” Recirculating this otherwise-wasted water back into the system is an eco-friendly solution that’s bound to play a huge part in future homes.

Ice-Powered Air Conditioning is next on the agenda on behalf of your HVAC in St Louis near Ladue.  Air conditioners seem to be prime systems for gaining improvement through minor and sometimes major adjustments.  For this reason, a California-based company has created an ice-powered A/C system called the Ice Bear. “The Ice Bear essentially works by freezing water in a tank overnight, so the ice can help cool a building the next day. So far, the design has been able to provide enough cooling for a building for up to six hours, after which, a conventional commercial air conditioner takes over.”  When it comes to this particular HVAC technology, it still has a ways to go.  But for now, it can work in 6 hour increments, which is definite progress.


Product Advertising Leans Further Digitally

youtubeWe are looking at a wide variety of topics to report to our consumers who follow the HVAC industry in St Louis near Ladue.  The truth is, there are so few details to offer, yet so many subjects worth discussing that pertain to our business, that sometimes it can be tricky to narrow things down and find new information, all at the same time.  Since our St Louis HVAC install company also handles much to do about restaurants, we have decided to search hot food topics.   We stumbled upon cereal.  So, there you have it.

On behalf of our latest research working for your St Louis HVAC installation near Ladue, we found the following quote to open up our discussion for the day, “When General Mills launched Tiny Toast in June, its first new cereal brand in more than 15 years, the company also launched its first completely digital marketing campaign. Because General Mills was targeting millennials, it stayed away from traditional TV and instead placed short video clips across YouTube, Snapchat and Instagram. In the two months since its launch, the campaign has only racked up about a million YouTube views. But because these videos were organically shared across social platforms, the campaign saw 700 million earned impressions within the first week.”

Did you know, that of all of the TV watched by young adults, only 25% is watched on an actual TV?  That is such important information for anyone marketing a product to young people.  Everything from food and restaurant equipment, consumables, all the way to HVAC systems, ought to be broadcast in the ways most likely received by their target groups.  According to Alan Cunningham, senior marketing manager of cereal innovation at General Mills. “Everything else is on a mobile device or computer. So that really struck us and we said we have to diversify our approach and our content to speak to them where they are.”

The Impact of Higher Minimum Wage on Restaurants

robot restaurantBack to the subject to restaurant automation in St Louis near Ladue, we are discussing many different aspects.  Mainly, where is it and when will we see fewer minimum wage workers and more automated activity in our restaurant industry?  Previously we covered the fact that most St Louis Restaurants near Ladue don’t bother with automation due to its cost and the labor being less expensive than the machine price and upkeep.  We know, however, that as minimum wages rise, this reality may very well change.

An article from a local St Louis Restaurant Equipment Sales Company near Ladue, elaborates with the following, “A consensus could lead to restaurants taking a more proactive stance with respect to automation since business leaders will have more of an incentive to prepare for the future better. In the meantime, the opinions on how these wage increases will impact the restaurant industry remain mixed.”

From where we sit, no matter how you slice it, the rising costs alone provide reason for restaurants to continue their quest to improve efficiency in whatever ways feasible. Moreover, it really doesn’t matter at all whether the rising costs take the form of labor or food or any other expenses. Anything that helps restaurants operate more efficiently is a good thing and automation may or may not be the key to this, according to the St Louis Restaurant Equipment Installation Company near Ladue.  The main question is just that, can technology offset rising costs in labor?  That same article sited above, found in our research on behalf of your St Louis Restaurant Equipment Maintenance near Ladue, answers that question with a question.  “Like most everyone else in the industry, though, I would like to have a better idea about the impact a higher minimum wage will have on restaurants over the long-term.”

Commercial Kitchen Range Prices and Differences

commercial kitchenKnowing that a basic range for a home or commercial kitchen can be obtained for under 1000 dollars, we set out to figure the differences in the higher dollar models on behalf of your Commercial Cooling Service in Earth City near Ladue.  It turns out that when you bump up to the $1,000- $3,000 price range you gain options in the form of cooking modes, more styles from which to choose and stainless is definitely obtainable in this price range.  Anyone looking for a slide in or drop in model which is more of a built in look, will likely be in this price range as a minimum as well.

From our recent research done on behalf of your Cooling install in Earth City near Ladue, we found the next step up in price to be the $3,000-$6,000 range.  This is steep for most home ranges, though some will foot the bill.  “Here is where you can start to get fancy with options like dual-fuel power, slide-in design and convection fans.”  Also, when looking at gas, say for instance, in the Viking Ranges, you will be offered higher and lower btu burners in order to provide more powerful and delicate heat settings.

