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Installing Programmable Thermostats Will Reduce Heating and Cooling Costs

Installing Programmable Thermostats Will Reduce Heating and Cooling Costs

Programmable Thermostat isolatedAlong with changing your furnace filter on a regular basis, one of the easiest and least expensive things you can do to reduce your heating and cooling costs is to get a programmable thermostat.  Programmable thermostats allow users the ability to keep their space at the appropriate temperature depending on the time of day and day of the week.  This programming function then saves the user money because your heating and cooling system will only run when occupants are present within the building – according to your programmed settings, of course.

Just think.  Manufacturers estimate that those who switch from a traditional to programmable thermostat model will save around 20 percent.  This means that for every $100 you spend on heating and cooling, you could potentially save $20.  That amount may not seem like a lot, but over time it will really add up.

Another factor to consider is the cost of upgrading to a programmable thermostat.  A basic programmable doesn’t cost that much money and if you start saving around the estimated 20 percent per month it will pay for itself quickly.  This means that one simple and cheap upgrade could potentially save you hundreds of dollars in the first year of use alone!

At American Services our team of professional commercial heating and cooling service techs near Clayton can help you determine what type of programmable thermostat unit is best for your business.  Don’t let your money keep getting wasted on heating and cooling spaces on the days and times they aren’t in use.  Contact the professional team at American Services for a free estimate related to the purchase and installation of a programmable thermostat now!  We guarantee that we can pair you and your business with the perfect unit that will save you in energy costs immediately.  So, what are you waiting for?  Make the switch to a programmable thermostat today!

Commercial Cooling Control Systems Save Money!

Commercial Cooling Control Systems Save Money!

Thermostat PanelAll small business owners are looking for easy ways to save on energy costs, especially as we approach the summer months of the year.  To help with this task, the professionals at American Services wanted to share three control system upgrades that can be utilized to do just that, save you money on your energy bills.  All of these control systems help to ensure your HVAC equipment is only being used when necessary and can be installed on both new and older units.  Let’s get started with our three examples.

  • Programmable Thermostats – Installing a programmable thermostat is the easiest, most cost-effective way to ensure the proper use of your HVAC unit.  When you switch to a programmable thermostat, you can control when your building is heated or cooled – usually by day of the week and time of day.  For example, if you are only in your office from 8 am to 5 pm, a programmable unit will allow you to keep the office at a comfortable temperature during work hours and then cool it down or warm it up when no one is there.
  • Multiple Zones – Dividing your facility into zones is a way to cool or heat only the areas of your building that are being used during specific times of the day.  This allows you to keep only the occupied areas of your building cooled or heated, while others are not.
  • Demand or CO2 Sensors – This new technology allows your system to measure the amount of CO2 present and regulates air quality based on those readings as opposed to the old assumed occupancy model.

If any of these systems are something you would like to utilize in your commercial building, contact the Fenton area commercial cooling installation experts at American Services for a free quote today!

Choose the Right Thermostat For Your Business!

Choose the Right Thermostat For Your Business!

Heating Repair Services Near HazelwoodWhen it comes time to replace the thermostat at your place of business, the team at American Services wants you to make an informed and smart decision. Choosing the right thermostat has the potential to save you a lot of money and should additionally have functions that are easy-to-use.  Let’s take a look at how you should go about picking the right thermostat so that it will accomplish the money-saving benefits your business deserves.

First, I recommend that you consider a programmable thermostat.  Programmable thermostat models allow you the ability to program the temperature you would like your facility to be based upon the day of the week and time of day.   Two common types of programmable thermostats include: Weekday/Weekend models and a Seven-Day models.  Remember, the exact ability to program each model differs from brand to brand, so make sure you are getting the amount of flexibility you need before choosing a replacement.

Another feature that varies from model to model, is the number of functions you will have access to.  Some of the most common functions included on replacement programmable thermostats include: Adjustable Cycle; Auto Changeover Switch; Clear Onscreen Prompts and Intuitive Controls; Filter-Change Reminder; and Full Memory Save.  Each of these functions provide an added level of convenience to the everyday operation of your unit and can be demonstrated by your Hazelwood area heating sales representative at American Services.

Finally, it is important to consult with a thermostat’s packaging to make sure it is compatible with your particular heating and cooling system.  If you are unable to determine that a particular model will properly function with your unit, it is best to consult with the manufacturer for professional advice.

Taking a Look at Your Commercial Heating Plan

Taking a Look at Your Commercial Heating Plan

heating maintenance in MOAmerican Services commercial heating maintenance near Collinsville knows that if heating costs are starting to affect your bottom line, then it’s time to reanalyze your heating plan.  Sometimes saving money is as simple as sealing up your building or as complex as redoing your entire HVAC system, but you’ll never know until you take the time to find out.

