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Why Is Your Furnace Blowing Cold Air?

Why Is Your Furnace Blowing Cold Air?

 Face Blowing Wind

Is there anything more frustrating?  You kick on the furnace, all ready to warm up and all you get is cold air from the ducts!  What do you do now?  Well first, don’t panic.  Second, run down our list of the most common reasons why your furnace is blowing cold air!

Ask yourself these three questions first thing when you notice that your furnace is blowing cold air:

  • Question #1 – Is the thermostat set to the ON or AUTO position?  The ON position means that your system is blowing neutral air throughout your system continuously and not the air is being warmed.  For this reason, your thermostat needs to be set to AUTO in order to kick the furnace on and blow out the warm air you are looking for.
  • Question #2 – Has the air filter been changed properly?  An air filter that had not been changed properly will cause your furnace to overheat since air cannot properly pass through it.  When your furnace overheats, your burners will shut down due to safety controls.  This will in turn cause your furnace to blow unheated air.
  • Question #3 – Is the pilot light on?  This seems like a simple fix – relight the pilot light and you’re back in business.  But before you think you are out of the woods, make sure the pilot light stays lit.  It may have gone out because of a problem in the ignition system.  If you relight and it goes back out, you’ll need to call an expert out to take a look.

If you find that you have double checked these three areas of your system and you are still getting cold air it’s time to give the Wentzville area heating and cooling team at American Services a call.  One of our professional technicians can visit you 24/7 and get your problem solved fast.  Give our customer service line a call now to set-up an appointment!

Duct Noise – When Should You Worry?

Duct Noise – When Should You Worry?

Woman closes her earsIt’s winter and your duct work may be experiencing a little expansion due the sudden bursts of warm air being used to heat your space.  But what if that very normal function begins making a lot of unsettling noise?  Well, not to worry!  Most duct noise is very normal and harmless.  As mentioned before, your duct work is just expanding and making way for the air that is being used to keep you comfortable in the cold weather.  But it there ever a time to worry?  Let’s find out.

So, when should duct noise be of concern?  Duct noise is only of concern when the noise is actually come from your furnace and not your duct work at all.  Gas furnace owners know that there are burner elements as a part of their system.  As time passes, these burners can become dirty, clogged, and/or corroded.  When this happens, interference happens in the ignition process. The noise you hear from this issue will occur just after your furnace kicks on due tot the ignition sparks lighting the extra gas that has filled the chamber during missed ignition.  When you notice this type of issue, it’s time to call a professional HVAC service technician as this can turn into a very dangerous issue.

As you can see, duct noise itself is not of concern.  Yet, if the noise you hear is actually coming from your furnace, service is needed.   If you are in need of heating or cooling service near Wentzville, contact the team at American Services today!  Our professional technicians are ready to take care of your entire list of commercial HVAC, refrigeration, cooking equipment, water filtration, industrial equipment, and beverage systems needs in one short visit.  We can even give you a free estimate on upgrading your existing equipment with new, energy efficient models!  Why not give us a call today?

Restaurant Sales Are Up – Is It Time To Update Your Cooking Equipment?

Restaurant Sales Are Up – Is It Time To Update Your Cooking Equipment?

chef in kitchenThanks to dropping gas prices and rising employment rates, the restaurant industry experienced it’s best month in eight years during December 2014.  Gains were seen in both the casual-dining chains, which reported an increase of 4.4 percent, as well as in the quick-service arena which saw gains of 4.6 percent.  This is especially good news since sales in December 2013 were flat.  Since then, the industry has seen steady monthly gains and expects that trend to continue across 2015. All of this data is based-upon MillerPulse results and represents averages from operator surveys in all areas of the nation and in all segments of the food service industry.  You can get full details by visiting the Nation’s Restaurant News website at

Did your St. Louis area restaurant experience the same sales growth as what’s being reported by the NRN?  If so, maybe it’s time to consider upgrading or replacing some of your outdated equipment.  The team at American Services can help you with every aspect of your Jefferson County area restaurant equipment installation!  Our team is filled with the professional technicians you have been looking for.  We understand your needs, can address any current repair issues, and give you a free estimate for the services you need or want.  Plus, our attention to providing a well-rounded  list of services means we can also take care of any HVAC, refrigeration, ice machine, beverage system, or filtration issues you may be concerned with.

