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Fountain Soda Machine Troubleshooting

Fountain Soda Machine Troubleshooting

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Fountain soda sales are a huge business driver for many dealers who are serviced by the team here at American Services.  These machines provide a unique product by mixing flavored syrups with water and carbon dioxide to provide soda on demand. Today, let’s talk about some of the most common issues dealers face when dispensing drinks from these types of machines.

Flat Soda – Dealers who call describing this problem can do the following to try to alleviate the problem.  First turn off the machine and check for CO2 leaks by listening for a hissing sound from the tank.  If the sound is there, fix the loose connection that is causing the leak.  If that is not the issue, check for an empty tank by taking a look at the CO2 tank guage.  If the gauge reads as emplty, you will need to replace your tank. At this point you will need to turn the machine back on and check for quality.  If the soda is still flat, a call to the American Services team will be necessary.

Watery Soda – Dealers who call describing this problem can do the following to try to alleviate the problem.  First turn off the machine and check to make sure you have syrup flowing from the syrup container.  If you find that your syrup is not flowing you will need to replace the empty container with a new one and reattach the hose.  Now you can turn your machine back on and check for quality.  If the soda is still watery, a call to the American Services team will be necessary.

Not Dispensing Properly – Dealers who call describing this problem can do the following to try to alleviate the problem.  First turn off the machine.  Now you will need to make sure the machine is properly plugged in and that there isn’t any issues with the circuit breaker.  Now turn your machine back on and check to see if it is dispensing.  If your machine still won’t dispense, a call to the American Services heating and cooling team near Belleville will be necessary.


4 Commercial Cooling Maintenance Tasks You Need To Do Today!

4 Commercial Cooling Maintenance Tasks You Need To Do Today!

At The Top Of The ListEveryone with a commercial cooling unit near Jefferson County needs to keep in mind the importance of regular maintenance.  Having a regular maintenance schedule reduces the overall repair burden on a unit and keeps it working efficiently for years.  Today, the technicians at American Services want to give you their top four maintenance tasks that you should be doing right now!  Let’s get started!

Maintenance Task #1 – Most business owners understand the importance of keeping debris out of the area where an air conditioning unit sits, but most don’t realize that there is a thorough cleaning process that should also be done.  This process is something that needs to be done by a professional because specialized tools are used to reach spots that out of reach normally.

Maintenance Task #2 – Your air conditioning unit should be regularly given an overall check of all systems.  This should include the blower fan, evaporator coil, and all other components that work to make your unit run smoothly.

Maintenance Task #3 – When your tech comes out to do your normal maintenance make sure they are looking for any refrigerant leaks.  These leaks can often start very small and go unnoticed if not checked for.  Catching a leak before it gets out of control can save you from an unexpected disruption in service and large repair bill.

Maintenance Task #4 – Be sure that all of your unit’s moving parts are being lubricated and inspected.  This includes that blower fan and all of the unit’s belts. Your tech should also be looking for and correcting loose belts along with replacing any that show fraying or cracking.

Why not take the time to make sure your cooling system is in perfect shape now?  This simple task will save you money and sustain the life of your unit for years to come!


11 Common HVAC Issues – Part 2

11 Common HVAC Issues – Part 2

Two AC techniciansWelcome back to our two part series on 11 of the most common HVAC issues.  Today, the American Services heating and cooling team near Fairview Heights will give you the final six issues of this series.  Let’s get started!

  • Thermostat – Everything starts with a good, working thermostat.  This is because this little device tells your system what to do and when.  Before calling in for service be sure your thermostat is on and in working order.
  • Drain Lines – The major issue with drain lines happens when they become filled with dirt or algae.  This will cause water to leak and can lead to water damage.  Regular maintenance can help you avoid this issue completely.
  • Refrigerant Leak – Refrigerant leaks happen.  Many times your technician can recharge your unit with new coolant and you are up and running.  If the leak happens to be in the condenser or evaporator, you will need to have a larger repair.
  • Compressor – Your compressor’s health is directly related to your unit being properly charged with the right amount of refrigeration.  Not enough will lead to overheating and too little will cause liquid slugging.  Make sure your unit’s charge is being checked during regular maintenance.
  • Condensor Coil – Since your condenser coils are exposed to the outdoor elements it is necessary to clean them often to avoid dirt and grime build-up.
  • Evaporator Coil – To avoid your evaporator coil from cracking, consult your owner’s manual for a suggested cleaning schedule.