Whenever professionals talk about a heating plan they discuss the load that is currently on the system.  In order to reduce costs you have to reduce the load that the system is currently under.  One way to do this is to make sure that heat isn’t leaking out of the building.  Common points of energy loss include; door and window seals, ventilation seals and exterior cracks on the shell of the building.  Once these issues have been addressed business owners might see an instant savings, but there is still more that can be done.

Another analysis that can be done is to look at the size of the HVAC system that you have installed.  It is very common for commercial buildings to have oversized systems that end up costing owners hundreds and even thousands of dollars in additional heating costs.  Some of this oversizing is a result of owners choosing the wrong systems or professionals that make some common mistakes.  Unfortunately, the only way to really fix this problem is to replace the system, but you won’t know until you take a look at what you currently have.

Another consideration is to replace any system that is over 10 years old.  HVAC systems have become so efficient that even a system that is only 10 years old can be causing your business about a 20% loss in energy efficiency.  Of course when you replace your HVAC system you want to make sure that you buy an Energy Star compliant appliance, which guarantees that the system is efficient and government approved.  Another bonus to buying a more modern system is that the programmable thermostats allow users to refine their heat output and can even be designed with different zones for an optimal heating plan.

Heating a large commercial building can be very expensive, but there are a variety of ways to cut costs.  Sometimes the solutions are simple and sometimes they can be fairly complex, but unless you take a good hard look at your heating plan, you’ll never know.  So don’t just sit there, start saving money on all your heating costs.

Heating Maintenance-Alternative Electric Thermal Storage

Heating Maintenance-Alternative Electric Thermal Storage

heating maintenance in MOAmerican Services preventative heating maintenance service in St. Louis MO knows that there are some electric companies that bill rates that vary depending on when the demand is the highest-similar to the phone company’s long distance rates.  If your business is in a district that does so, it may be advantageous to try to reduce your electric bill by purchasing an electric storage system to store electricity at night when the rates are lower.

The program is called the “thermal storage Heater,” and it does not save on energy but rather will lower your company’s overall utility bills by saving up electricity at its lowers rate and then utilizing this saved energy later during peak rates.

The most common type of electric thermal storage heater is a “resistance heater” with encased elements in “heat storing ceramic.” Electrically heated hot water can also be stored in an insulated storage tank as yet another type of thermal storage option.

According to, “any type of energy storage systems suffers some energy loss. If you intend to pursue an electric thermal storage system, it would be best for the system to be located within the conditioned space of your home, so that any heat lost from the system actually heats your home, rather than escaping to the outdoors. It would also be best to know how quickly heat will escape from the system. A system that leaks too much heat could cause control problems, such as the accidental overheating,” of your office or commercial building.

All types of electric resistance heating have controlling systems with a thermostat of some sort.  For example, baseboard heaters use a “line-voltage thermostat” which directly controls the power going to the heating unit.  These systems are not very accurate as far as heat temperature sensing. According to, “It’s best to instead use a remote line-voltage or low-voltage thermostat installed on an interior wall. Both line-voltage and low-voltage thermostats are available as programmable thermostats for automatically setting back the temperature at night or while you’re away.”

To learn more about customizable maintenance for your commercial heating system, or other ways to save money on energy costs, contact us today at American Services in St. Louis. MO.

Efficient Warehouse HVAC Heating

Efficient Warehouse HVAC Heating

HVAC Heating installation in MOEnergy expenses for many warehouses and distribution facilities are regularly as high as 10% of total cost for firms. The United Stated department of Energy estimates that these facilities account for around 8% of this country’s total energy usage in a given year. Heating, along with lighting, are one and two in terms of warehouse energy costs. These two categories account for 64% of overall warehouse energy consumption, according to Cambridge Energy Inc. 

With lighting, it is a little more straightforward regarding how to be conservative. Energy efficient bulbs and light timers can go a long way to saving money in this area. Heating and ventilation energy conservation can be a little trickier and often requires more thought and planning. Installing today’s most modern and efficient gas or electric heating equipment can have you up to 70% per year, when you factor in utility, operational and maintenance savings.

For facility heating, use high efficiency condensing furnaces and unit heaters. A furnace on the inside of the building, potentially suspended from the ceiling to save on space, is going to work better for you than a non-condensing outdoor furnace. Varying space conditioning temperatures and ventilation rates according to warehouse occupancy rates is an important part of the energy conservation process as well. Running programmable thermostats with time clocks, setbacks and demand control ventilation is another part of the puzzle.

Whether you are involved in building a new warehouse, upgrading an existing location, or attempting to green up your operation replacing worn out machinery and putting in the proper kind of warehouse equipment is vital. American Services offers advice and assistance regarding industrial HVAC heating near St. Louis County and would be happy to help any and all interested parties.