Why not contact our team to get your free estimate now?  This free estimate will allow you the chance to make an informed decision about how you want to re-invest in your business for the new year.  Don’t wait until it’s too late!  Broken or malfunctioning equipment will cost you valuable time and money.  Let the American Services team help you get started right in 2015!


Your Commercial Heating Needs Are Met With American Services!

Your Commercial Heating Needs Are Met With American Services!

Technician Servicing Heating BoilerReliable, honest, commercial heating experts are hard to come by.  That’s why it’s important to find the right heating service company to take care of all your repairs, maintenance, and service-related needs.  American Services offers trained, licensed, professional technicians that have the qualities you are looking for.  We are always here with fast 21/7 service to the entire St. Louis area.  In fact, we like to say no job is too big or too small for our team of HVAC experts.

When you make the choice to contact us for your heating needs, you will be pleased by our prompt service and complete list of services.  Did you know that we can take care of a number of your needs all in one trip?  That’s right!  Not only can we get your heating system up and running smoothly, but we can also take care of many other areas you may need service in.  These areas of service, repair, and maintenance include: air conditioning; ventilation; cooking equipment gas repairs, electric repairs, and sales; commercial refrigeration; industrial refrigeration; process refrigeration; display cases; laboratory refrigeration; supermarket refrigeration; walk-in freezers and coolers; ice machines; water filtration systems; industrial equipment for food processing, manufacturing, and plastic molding; soda systems; coffee equipment; cappuccino machines; tea makers; and frozen concentrated beverage machines.  As you can see, our team can get your business back in business with one simple call!

Why not give our team a call right now!  You can reach us by dialing 855-733-1776 or via the Contact Us form provided at  We are here to serve you in the most complete way possible and to ensure your complete satisfaction.  It will be a pleasure to take care of your entire list of Florissant Area commercial heating needs.

Commercial Cooling News

Commercial Cooling News

cooling products in MissouriAmerican Services cooling products and services near Fenton is pleased to announce that the latest air conditioning news.

The yearly cooling showcase news has been released recently introducing this years’ latest in air conditioning cooling units available.  The yearly news issue will assist our professional technicians in staying updated on the latest in cooling products and brands available.

“Like last year, this year’s Cooling Showcase is split into two parts — commercial and residential. In this issue, we will focus on the commercial side of the air conditioning industry, while our April 9 issue highlighted new offerings in the residential cooling market. Included in the coverage is feature-specific information about each individual product as submitted by the manufacturers,” said

The commercial Showcase product grid offers technicians many new facts about products such as; different types for refrigerants, efficiency ratings and cooling capacity of several brands, and more.  The manufacturer provides all of the information on cooling products including the product grid.

Some new product information includes; new direct drive fans require no belt maintenance in new products and unit controls and compressors are isolated in a compartment that is separated from the airstream for easier servicing. Other new products include; hinged doors with zinc cast lockable handles which make service access much easier to reach the coils, fans and filters in the unit.

There are some new products for noise reduction as well including; rubber isolation mounts on supply fans which function well to lower vibrations, direct-drive fans wipe out belt noise, and compressors which are compartmentalized prevent sounds from getting into the airstream-just to name a few.

Standard 1 year warranty is available on components as well as workmanship, and a fifteen year warranty is offered on the compressor.

Industries Served for Commercial Cooling and Heating Services

Industries Served for Commercial Cooling and Heating Services

cooling repair and maintenance in MOAmerican Services cooling and heating installation in Missouri is pleased to announce our list of industries served and services that we offer our commercial business owners.

For the past twenty five years, American Services has been providing refrigeration, cooling, and heating commercial installation, maintenance, and repair services in the Saint Louis geographic area. Our professional, highly trained technicians provide services to many different industries, including; chain restaurants across the country, grocery and convenience stores, food service companies, cold storage facilities, grocery stores, truck stops, supermarkets, restaurants, retirement homes,  schools, office spaces,  apartment complexes, and even large industries such as hotels and industrial buildings.