As you can see, there are a number of issues that can cause problems with your HVAC unit, but many can be avoided with regular maintenance and a little care.  In fact, regular maintenance and care can save you time, money, and a lot of down time.  Make sure your commercial HVAC equipment is up to par by contacting the American Services team now!

What Causes Cooling System Refrigerant Leaks?

What Causes Cooling System Refrigerant Leaks?

Checking Air Conditioner AmpsRefrigerant or Freon leaks associated with your commercial cooling system are a serious issue.  Re-filling the Freon is often expensive and doesn’t do anything to fix the actual problem.  Today, the American Services team presents a couple of the reasons why you might be experiencing a refrigerant leak.

Reason #1  Bad Installation – The first reason applies to those who have a newer unit and suspect a cooling issue.  One reason why your unit may be leaking refrigerant right out the gate is because the brazing on the system’s joints is incomplete.  The only way to get this issue under control is by calling a professional technician to assess and then repair the issues.  This type of problem can be avoided by hiring a professional contractor and not basing your choice off of the lowest priced bid.  You will pay more for quality, but you will also avoid unnecessary issues in the future.

Reason #2 Defect from the factory – While this one isn’t super common, factory defects area a possibility.  If you suspect this is true for the unit you own, contact your contractor and the manufacturer immediately.

Reason #3 Formic Acid – This acid is a powerful substance that can be found below ground.  It affects your cooling system when it begins to etch the cooper coil in your unit and will eventually cause cracks to form in your copper.  Leaks caused by formic acid will begin slow and get more intense over time requiring more and more Freon be added to the unit.

Reason #4 Accidental Puncture – It may not seem possible, but with the number of other lines running throughout your business, you may be experiencing an accidental puncture.

If you feel like your commercial cooling system near Kirkwood is leaking Freon, simply give the American Services team a call!  Our professional HVAC technicians will come out, assess the situation, and get you back on track in no time.  Here’s to a cool summer!

Are These Indoor Air Contaminants Polluting Your Commercial Space?

Are These Indoor Air Contaminants Polluting Your Commercial Space?

Air PollutionSecondhand Smoke, Radon, Mold, and Pesticides.  Are any of these contaminants polluting your indoor air?  If so, you may not realize the hazard they actually bring to you and your building’s inhabitants.  Today, the Maryland Heights area heating and cooling team at American Services will tell you just how important it is to get rid of these pollutants!

We should all know by now the dangers associated with tobacco smoke.  Those who directly inhale this substance are at high risk of getting cancer and other diseases, but did you know that secondhand smoke can be just as dangerous?  This is why most businesses have eliminated tobacco smoke.  If eliminating this contaminant is not a possibility for your business, having the American Services team install a HEPA filter is highly recommended.

Radon can contaminate a space via the basement or crawl space.  This is a naturally-occurring substance that can be tested for and fixed fairly easily.  It is important to take radon seriously since it is the leading cause of lung cancer among non-smokers.

Mold and mold spores are more than an annoyance for allergy sufferers.  Having mold in your space can also cause life-threatening illness when one is chronically exposed.  Keeping all leaks under control and having mold properly removed is a must when keeping your indoor air quality at healthy levels.

Pesticides are something that are used for good reason, but should also be used with caution.  If storing these substances, be sure they are outside of your working space and locked up away from those who could be harmed by them.  It is also important to properly ventilate when using them.