Save Money on Industrial Heating

Save Money on Industrial Heating

industrial heating service in MOAmerican Services Industrial Heating service in Missouri knows that industrial heating is often the second highest single expenses spent on in a business setting. Any heating system that needs to be replaced should always be replaced with an energy efficient model of some sort. The difference in these models can save you a ton on your monthly bills and they can then help your profit margin.

One way to help save money on industrial space heating is the use of programmable thermostats. Although this is not a new option, it can certainly help to lower costs. Another quick fix to the energy needs of a large company is to simply maintain the current system and to keep it in good repair.

Geothermal heating system using heat from the Earth’s soil to heat a building is growing ip popularity. This natural, renewable source of energy is another option that should be considered is solar heating. Solar heating water to warm a building is another viable option that can be very cost effective. Finally, more and more warehouse owners and managers are opting for highly efficient furnaces using renewable energies like corn. If your facilities are located in an agricultural region, this might well be a very good option, since heating with corn is nowadays the cheapest way of warming an industrial space.

More and more interested parties are paying close attention to the topic of energy usage. As prices keep increasing alternative industrial space heating options become highly important topics to consider. By taking advantage of some of them you may find that not only your costs can diminish and your needs for repairs decreases too. When the time comes to repair the broken product, it would be wise to carefully consider one or more alternative industrial space heating options.


Heating and Cooling System Tips

Heating and Cooling System Tips

commercial cooling systems in MOIf you are looking for ways to improve the efficiency of commercial heating and cooling systems, consider incorporating new control strategies to ensure systems are engaged operationally only when necessary.  Effective common control strategies include programmable thermostats, multiple zone breakdowns and CO2 demand sensors. These strategies can be specified on new heating and cooling systems and retrofitted to older systems as well.

Programmable Thermostats: These simple affordable, easy to install thermostats allow convenient night/weekend settings that generate energy savings. Models are usually available from $45 to over $200 depending on the features desired.  Most systems include manual overrides to ensure comfort for late night shift employees.

Multiple Zones: By dividing your facility up into multiple heating and cooling grids, your system can deliver more efficient heating and cooling by eliminating inaccuracies and excessive usage from a central control sensor point. In addition, building occupants in different grid areas can adjust the temperature to meet their actual needs. If your facility has many rooms or floors, multiple zone programs are recommended.

Demand or CO2 Sensors: Most heating and cooling systems are outdated and draw in ventilation air by assumed occupancy, however modern technology has side stepped this by designing systems which actually adjust the air quality of your facility by measuring the percent of CO2 present. The result is more energy-efficient operation and better air-quality.


Similar to your automobile, your building’s heating and cooling system needs a preventative maintenance plan to operate efficiently. To improve system efficiency and help ensure reliability and component longevity, consider the following maintenance tips.

  • Engage a qualified HVAC firm such as American Services in a maintenance contract with semi-annual tune-ups. During these tune-ups, a technician should inspect combustion efficiency, refrigerant charge, and belt tension as applicable.
  • Air filters should be changed regularly. Accumulated dirt and dust make your fans work harder. Clean or replace filters according to manufacturer’s recommended specifications.
  • Keep the evaporator and condenser coils on your heat pump, air-conditioner, or chiller. Dirty coils can cause overheating.  By keeping them clean you save energy.

To inquire about our services and get a quote for cooling sales in Jefferson County, contact us at American Services located in St. Louis MO.

Alternative Industrial Space Heating

Alternative Industrial Space Heating

commercial heating in MOAmerican Services commercial heating installation in South County knows that with reducing high energy costs being a primary motivator today, many companies are considering alternative industrial  heating options.

Providing employees and customers with good quality heating and cooling services can be a challenge today energy expenses continuously on the rise. Companies must focus on eliminating and saving energy costs whenever possible. With so many alternative heating options available, pre-planning and selecting the alternative heating systems best suited for commercial installation needs is very important.

Primary consideration should be given to the comfort of customers and employees, efficiency of the new heating system, and dropping energy cost levels.

Many companies rent or lease the space or installation they operate in. This scenario often stops companies from taking action to lower energy bills, as they feel upgrading heating and air conditioning systems not their responsibility, yet they continue paying the excessive energy costs on a monthly basis. Coordination and planning between owner and user to implement industrial space heating systems will create a large pay back to the owner and users guaranteeing long term benefits for all.

Space heating is generally thought of as an expense source of energy in the industrial setting. When considering upgrade or replacement installations, an energy efficient system will save you costs and show up in your profit margin.

Programmable thermostats are a common alternative industrial space heating option. Hardly a new system, it can still substantially help to lower energy costs, reducing heat levels when the building is empty.  The thermostat can be programmed to reduce settings during off hours and weekends. In short, to improve your bottom line, keep a close eye on your energy usage.