“$6,000-$10,000: Products in this price range emulate professional-grade appliances you’d see in commercial kitchens. For ranges, you’ll see all-stainless steel construction (not just a finish on doors and control panels), models that are wider than the standard 30 inches to accommodate six or more burners, along with special options such as modular tops that allow for change ups between burners, woks, griddles, grills and other options for some.  Over ten grand is sort of crazy land for most people and you get a customized piece entirely.  Check them out by visiting your Earth City Cooling sales near Ladue MO today.

Sharp Restaurant Equipment

microwaveWhen it comes to St Louis Restaurant Equipment sales near Ladue, it can be hard to decide and to know where to turn when it is time to gather your details and do your restaurant equipment research.  Let me just throw out a brand that I have found intriguing over the years.  Sharp.  That’s right, sharp is a brand that we are all aware of in the realm of electronics, but did you know that they also make a mean microwave?  One of the very best commercial grade microwaves I know of came from Sharp and it highly recommended by anyone who sells and services restaurant equipment in St Louis near Ladue.

Here is a bit of history regarding Sharp, they started in 1912 as a small metal workshop in Tokyo. Tokuji Hayakawa was an inventor, and the Sharp Corporation derived its name from Tokuji’s Ever-Sharp mechanical pencil, which he designed in 1915. However, his pencil business was destroyed by an earthquake and the Japanese inventor relocated to Osaka and started designing the first Japanese radios. This eventually led to the production of televisions, calculators, sound equipment, the world’s first camera phone, and household and commercial appliances as well.

Then came the commercial microwave by Sharp.  Not only do they make a highly functional commercial microwave, but their everyday convection microwave is also amazing.  “With such a vast history in technology and product innovation, let’s dive into the world of Sharp Commercial microwaves to see why our customers love them so much.  Sharp categorizes its microwave ovens as medium duty, heavy duty, or TwinTouch™.”   Check these microwaves out when you are shopping for your next piece of restaurant equipment and call your St Louis Restaurant Installation near Ladue for any help you may need.

Restaurant Equipment Trends

Did you know that kitchens are getting smaller?  That’s right, according to some of the latest information and news on commercial kitchens with St Louis Restaurant Equipment in Ladue, this is indeed the case.  “In a commercial setting, the operator wants to dedicate more space to front-of-house and reduce the space back-of-house,” says Souhrada. And looking past the traditional brick-and-mortar restaurant, smaller food production areas are springing up in satellite kitchens, pop-up restaurants and food trucks—locations where every inch of space counts.  In this respect, in order to manufacture kitchens that do as the above describes, you must have restaurant equipment in St Louis MO that fits the bill in size.

“Equipment [will continue] to get smaller and more complex as operators need to optimize their footprint,” says Dean Landeche, senior VP of marketing for Manitowoc Foodservice. The classic example of a multifunctional piece of equipment is the combi oven. With its ability to cook, steam and hold it has always been versatile—but now it’s been shrunk down to a mini size that holds three half-size sheet pans and is perfect for countertop usage. Some of these smaller combis, like the Cleveland Convotherm Mini, have optional shelves so that two units can be stacked.  The above information was all obtained in our research on behalf of your Restaurant Equipment sales and service near Ladue MO.

When space is at the heart of the issue, many builders and designers of commercial kitchens and other spaces, will use the up vs out mentality.  “That concept of ‘going up, not out’ is gaining popularity front-of-house as well, where self-service equipment is being redesigned to make it narrower and taller. Even something as simple as napkin dispensers have been retooled in small-footprint, ‘tower’ configurations to save space. An added advantage to this vertical design: It holds more napkins, meaning less labor in refilling the dispenser.”

How to Get the Best Refrigeration For Your Needs

We recently wrote a post on behalf of your American Services, a company that handles Refrigeration Service in St Louis MO near Ladue.  In it, we discuss the importance of research before you buy and the limited number of reviews available when it comes to commercial refrigeration and commercial restaurant equipment of all kinds.  You will, instead, need to do your research in the form of buying guides and actual product specifications and possibly brand preference.

Here is some advice from the experts who deal in commercial refrigeration online, “Just like you’d do with buying residential equipment, using the research you’ve already done, get specific brand name and model numbers of equipment you may be interested in and see if there are reviews written in various places across the web.”

You will want to be broad at first, but quickly narrow your search phrases to hone in one specific models in order to discover any good or bad info on the piece.  If you keep your search too broad, like anything else, your specific needs will get lost in the shuffle.   You may also wish to utilize product videos on the internet, discussing St Louis Commercial Refrigeration near Ladue, before you make any buying decisions.  Though restaurant owners may not have the time to write a review, they may take a few minutes to record a video.  “While you’re doing your search, make sure to switch over to ‘videos’ (in Google, it’s one of the options below the search box) and take a look at product videos that may exist. There are usually comments below the videos that could help with your research as well.”