American Services has answered literally thousands of service calls with highly knowledgeable and skilled technicians who provide the highest level of experience and skill to any and every service or maintenance problem your business could possibly have. We pride ourselves on doing our work right the first time around and even back it with a guarantee.

For any of your heating, HVAC, or cooling needs such as; Portable Chillers and Drop-ins, Pumping Systems & Reservoirs, Evaporative & Fluid Coolers, Central Chillers, Heat Exchanger Skids and Temperature Control Units.

American Services even provides twenty four hour trouble shooting for emergencies to cover your HVAC, heating, refrigeration, restaurant equipment, or cooling needs. We can effectively repair any sized commercial equipment and any type of cooling application.

So if you are in need of a proven HVAC, cooling, heating, refrigeration, or restaurant equipment needs in Missouri or Illinois, be sure to contact us today at American Services and schedule an appointment, or feel free to contact our twenty four hour emergency call center and we will be happy to send out one of our highly trained professional technicians to serve you.

Maintaining Your Cooling Systems

Maintaining Your Cooling Systems

industrial cooling in MOWith record heat hitting across the nation each summer, there has never been a better time to improve your cooling system for maximum efficiency by performing commercial cooling preventative maintenance in MO.

Commercial air conditioning cooling systems require regular maintenance to keep them running in top condition and to save money on cooling expense for commercial spaces.  There are vital components that need to be checked such as air filters and more in order to keep your cooling system putting out maximum cool air.  One area of expertise that our professional technicians can perform is to summarize your unit to ensure it’s working properly.

In order to prevent major breakdowns of your commercial cooling systems, it’s important to continue doing regular maintenance all year long, NOT just in the summer months.  This will keep your indoor climate control system operating consistently even with record breaking ambient temperatures and high humidity. It’s important to keep a professional cooling expert, such as those at American Services, available every day of the week, and have a twenty four hour emergency contact in case of break downs.  Our technicians are highly trained and ready to assist you with any of your cooling maintenance or repair needs, every month of the year.

Regular maintenance, and particularly  a preventative maintenance plan needs to be implemented as soon as possible if you want to keep your cooling system running at an optimal level of functioning all summer long.  Our certified technicians will also be sure to check your Freon levels and make sure you do not have any leaks. This will also extend the life of your system and save money in the long run.  Fewer breakdowns also leads to less unplanned expenses out of your business budget.   Experience   fewer breakdowns and certified techs will also make sure that the air has enough Freon in the air conditioner.

Commercial Heating Customizable Maintenance Benefits

Commercial Heating Customizable Maintenance Benefits

heating maintenance in MOAmerican Services, heating maintenance and repair service knows that industrial heating systems today are powerful and complex specialized machinery.  Facility managers rely on commercial heating systems to do a large and important function.  Based on this, it is critical that maintenance managers ensure that their system is prepared for the long winter heating season ahead, and the best way to do that is with regular commercial heating maintenance, and periodic evaluation inspections from a professional certified heating technician at American Services.

Benefits of Regular Maintenance

When regularly scheduled,  your heating systems preventative maintenance operations will benefit your structure’s system in several ways Primarily, it will ensure that your building’s  heating system is functioning at peak energy efficiency levels, and that equates to lower energy costs(something all facility managers look for) even through cold seasons.

Heating systems that are not properly tuned /maintained on a regular basis may still work effectively, though strained under load, and will likely use more energy than necessary to operate, and that runs up utility costs, thus operating costs.

Scheduling system evaluations twice a year by professional certified contractors is highly recommended, licensed professionals can often find parts that need to be serviced before equipment breaks down completely, and  perform repairs on minor issues they detect that could have turned into costly repairs down the line.

Continuing a structured maintenance program is the best way to extend longevity to your system. Because commercial heating systems are such a substantial investment, making sure you get the most efficient operation from your system is critical and keeping up with maintenance is the most effective way to do that.