If you believe your indoor air quality is in need of an inspection, simply call the team at American Services for a free indoor air quality check-up today!

Improve Your Cooling Efficiency With Proper Insulation

Improve Your Cooling Efficiency With Proper Insulation

Measuring Attic Energy EfficiencyIt may be a little discouraging, but no matter how efficient or well cared for your HVAC unit is, if your insulation isn’t up to par, you will continue to waste money on your energy bills.  This is because your insulation forms the barrier that keeps the seasonal elements out and the cooled or heated air in your establishment.  Today, let’s answer just a few simple questions about insulation.

Should I have sheet rolls or blown-in insulation installed?

This depends on the type of space you are insulating.  Both styles of insulation will do the job as long as they are installed properly and in relation to the space it will be in.  This is due to the fact that insulation needs to fill all the cavities that need to insulated.  Having gaps in the insulation’s coverage will allow leaks that hurt the performance of the material.

Can I install insulation myself?  Is it safe?

Sheet rolls of insulation are fairly easy to install, but you will need to protect yourself when doing so.  When working with insulation it is important to wear protective clothing, eye gear, and gloves.  If you decide to DIY insulation without taking these precautions, you will end up with itchy, irritated eyes and skin.

How do I prevent condensation build-up in insulated areas?

To prevent condensation, you will need to use a vapor barrier.  This is something you do not want to skip as condensation build-up will lead to mold in the areas where it is not used.

If you need advice on reducing your heating and cooling costs near Wentzville, give the team at American Services a call.  We do free estimates and can help you create a plan that will reduce the money you spend on utility bills and prolong the life of your equipment!

It’s Not Too Late To Weatherize & Save!

It’s Not Too Late To Weatherize & Save!

Caulking WindowsWhen heating and cooling bills can add up to as much as 48 percent of an average utility bill, it’s no wonder so many business owners want to cut the fluff and start saving!  This leaves us with one question.  Did you weatherize your buildings before the cold weather season began?  If so – awesome!  If not, don’t worry.  There’s still plenty of time to get in on the savings this year.  Let’s explore some ways you can do this.

During the winter, it’s vital to make sure you are not letting in the cold air from outside.  Drafty windows, doors that are left open, or areas that aren’t properly sealed all allow that cold air into your building and drive up your energy costs.  The good news is that fixing these issues is fairly simple.  If you are a business owner who likes to do things on their own, go around your building and do a quick audit of the doors, windows, and other areas that are leaking cold air.  From this point, you can visit your local hard ware store for sealing products that can be used to eliminate the drafts.  On the other hand, if you are someone who likes to leave things to the experts we would suggest having an energy audit.  An energy audit inspector will do basically the same thing as described above.  This individual will evaluate the areas that are leaking and then make suggestions on how to eliminate the leaks.   Either way, this simple weatherizing task is sure to save you dollars on your next utility bill.

The team at American Services is excited to help your commercial business save the most money this year on heating costs.  Our commercial heating experts near O’Fallon are ready to help you upgrade, repair, maintain, or replace your HVAC systems in order to do just that.  Call us for a free estimate today!

Common Cooling Equipment Failures

Common Cooling Equipment Failures

Heating Air Conditioning TechnicianAccording to, there are some common areas that commonly cause air conditioning units to fail.  These five areas include refrigerant leaks, inadequate maintenance, electric control failure, sensor problems, and drainage issues.  Today, we will explore all of these areas and give tips on how to handle them.

Refrigerant Leaks – Refrigerant leaks can not be repaired by the consumer and require proper handling, as refrigerant is a chemical that is harmful to the environment.  If you are experiencing performance issues and suspect a refrigerant leak, call a professional to fix the problem and charge the system properly.

Inadequate Maintenance – It is vital to perform the proper maintenance on your air conditioning equipment.  Failing to change your filters and having dirty coils will cause your compressor and fans to prematurely need attention.

