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Industrial Heating Service Maintenance Saves Money

Industrial Heating Service Maintenance Saves Money

industrial heating service in MOComfort on the production floor can be the difference between high productivity and irritated employees.    This includes proper lighting, ergonomic workstations, and environmental comfort.  Of these three key elements, providing a comfortable temperature can be the most costly.  Frequent industrial heating service is often required if there is no proper preventative maintenance program in place.

Aside from the initial cost of the unit, servicing industrial heating systems can be an unexpected expenditure.  Whether you operate a data center, educational institution, manufacturing facility or warehouse, industrial heating service is always a concern when there is a system malfunction.  However, by frequently conducting simple preventative maintenance tasks, frequent service calls on your heating system can be reduced.  Such tasks include cleaning and replacing heating system filters regularly, setting back your heating system when the building is unoccupied, and repairing leaks in heating system components.  It is also a good practice to ensure there are no obstructions to radiators, convectors, air intakes and air diffusers.

When servicing industrial heating systems, ensure the heating service company is competent and reputable.  Always ask for references of other work completed.  A professional technician should first perform an inspection on your heating system to diagnose current problems and potential future problems.  Once an analysis has been conducted, repair work should commence quickly and efficiently.  Ask the technician about regular preventative maintenance practices to help ensure trouble-free operation and peak performance of your heating system.

With proper preventative maintenance practices, Industrial heating service near Ewardsville does not have to be an area of high concern, but always ensure you have an action plan if there is a system malfunction.

Industries that we service for industrial heating and cooling in Missouri;

  • National Chain Restaurants
  • Convenience Stores
  • Food Service Industry
  • National Chain Food Stores
  • Cold Storage Facilities
  • Retail Grocery Industry
  • Truck Stops/Travel Centers
  • Independent Supermarkets and Restaurants
  • Retirement Communities
  • Schools
  • Office Complex
  • Apartment Complex
  • Hotels

Commercial Cooling System Erosion

Commercial Cooling System Erosion

cooling installation in MOAmerican Services cooling system installation in Chesterfield know that experts in the cooling system industry estimate that about 40 percent of down time is caused by cooling system maintenance problems. Researching and Understanding the common problems and implementing proven preventive maintenance practices will significantly reduce your operating cost. The four major problems associated with commercial cooling system breakdown and malfunctions are:

– Corrosion
– Cavitation-erosion
– Scale deposits
– Green-goo or drop-out
Corrosion what is it? Corrosion is the natural tendency of metals to revert back to their ore form; an example is cast iron oxides which will form reddish brown (commonly known as rust) deposits on engine services.

Similarly other metals form oxides. The color of the various corrosion events can vary from white to black depending on the specific oxide that has formed.

There are a variety of conditions in a cooling system environment which will affect the degree and rate at which metal surfaces corrode. Because these conditions are “generally present in all commercial cooling systems” this enables certified cooling system technicians such as those at American Services, to routinely perform preventative maintenance operations on many systems. These conditions include coolant Ph., which is simply the concentration of dissolved oxygen and carbon dioxide in a coolant, metal surface deposits, metal stress, coolant temperature, and acids formed in a combustion process of the fuel and the corrosion inhibitors present. To one degree or another of these conditions are present in “almost all commercial cooling systems,” once maintenance staff understand this, cooling system malfunctions like corrosion can be detected easily and early enough to prevent serious deterioration.

Under certain conditions all metals in the cooling system will corrode. Metallurgy science proves some metals are more sensitive than others, when metals corrode they weaken as a result, components fail. Aluminum is the metal most prone to corrosion in a cooling system environment, others include cast iron, solder, steel copper and brass to a somewhat a lesser degree will also corrode.

To reduce corrosion in your commercial cooling system a good corrosion inhibitor is a must.

Corrosion inhibitors should contain the following critical components
-pH buffer this will help maintain optimum coolant pH levels
-Silicate is the best known corrosion inhibitor for aluminum services
-TT and MBT Chemical inhibitors for protection of copper and brass
– Phosphate, Borate and Nitrate, the best corrosion inhibitor for iron, steel and aluminum.

These corrosive inhibitors are the simplest solution to corrosion problems.


Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance Tips

Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance Tips

refrigeration services in MissouriAmerican Services refrigeration maintenance service in Bridgeton Missouri knows that the best way you can extend the life of your commercial refrigeration system, is to perform proper refrigeration maintenance. Setting up a series of preventive maintenance checks and services schedule will help prevent any expensive repair and replacement costs down the line.

Listed here are a few of the common problems caused by poor maintenance practice ,and failure to implement a preventive maintenance program designed specifically for your commercial refrigeration systems.

  • Failure of thermostat: generally caused by high amp draw do to dirty condenser coils.
  • Failure of fan motors: caused by dirty coils blocking air flow
  • Compressor failure: normally caused by dirty condenser coil& high head pressure.
  • Wire deterioration (burning): Caused by excessive amp draw from the elevated head pressure and dirty coils
  • Increase in energy cost: due to longer run times caused by dirty condenser coils.

These are just a few problems caused by lack of maintenance there are many more. These are the most common encountered out in the service field. These are expensive repairs that can occur on weekends, holidays, or after duty hours when repair service comes at a premium. Initiating a few simple steps and implementing a maintenance schedule will guard against equipment failure. These maintenance practices will also extend the life of coolers, freezers and refrigeration systems.

Some common commercial refrigeration energy saving tips that can help save you unnecessary energy expenditures include;

1. Keep the condenser coils clean and decreased.
2. Inspect coils once a month.
3. Inspect and insure automatic door closers operate properly.
4. Make sure gaskets seals are in good condition and working properly.
5. Service ice machines twice a year, well water may need servicing more often.