There is no job too small or too large for American Services customizable heating maintenance service in Saint Louis MO.  We can customize a monthly maintenance plan, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually for an evaluation and maintenance performance from one of our friendly and professional technicians.  When you have a custom plan with American Services heating maintenance service you will receive a discount on our 24/7 emergency service.

Industrial Cooling Solutions

Industrial Cooling Solutions

industrial cooling services in MOThe implementation of misting fans is considered the most effective method of cooling for large area commercial facilities. Some of these misting fans can provide up to 11,000 cfm. High pressure misting rings are attached to the surface of the fan. The moving air combined with the natural evaporative cooling power of mist is capable of cooling an area by 35 degrees if used properly. The result is an effective warehouse cooling tool that can cover up to 3000 square feet.

The best strategy is said to arrange cooling fans in opposite corners; if possible in all 4 corners of the warehouse.  Misting fans should be mounted up high in the corners. One misting pump can efficiently service all 4 misting fans.

Another effective cooling system is evaporative cooling; these systems can be ideal for spot cooling or warehouse cooling for smaller specific areas. The average sized evaporative coolers look similar to the 4×4 swamp coolers. Evaporative coolers are available with a revolving mist spout that effectively spreads cool air over a greater area. These are better applications for spot cooling in assembly areas or on loading docks, where approximately 500 square feet or less requires spot cooling. Another option is a 4 sided model that blows cool air from all 4 sides; however these do not cover a very large area. Place these 4 sided models into operation in the center of a designated work area for the spot cooling of everyone around the radius coverage of the machine.

The employment of misting systems can also be used for warehouse cooling applications, where open overhead doors or vents funnel warm air into the building. Installation of high pressure misting systems can be extremely effective in these environments. The goal is to suspend a wall of mist across every door. The process works like this, warm air coming in is evaporative cooled as it seeps through the warehouse in addition with high pressure misting.  The water actually evaporates into the air, with each dock door performing like a large evaporative cooler.

American Services specializes in providing professional technicians highly trained in industrial service and repair for industrial equipment such as industrial chillers, boilers, drier units for plastics manufacturing, and more.  Contact us today to see how we can assist your facility in installation of the most cost effective industrial cooling system in Saint Louis.

Keep Restaurant Equipment Maintained for Optimal Efficiency

Keep Restaurant Equipment Maintained for Optimal Efficiency

restaurant equipment ice machine maintenance in ILAs a business owner you probably know that keeping restaurant equipment maintained properly will help save on energy costs which is just one reason your business needs a customizable preventative maintenance program.

This applies to most of the equipment you rely on everyday even your ice machine! To keep your restaurant equipment running with the least amount of energy waste, it’s wise to create a maintenance plan. American services restaurant equipment customizable preventative maintenance near Collinsville IL, offers these tips to keeping ice machines well maintained;
Change water filters every six months
Dirty filters promote growth of mineral deposits such as lime, and slime which are not very pleasant materials to have near your ice product. Changing filters regularly is not only cleaner; it keeps your machine from having to work harder and promotes energy efficiency.

Use an antimicrobial product inside your machine
Keep your ice machine as clean as possible. If your ice machine doesn’t have an antimicrobial feature, consider buying an antimicrobial product in the form of a stick or a pouch to place inside your commercial ice machine. These products must be replaced every two to three months.
Sanitize your restaurant equipment every six months
To remove mineral deposits and keep your ice machine working at optimal levels of energy efficiency, be sure to empty it out and thoroughly clean it every 6 months- if you don’t have a self-cleaning unit.
Select Energy Smart Features
Saving money on energy doesn’t end with cleaning and maintaining your equipment regularly, it starts with selecting restaurant equipment that has energy saving features to begin with. Commercial ice machines with the “Energy Star” label are usually about 15% more efficient than conventional models.
Our licensed professional technicians at American Services will be happy to give you a quote for your restaurant equipment maintenance. No job is too big or too small, see our customizable maintenance page and click on the “get a free estimate” tab to schedule an estimate today.