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Comprehensive Commerical Indoor Heating Unit Maintenance List

Comprehensive Commerical Indoor Heating Unit Maintenance List

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Keeping up with the your commercial HVAC unit near Florissant is an important part of your winter to-do list.  Preventative maintenance will save you money on your monthly utility bills, keep your place of business warmed properly, and help to keep your equipment running longer.  When hiring an HVAC contractor to do such work, be sure that the following points are covered by the work they perform:

  • Inspect and clean the blower housing, blower wheel, and motor
  • Lubricate motor, inspect and replace fan belt on older model units
  • Clean any lint and debris from the combustion blower housing
  • Drain evaporator coil pan and condensate drain lines, clean as needed
  • Inspect gas units for gas leaks
  • Clean, adjust, and inspect burner assembly
  • Clean, adjust, and inspect ignition system and safety controls
  • Perform an inspection on the heat exchanger and heating elements
  • Check fuel system for signs of corrosion, proper attachment to the furnace, and for any dislocated sections.
  • Inspect control box along with it’s wiring, connections, and associated controls.
  • Replace air filter
  • Check ductwork for leaks
  • When starting the unit up, monitor the system for any uncharacteristic behavior, listen for abnormal noises, and be aware of any unusual odors.
  • In gas furnace units, monitor for correct line and manifold gas pressures and make any needed adjustments.
  • Inspect vent system to ensure proper operation

Once these maintenance tasks have been performed by a professional HVAC technician, you should receive a full report detailing all of the components that were checked, how they performed, and any adjustments/repairs that had to be made.  This is an important part of your maintenance service that will help you understand the current functionality of your unit and any changes that were made.

Contact the team at American Services to have your very own maintenance service completed today!

Why Your Restaurant Needs An Efficient HVAC System

Why Your Restaurant Needs An Efficient HVAC System

Maximize EfficiencySometimes restaurant owners can accidentally overlook energy depleting systems that are costing them hundreds of extra dollars each month.  One of the systems that is often overlooked is HVAC.  An up-to-date and energy efficient HVAC system is key in keeping your heating and cooling costs down and will keep customers comfortable in a reliable way.  Today, let’s take a look at some of the other reasons why having an energy efficient HVAC system is so important.

  • As mentioned above, a huge reason to invest in an efficient system is the money savings.  In fact some can save up to 20% on their energy costs with a more efficient system and recoup their investment in six to twelve months.
  • Reducing your energy consumption lowers your impact on the environment with fewer carbon emissions.
  • With many of the newer systems, business owners gain round-the-clock monitoring and control of settings via the web.  These systems allow you the chance to set parameters around usage that can not be changed by employees.  Some will also offer energy management through a third-party to lessen the burden on management and maximize energy savings.
  • Putting some extra attention on how “green” your business is can attract new customers who share in your care for the environment.  Take advantage of the possibility of local press, positive brand imaging, and even awards for the efforts you make to save energy and help the environment.

At American Services our team of professional HVAC technicians near Florissant are ready to help you make the most informed decision possible regarding the updating of your heating and cooling equipment.  These professionals will come to your place of business, assess your current and future needs, and then give you a free estimate regarding the equipment you will need to save the most on your energy bills.  Give our customer care team a call now to set up your free consultation today!


Why Perform Heating Repairs In the Summer?

Why Perform Heating Repairs In the Summer?

summerDuring the summer months most commercial heating systems sit on stand-by for the coming winter season.  Why not use this opportunity to have your system inspected, maintained, and repaired?  In fact, the summer months are the perfect time to upgrade you old system so that you can take advantage of the utility savings immediately as the winter weather rolls in!

Here at American Services our trained technicians are experts at helping commercial heating customers make the right decisions concerning repairs, maintenance, and upgrades.  Let’s check out all the reasons why you should call the experts at American Services for heating service now.

Why do repairs during the summer?  Taking care of know heating system problems now will take the guess work out of whether or not your system will function once the weather turns colder.  It also reduces down time and ensures the comfort of your employees and customers.

Why maintain during the summer?  Proper regularly scheduled maintenance is the biggest factor in the overall health of your heating system.  Even if you aren’t using your system an American Services tech can come by your place of business on a monthly or quarterly basis to ensure that your system will start up and function properly as needed without any question.

Why upgrade during the summer?  The summer months are the perfect time to upgrade your system for a couple of reasons.  First, since you aren’t using your heating system while the weather is warm, you won’t even notice that the system is down while the install is happening.  This approach also affords you the time to carefully research the system you want without the immediate need that comes from replacing a system out of need.

Don’t put off the health of your heating system just because the summer heat is here. Contact the Belleville area commercial heating technicians at American Services to inquire about repair, maintenance, and upgrade services today!