Electric Control Failure – If your unit is oversized, you may experience a number of on/off cycles that is higher than normal.  This can cause corrosion of wires and terminals and thus bad electrical connections and contacts.  Have your service professional check for this issue during routine maintenance stops.

Sensor Problems – If your unit begins cycling constantly or erratically, you may have a bad sensor.  This can happen if it is knocked out of place.  Call your HVAC tech to have it re-positioned.

Drainage Problems – In humid conditions, your unit will need to drain properly and in order to do so, will need a clear condensate drain.  This is something you can check and rectify on your own.

Don’t delay giving attention to any of these common issues!  Contact the Sunset Hills area industrial cooling equipment experts at American Services to schedule an appointment today!


More On HVAC Maintenance

More On HVAC Maintenance

Air conditionerAre you looking for a more detailed list regarding performing routing maintenance on your air conditioning unit?  If so, you’ve joined us on the right day. Here’s your detailed list!

  • Clear debris away from the outside of the unit by removing any leaves or other materials that may have collected.  You can also spray the base of the area with a garden hose to give it a more through clean.
  • Clear debris that has accumulated around the condensing unit.
  • Use coil cleaner to clean your condensing coil.  You’ll need to let the cleaner foam up and then rinse it thoroughly so that all of the coil cleaner is properly removed.
  • Ensure that your condensing fan blade is in balance by running the fan and making sure it isn’t vibrating during use.
  • Change your contactors, test run capacitors, check the amp dray on all of your motors, and inspect all wire connections.
  • Clean the evaporator coil with a garden hose.
  • Replace the air filter.
  • Clear the condensate drain using a wet/dry vac.
  • Check the capillary tubes to ensure they are not chaffing on any of the other parts of the system.
  • Clean or replace any UV lights.
  • Inspect duct work and insulation related to the unit.  Make sure you don’t have any leaks in your duct.
  • Check the amp draw on the compressor, along with the pressures while the compressor is running.

Remember, many of these maintenance items can be performed by the unit owner, but some may fall outside of your comfort zone.  That’s when you need to call the St Louis City HVAC maintenance experts at American Services.  Our team can assist you in keeping your entire HVACR systems in great condition!  Give us a call for a free quote today!

Heating Maintenance-Alternative Electric Thermal Storage

Heating Maintenance-Alternative Electric Thermal Storage

heating maintenance in MOAmerican Services preventative heating maintenance service in St. Louis MO knows that there are some electric companies that bill rates that vary depending on when the demand is the highest-similar to the phone company’s long distance rates.  If your business is in a district that does so, it may be advantageous to try to reduce your electric bill by purchasing an electric storage system to store electricity at night when the rates are lower.

The program is called the “thermal storage Heater,” and it does not save on energy but rather will lower your company’s overall utility bills by saving up electricity at its lowers rate and then utilizing this saved energy later during peak rates.

The most common type of electric thermal storage heater is a “resistance heater” with encased elements in “heat storing ceramic.” Electrically heated hot water can also be stored in an insulated storage tank as yet another type of thermal storage option.

According to, “any type of energy storage systems suffers some energy loss. If you intend to pursue an electric thermal storage system, it would be best for the system to be located within the conditioned space of your home, so that any heat lost from the system actually heats your home, rather than escaping to the outdoors. It would also be best to know how quickly heat will escape from the system. A system that leaks too much heat could cause control problems, such as the accidental overheating,” of your office or commercial building.

All types of electric resistance heating have controlling systems with a thermostat of some sort.  For example, baseboard heaters use a “line-voltage thermostat” which directly controls the power going to the heating unit.  These systems are not very accurate as far as heat temperature sensing. According to, “It’s best to instead use a remote line-voltage or low-voltage thermostat installed on an interior wall. Both line-voltage and low-voltage thermostats are available as programmable thermostats for automatically setting back the temperature at night or while you’re away.”

To learn more about customizable maintenance for your commercial heating system, or other ways to save money on energy costs, contact us today at American Services in St. Louis. MO.