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Commercial Oven Maintenance & Cleaning Tips

Commercial Oven Maintenance & Cleaning Tips

baking If you own commercial restaurant equipment near Belleville, you fully understand how important it is to not only keep it maintained but also properly cleaned.  This goes for all of your commercial equipment including your oven.  Ovens are an investment piece and most likely used by your business on a daily basis.  Without your properly functioning oven you would loose business and experience unwanted down time.  Today, let’s focus on your commercial oven and how to both properly maintain and clean it.

Basic Commercial Oven Maintenance Tips:

  • Don’t put an unnecessary amount of strain on your oven doors by placing heavy items on it.  The weight of baking sheets and other baking dishes will cause your hinges to wear out faster than normal.
  • If you are experiencing inefficiency in cook times or on your utility bills, you should take a look at your door seal.  This is an item that will most likely need to be replaced on a semi-regular basis.
  • Calibrate your oven’s temperature.  If you notice that it’s taking longer to cook regular items, your temperature may be off.  This can be easily tested with an oven thermometer.  If you find a discrepancy, you will need to have your thermostat re-calibrated or replaced.

Basic Commercial Oven Cleaning Tips:

  • Clean the interior of your oven on a daily basis.  This can be done with a mild detergent.  Be sure to get any crumbs off the bottom of the unit and if a spill occurs, this process should be done right away.
  • Perform a deep cleaning every month with an approved oven-cleaning chemical.
  • Clean the exterior of your oven on a daily or weekly basis.  The time frame here is up to you and will vary depending on usage and how dirty your kitchen gets.

If you need help with any of these maintenance or cleaning services, give the team at American Services a call for a free estimate today!



Ice Machine Maintenance Tips

Ice Machine Maintenance Tips

IceKeeping your ice machine in good shape is imperative to your production of clean, fresh ice for your customers.  Don’t make the mistake that so many ice machine owners do by not taking some time to maintain your machine.  Here are a few tips to help you get started when looking to keep your ice machine properly maintained.

  • Keep your ice cooler clean by simply cleaning all of the components according to your manufacturer specifications.  This can usually be done every other week and will keep your ice cubes uniform in size and smelling fresh.
  • While doing your routine cleaning, watch for brown slime.  This icky substance grows when your machine comes in contact with certain types of yeast.  You will need to remove any evidence of this pest via your manufacturer’s cleaning recommendations.
  • Think about the location of your ice machine and how the temperature could be affecting how efficiently it runs.  It isn’t always possible to move an ice machine, but if you are able to keep it in a cooler location it will run less often and use less energy.
  • As a part of your cleaning ritual, be sure to take a look at the condition of your condenser coils.  Your machine’s condenser coils greatly determine the temperature of your unit and will cause slow production if dirty.
  • Do a visual inspection of your ice machine and listen for any strange noises.  A simple weekly check can help you identify issues early and this will help you save money if a repair is needed.

If you need help with your refrigeration and ice machine maintenance near Belleville, give the team at American Services a call today.  Our technicians can help you come up with a plan that keeps your equipment running smoothly and we can take care of any areas you aren’t able to take care of on your own.  Call us for a free estimate now!

More Walk-In Cooler Maintenance Tips!

More Walk-In Cooler Maintenance Tips!

SupermarketThe professionally-trained technicians at American Services commercial refrigeration business near St. Louis County want to help you with properly maintaining your walk-in cooler.  In the first part of this article, you were given some practical tips on keeping your walk-in cooler operating properly. Today, let’s continue with the walk-in cooler tips with come advice on cleaning and keeping those using your walk-in cooler safe.

Keeping Your Walk-In Refrigeration Unit Clean:

  • Your walk-in cooler should be cleaned with a mild cleaning solution like soap and water.  If you were to use a harsh cleaner on your unit, you could potentially harm the metal surface of your unit and cause a great amount of damage.
  • Make sure you are using a self-rinsing cleaner, soap, water, and a stiff bristled brush to clean your unit’s condensing coils on a bi-yearly basis.
  • Call out a professional to check your drain lines on a yearly basis.
  • Wipe down the unit’s door gaskets on a yearly basis using the same soap and water solution suggested above.
  • Keep the floor of your unit clean by sweeping and mopping regularly.