Trusted Restaurant Equipment Maintenance From American Services

Trusted Restaurant Equipment Maintenance From American Services

Servers smiling at the camera at the cafeGaining access to factory authorized maintenance and repair services for your restaurant equipment near Ballwin isn’t always easy.  Sure there are many service providers in the area, but do they offer the well rounded variety of HVAC, Cooking Equipment, Refrigeration, Beverage System, Ice Machine, and Industrial Equipment Services found at American Services?  The answer to this question is usually no!

When you talk to the team at American Services you’ll find out that they have made it their mission to give clients access to something most others can’t and that’s convenience. The one-stop-shop nature of American Services product line takes the guess work out of who to call when something is going wrong.  Whether you own a gas station, restaurant, or medical lab our team has the skill level to get you back into business quickly and at a fair price.  No more calling two, three, or even four separate companies to keep up with your monthly maintenance calendar!  Just call American Services and they’ve got you covered.

All of these facts additionally hold true for business owners looking to upgrade or replace current units or systems within their place of business.  At American Services, the commercial sales team is filled with experts who understand the many areas of business that you work in.  These individuals will walk you through the process of choosing the right equipment, having it professionally installed, and then get you on a plan that will keep your equipment maintained for year to come.  This is how you should be served and the team at American Services can do that for you.

To get started with the American Services team today, simply call their customer care line at 314-733-1776.  Once connected you will be have access to everything American Services has to offer and so much more.  Don’t put this off any longer!  Connect with the American Services team now!

Commercial Cooling Energy Saving Ideas

Commercial Cooling Energy Saving Ideas

Save EnergyWhen it is estimated that 6 percent of the energy you use is created by your cooling system, it’s no wonder so many of us want new ideas on reducing usage!  That’s where the team at come in to play.  Today, we will explain a number of the tips they give to help reduce cooling costs.

  • Become aware of your cooling load and takes steps to reduce it.  A few of the easiest ways to do this include: adding insulation to your walls; add shades or blinds to the windows; or think about adding high-albedo (white) surfaces like a cool roof to your building.  Also take a look around for appliances that may be adding to your cooling load.  This would include a stove or cloths dryer.  In humid climates, you will also want to make sure to eliminate an excess air leaks.
  • Think about areas of your building that don’t need to be cooled.  To do this, you can simply isolate that area by shutting the register that feeds that room.  Just be mindful not to do this to too many rooms as it can reduce airflow across the entire system due to pressure build-up.
  • Get an efficiency check-up.  This can be accomplished by calling the team at American Systems.  Our St. Peters area commercial cooling experts can come to your place of business and give you a free estimate on upgrading, replacing, repairing, or maintaining your equipment so that you are getting the most from your unit.  It is also important to continue with regular maintenance check-ups to get the most from your cooling system over time.

Now that you have a few expert ideas on keeping your cooling energy costs down, get a full energy savings check-up by calling the team at American Services!  We look forward to helping you maximize your energy dollars!

Benefits Related To Cleaning Your Heating & Cooling System

Benefits Related To Cleaning Your Heating & Cooling System

Man Looking Into Air DuctHaving a clean environment for your employees and customers is always a top priority and that’s why adding regular heating and cooling system clean-ups is so important.  This type of cleaning process will ensure that the indoor air quality is optimal for those whom you serve.  Here are the top two reasons why you should consider cleaning your heating and cooling system.

Energy Savings – When your heating and cooling system is clear of contaminants, it can work more efficiently with less energy.  In fact, it is estimated that a dirty system contributes to the 25 to 40 percent energy wasted by the average unit.  Regularly cleaning your system will allow it to work less, do it’s job better, and will even add life to your equipment.

Air Quality – Your indoor air quality matters.  Dander, dust, and chemicals are just a few of the contaminants that build up over time.  When you don’t consider this build-up, occupants will start to notice the indoor air quality diminishing.  The only way to effectively remove this contaminated build-up is to have a professional properly clean your system using a negative pressure approach. Keeping up with this cleaning process is the only way to keep those with respiratory conditions, autoimmune disorders, or environmental allergies comfortable and free of symptoms.

Don’t miss this important step when serving your commercial heating and cooling system near Overland.  In fact, the team at American Services can visit your place of business and help you with a number of HVACR services that will benefit your bottom line.  We offer 24/7 service, a full lineup of specialties, and free estimates. This means we can take care of all your needs, save you time, and save you money.  Don’t worry with the condition of your heating and cooling equipment any longer. Contact the American Service team now and get the peace of mind you deserve.

Choose the Right Thermostat For Your Business!

Choose the Right Thermostat For Your Business!

Heating Repair Services Near HazelwoodWhen it comes time to replace the thermostat at your place of business, the team at American Services wants you to make an informed and smart decision. Choosing the right thermostat has the potential to save you a lot of money and should additionally have functions that are easy-to-use.  Let’s take a look at how you should go about picking the right thermostat so that it will accomplish the money-saving benefits your business deserves.

First, I recommend that you consider a programmable thermostat.  Programmable thermostat models allow you the ability to program the temperature you would like your facility to be based upon the day of the week and time of day.   Two common types of programmable thermostats include: Weekday/Weekend models and a Seven-Day models.  Remember, the exact ability to program each model differs from brand to brand, so make sure you are getting the amount of flexibility you need before choosing a replacement.

Another feature that varies from model to model, is the number of functions you will have access to.  Some of the most common functions included on replacement programmable thermostats include: Adjustable Cycle; Auto Changeover Switch; Clear Onscreen Prompts and Intuitive Controls; Filter-Change Reminder; and Full Memory Save.  Each of these functions provide an added level of convenience to the everyday operation of your unit and can be demonstrated by your Hazelwood area heating sales representative at American Services.

Finally, it is important to consult with a thermostat’s packaging to make sure it is compatible with your particular heating and cooling system.  If you are unable to determine that a particular model will properly function with your unit, it is best to consult with the manufacturer for professional advice.

Choosing an HVAC Contractor

Choosing an HVAC Contractor

HVAC Contractor in MOWhen it comes time to have your HVAC system installed it is important that you choose the right contractor or you will have years of regret to live with.  But how do you go about choosing the right HVAC contractor?  There are some simple steps you can follow to make sure you are making the right choice.

The first thing that you will want to do is to start making some calls to various HVAC contractors in your city.  See how they are on the phone.  Are they courteous and professional or rude and hurried?  Are they willing to discuss prices or are they secretive about it?  Now don’t be surprised if they don’t give you a quote over the phone, in all fairness they will probably have to come to your location to see the work they will have to do.  But do be hesitant if they won’t discuss anything over the phone.  They should at least give you some ballparks and possible hourly work rates.  Now, based on your phone calls make a list of companies you definitely want to have come out and then some alternates just in case.  Once you’ve compiled the list, begin to make appointments.

Now that you have the list and have made some appointments you will want to have the contractors come out to your place of business and start giving you written quotes.  This is also the time to make sure this is someone that you can work with during the installation process.  Out of this group now you will want to narrow it down either by price or by those you are willing to work with.  Once this second list is compiled, the research can now begin.  Check all the contractors against any complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau.  Also do a web search of the company and see what comes up, include the individual names of anyone you met because they might have worked for another company in the past.  You will also want to verify that they are properly licensed and insured so you know you are hiring a professional and they carry enough insurance to cover any issues.  You can check state licensing boards to check credentials.

Now that all the web checks and phone calls have been made you will want to visit their office to make sure everything looks legit. They should have a physical location, so if you have any issues you can actually visit them and you also know they aren’t going to leave in the middle of the night.  You will want to make sure that they have an office and a mobile phone so that they can be reached if you should ever need assistance.  Finally, make sure that you get a written contract and that you get a copy that you can study carefully.

If you follow all these steps you can rest assured that you did all that you can do to insure that you hired a competent technician.  If you have any problems be sure to first speak to the contractor about the issue and if necessary get legal advice on how to proceed.  Just remember that installing a commercial HVAC system can be expensive and you want to be sure that you get your money’s worth.

American Services offers top notch contractors for HVAC installation and repair in Missouri.


All About Commercial Cooling

All About Commercial Cooling

commercial cooling service in MissouriAmerican Services heating and cooling installation near Jefferson County knows that commercial cooling is defined in many forms. It can be what makes or breaks a business. With many businesses relying on cooling systems it is critical to ensure safety, longevity, and cost effectiveness. Because commercial cooling comes in many facets it is important to ensure that systems are installed properly and safely so that they can be used to their maximum potential.

Commercial cooling services very often provide products such as walk-in fridges and freezers which are perfect for a number of applications. Warehouses for supermarkets restaurants and schools, these businesses depend on commercial cooling products being effective and reliable.

Commercial cooling products such as walk-in fridges and freezers can be designed and customized to your company’s specific needs, with options like sliding doors or glass doors in order to suit your business needs perfectly.

Commercial cooling systems are not only important for businesses dealing with food and restaurant applications, but also play an important part for businesses such as florists, chemical companies, and even hospitals. Thus the benefits of commercial cooling systems are far reaching.

Another way in which commercial cooling is used is for air conditioning and low profile cooling.
There are many facilities and businesses from industry to office all the way to schools that rely on air conditioning in the hot summer months. Having the facilities  cool is a result of a high quality commercial cooling product. Cooling and ventilation is very important and plays a critical role in getting the most out of your place of business.

Many companies, such as American Services can service your commercial cooling system, and also provide you with component options such as commercial cooling towers. Whatever your needs, there are many types of commercial cooling systems such as Rooftop systems.