Keeping Your Walk-In Refrigeration Unit Safe:

  • Don’t let spills go unattended.  This is especially true for freezer units, as the spill may freeze and cause someone to fall.
  • Make your unit a non-slip environment with non-skid strips.
  • Do not overload your walk-in or block the isles within the unit.
  • Consider investing in a back-up generator to avoid damage from an extended power outage situation.

If you are an owner of a walk-in cooler unit and would like more advice on this subject, simply give the HVAC experts at American Services a call!  Our team can work with you to maintain your current unit or install a new, more energy efficient model!  Give us a call today!

Walk-In Cooler Maintenance Tips!

Walk-In Cooler Maintenance Tips!

refrigerator unitIf you are in the restaurant, convenience store, or grocery store business, the walk-in cooler or freezer is a part of your daily life.  Since these units are a big investment, it is important to keep them well-maintained.  Today, let’s take a look at some tips that will ensure you unit is kept in proper running order.

  • Make sure your unit’s door is closed when not being used.  Never leave the door propped open for an extended period of time.  The best practice is to only have the door open when entering or leaving the the walk-in.
  • At least twice a year, you need to be cleaning the evaporator and condensing coil of the unit.  If your coils are outside, it is best to cleans them even more often.
  • Check your fan motors to ensure they are running at optimum speed.
  • Reduce drag by cleaning the fan blades.
  • If your condensing unit is located outside, make sure you keep the area clear so that there is adequate air flow.
  • Make sure airflow isn’t restricted by anything stacked around the coil.
  • The insulation on the suction lines between the condensing unit and the evaporator should be checked for damage or decay on a regular basis and replaced when needed.
  • Don’t let your unit waste energy.  Have a technician check your electrical connections for loose spots on a regular basis.
  • Lubricate all hinges on a yearly basis to ensure the unit is closing properly.

The South County area commercial walk-in refrigeration specialists at American Services hope these tips will get you started on maintaining your units in the best possible way.  If you have any questions, or would like for an expert to take a look at your walk-in cooler or freezer, contact American Services today!

3 Do-It-Yourself HVAC Maintenance Tips!

3 Do-It-Yourself HVAC Maintenance Tips!

Room ThermostatAre you a business owner who likes to do some DIY projects around your building?  If so, today’s post is for you!  That’s because the American Services team is ready to give you three easy tasks that will not only help maintain your HVAC system, but that you can do yourself.  That’s right!  Three things that you can do yourself to help save time, money, and keep your system in running order.  Let’s get started with DIY task number one!

  • Change Your Filter – Keeping your filter changed is the single most important thing you can do for your HVAC system.  A clean filter will keep the system efficient, it will save you money, and it will prolong the life of your unit.  Make sure to read your owner’s manual so that you know which filter to use in your system.  And, as always, if you aren’t comfortable with the process, call in the professionals.
  • Clean Out Drain Lines – This may sound a little intimidating, but it really is very simple.  First find the drain line on the outside of the unit.  Then use a shop vac to clean out any debris that has built up.  It’s really that easy!
  • Program Your Thermostat Correctly – Programming your thermostat isn’t hard, but you may need a lesson on doing it correctly.  This step will ensure that you don’t have to make a service call for a simple programming error.

If you aren’t up for the challenge of keeping up with your own HVAC maintenance, don’t worry!  The team at American Services will customize an HVAC maintenance service plan near St. Louis County that not only takes care of your maintenance needs, but that additionally fits into your monthly budget.  Simply call our team to schedule a no commitment meeting today!  We guarantee to make the process fast, easy, and hassle-free.  We look forward to your coming visit.

Restaurant Exhaust Hood Cleaning & Maintenance

Restaurant Exhaust Hood Cleaning & Maintenance

Restaurant KitchenKeeping your expensive equipment properly cleaned and maintained is key when extending the life of the equipment and getting maximum results. That’s why American Services wants you to know just how to properly clean and maintain all of your restaurant equipment, including your exhaust hood.  A restaurant’s exhaust hood works by removing grease, smoke, heat, and odors from the air and often replaces it with fresh air from outside.  This type of unit also helps suppress grease fires and keeps the kitchen clear of the airborne contaminants mentioned above. creating a much friendlier work environment. So, what can you do as a restaraunt owner to help keep this important piece of equipment in running order?  Let’s explore this question with some basic cleaning and maintenance tips.

First, it’s important to regularly remove and clean your hood vents.  This will all you to clear all the grease and build-up within the vents and give the unit the ability to freely move the air.  To remove the hood vent, simply grab the handles on the vent, lift up, and pull it out.

Next, make sure you are having all of your restaurant equipment properly inspected and maintained by professional service technicians.  An easy way to keep up with this task is to sign up for a maintenance contract that gives you these services on a regular basis.  This is an easy way to know your equipment is being properly taken care of.

The team at American Services is ready to assist you with all of your restaurant equipment services near St. Louis City!  You can count on our group of professionally trained technicians to do the job right and keep your cost down.  Don’t trust your commercial equipment to any other dealer in town. Contact American Services for all of your HVAC and restaurant equipment needs today!

Restaurant Equipment Ice Machine Repair

Restaurant Equipment Ice Machine Repair

MO restaurant equipment repairAmerican Services Restaurant Equipment maintenance and repair in Missouri knows that historically attaining ice involved cutting large blocks from frozen lakes a rivers.  The ice would then be transported to a facility that cut the ice into smaller blocks before being delivered for restaurant use. 

The quality of ice was unpredictable and often costly to receive, especially if you were located in a warm climate.  As refrigeration and freezing technology was introduced as a restaurant equipment option, restaurants utilized this new technology as a marketing advantage.  However, with new technology brings the necessity for technicians to service the equipment.

Ice machine repair and maintenance is  a big part of every restaurant’s list of to do’s.  When you least expect it, your machine will go down and this typically happens at the busiest time.  It is important to have a repair company able to make a service call at a moment’s notice.  When looking for a Ice Machine Repair company, always ensure they are dependable and reputable.  This can be done by asking for references of other clients they have serviced.

There are, however, some key preventative maintenance tips you can perform to reduce the number of service calls throughout the year.  First off, it is vital that the water filters be replaced every six months.  The next key component to prolonging your Ice Machine is to sanitize it regularly.  Not only does it ease the strain your machine but it ensures health and wellbeing of your clientele.  Additionally, the condenser finds or air filters should be cleaned or replaced every six months.

Your restaurant equipment is vital to the success of your business and frequent ICE MACHINE REPAIR has the potential to leave you out in the cold.

Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance Tips

Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance Tips

refrigeration service in MissouriAmerican Services refrigeration maintenance service near Chesterfield knows that commercial refrigeration is considered the center of any food service business and can create major problems for when the unit breaks down because of poor maintenance. While no refrigeration unit lasts forever, there are several things you can do to extend the life of your refrigeration system.

Commercial Refrigerator Cleaning Tips:

NOTE: Insure that your refrigeration unit is unplugged before you begin any cleaning of your unit.

By keeping all of the mechanical parts of your commercial refrigerator wiped clean daily, you are taking the first step to keeping your unit operating efficiently and adding longevity to your system. There are several parts of a unit that should be cleaned regularly with warm soapy water and a cloth, be sure to rinse and dry thoroughly.

Condenser Coil

The condenser coil location on a unit can vary, located inside or outside, and can be found by checking the owner’s manual or asking the installation technician to point the unit out to you. This part should be cleaned at least once a month to keep it free of dust, dirt and lint. This is a critical component, if not maintenance properly this element could potentially shut your operation down.

Clean the condenser coil with a commercial condenser coil cleaner, which can be purchased at most kitchen equipment retailers. CAUTION Brush the condenser fins from top to bottom and never side to side. Once you have completed cleaning the fins, straighten any bent fins with a comb, this will ensure proper condenser coil performance.

Fan Blades and Motor

Fan blade and motor units on commercial refrigeration systems should be cleaned a minimum of once a month. Using a soft cloth run over both the motor and the fan blades. If it is necessary to wash the blades, cover the motor with another dry cloth so that the moisture does not cause damage to the motor.

Inside Your Unit

It is important to remember not to use any abrasive agents/cloth, steel wool, caustic cleaning chemicals or bleach when cleaning the interior of your refrigerated unit. These products can not only cause damage to the finish of the refrigerator, they can also leave behind strong chemical scents (poisons) that can adversely affect the flavor of the food. Use a solvent of warm water and mild soap to clean the inside of your unit, and be sure to rinse thoroughly.

Heating and Cooling System Tips

Heating and Cooling System Tips

commercial cooling systems in MOIf you are looking for ways to improve the efficiency of commercial heating and cooling systems, consider incorporating new control strategies to ensure systems are engaged operationally only when necessary.  Effective common control strategies include programmable thermostats, multiple zone breakdowns and CO2 demand sensors. These strategies can be specified on new heating and cooling systems and retrofitted to older systems as well.

Programmable Thermostats: These simple affordable, easy to install thermostats allow convenient night/weekend settings that generate energy savings. Models are usually available from $45 to over $200 depending on the features desired.  Most systems include manual overrides to ensure comfort for late night shift employees.

Multiple Zones: By dividing your facility up into multiple heating and cooling grids, your system can deliver more efficient heating and cooling by eliminating inaccuracies and excessive usage from a central control sensor point. In addition, building occupants in different grid areas can adjust the temperature to meet their actual needs. If your facility has many rooms or floors, multiple zone programs are recommended.

Demand or CO2 Sensors: Most heating and cooling systems are outdated and draw in ventilation air by assumed occupancy, however modern technology has side stepped this by designing systems which actually adjust the air quality of your facility by measuring the percent of CO2 present. The result is more energy-efficient operation and better air-quality.


Similar to your automobile, your building’s heating and cooling system needs a preventative maintenance plan to operate efficiently. To improve system efficiency and help ensure reliability and component longevity, consider the following maintenance tips.

  • Engage a qualified HVAC firm such as American Services in a maintenance contract with semi-annual tune-ups. During these tune-ups, a technician should inspect combustion efficiency, refrigerant charge, and belt tension as applicable.
  • Air filters should be changed regularly. Accumulated dirt and dust make your fans work harder. Clean or replace filters according to manufacturer’s recommended specifications.
  • Keep the evaporator and condenser coils on your heat pump, air-conditioner, or chiller. Dirty coils can cause overheating.  By keeping them clean you save energy.

To inquire about our services and get a quote for cooling sales in Jefferson County, contact us at American Services located in St. Louis MO.

Conserve Energy and Extend Life of Refrigeration Equipment part II

Conserve Energy and Extend Life of Refrigeration Equipment part II

commercial refrigeration repair in MOAmerican Services check site seo
restaurant maintenance in Missouri” href=””>restaurant equipment maintenance  in St. Louis knows that maintenance managers have many options to reduce power usage and extend the life of commercial refrigeration units including coolers, freezers, and ice machines. Here is a short but extremely important list of suggested maintenance tips that you may want to implement at your facility;

– Gaskets: refrigeration systems work hard to achieve proper product temperature. Routinely inspect the door gaskets or seals on all coolers and freezers. Check for tears, rips, or missing magnetic strips in gaskets. If gaskets are found to be worn out replace them immediately. You’re losing cold air, and making your system work harder to replace that air. This increases power consumption and lessens refrigerator systems’ life span.


– Door hinges and closers: most doors and hinges on refrigeration units close properly utilizing spring cartridges.  Be sure to inspect these mechanical hinges insure proper operation. Larger cooler and freezer doors- especially walk-ins normally use hydraulic door closers. Doors that are not closed all the way in this matter contribute to excessive run time, inefficient use of energy; shorten the life of the equipment and causes evaporator coils to ice up.


– Calculate accurate internal food temperature: using a product sensing thermometer, is far superior to an air sensing thermometer in refrigeration’s units due to rapidly changing ambient conditions. Refrigeration systems using an air sensing thermometer only reveal how cold the air is in a refrigeration unit at the moment you open it. There are situations when it does not give an accurate picture of a product’s actual temperature. Product sensing thermometers are much more accurate.

To schedule maintenance on your walk in freezer, cooler, or refrigerator unit, be sure to contact American Services refrigeration repair service in Saint Louis MO today.  You won’t be disappointed!