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Keeping Your Refrigeration Healthy

refrigerationAlong the same lines as our previous post where we introduced the fact that restaurant equipment in St Louis, including and especially commercial refrigeration, has a bad and a worse time of breaking down, we will continue our discussion here in terms of the details surrounding such a disaster.  Form one online reputable source of restaurant equipment information, we gain the following two cents, “If you’ve been in the business for a while, you’ve certainly experienced the anxiety (even panic) that occurs when a critical refrigeration unit goes down during a busy dinner shift. You can lose thousands of dollars in wasted product and lost business in a very short period of time. Not to mention the repair bill, which can often cost you double if it happens at night or a weekend, which of course it will!”

Luckily, avoiding commercial refrigeration repair isn’t as impossible as it may seem as most breakdowns of commercial refrigeration equipment can be prevented with simple regular maintenance, such as what is offered at your Refrigeration Maintenance and Sales in St Louis near Fairview Heights IL. You’re probably aware that your heating and air conditioning equipment needs to be cleaned and inspected twice each year. But many restaurant owners don’t realize that their refrigeration equipment also needs to be maintained and cared for on a regular basis in order to continue to be reliable to your restaurant business in St Louis MO near Fairview Heights IL.

In the post upcoming, we will cover an actual list of things to take care of on a routine basis in order to keep your refrigeration in St Louis MO and other commercial restaurant equipment in top running condition in order to keep your business as healthy and profitable as it can be for as long as you see fit.


Evaporator Refrigeration Maintenance

routine maintenanceIf you are doing all that you can to keep your refrigerator running at the best level with which it is able, then make sure you do all that routine maintenance that we have been discussing on behalf of your Refrigeration Service in St Louis near Ladue.  Evaporators, for example, need to be checked.  “Check the evaporators monthly for proper defrosting. Ice accumulation on the evaporator coil can cause inefficiencies in the operation of the system, and can be detrimental to the coil surface itself.”

You will want to tighten the connections in the electrical panel, says your St Louis Refrigeration Service near Ladue. Also, make sure to watch for and correct any frayed wiring insulation and corroded terminals, and make sure that all spade connections are made tight again with any of your refrigeration evaporators.  You will also want to check your fan motors and blades as you would need to with any refrigeration in St Louis near Ladue for service longevity and performance.

Ask yourself the following, according to the research we did on behalf of your St Louis Refrigeration Maintenance near Ladue MO, “Do the blades turn freely? Check the blades for unusual wear patterns or stress fractures. Clean the surface of each fan blade. Replace any worn blades and tighten the fan set screws.”  You will want to replace any motor that is hard to rotate or has worn bearings. And, anything that is supposed to have lubrication needs to be lubricated such as fittings or anything else requiring lubrication.  One last piece of advice with refrigeration routine service is to check over all defrost heaters in your system, this will allow for maximum heat transfer to the evaporator coil.

DIY Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance

refrigeration repairWriting today, on behalf of your refrigeration experts in St Louis MO near Clayton, we have decided to focus on some of the things that you can do for yourself when it comes to your commercial refrigeration and restaurant equipment.  Of course, there will exist situations in which you must call on an expert, such as the ones working for your Refrigeration installation service in St Louis, however, sometimes you can get by on your own with some expert advice.

It is no doubt, firstly, that commercial refrigeration maintenance can and will almost always extend the life of your restaurant equipment by years and also will typically help you save bundles in energy usage.  Mitch Byrne, an online refrigeration expert says, “I have been working in the Refrigeration Trade for over 16 years. I know from experience that commercial refrigeration maintenance can extend equipment life by years & save big on electrical consumption.”  He proceeds to follow up this introduction with information confirming the importance of St Louis Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance on a routine basis.

The fact is that some of this routing refrigeration stuff can absolutely be done by you, while other things should be left to a commercial refrigeration expert.  “It is possible for equipment owners to perform some basic maintenance tasks between contractor visits.”  When you are talking about walk-in coolers, freezers and ice machines, routine maintenance is of the essence.  Especially with line coolers, says Mitch.  “All refrigeration needs to expel heat. The majority of units do this through an air cooled condenser coil. This is done by drawing air through the coil. This causes dust & debris to form fairly quickly on the condenser coil. Failure to clean condenser coils on a regular basis will increase electrical consumption & lead to major system component failure such as burnt wiring, a failed condenser fan motor, a restricted metering device or a failed compressor.”  In order to prevent this type of disaster with your commercial refrigeration, you should use due diligence when it comes to routine care by calling your Commercial Refrigeration Repair in St Louis near Clayton MO today.

Your St. Louis Area Commercial Refrigeration Contractor Is American Services

The BestThe team at American Services is proud to be your number one choice for commercial refrigeration service near Fenton!  Our specialty services span a full-range of commercial services so that we can take care of all of your needs in just one trip.  Today, let’s take a closer look at some of the reasons why so many St. Louis area customers are excited to be on our list of valued customers!

At American Services we specialize in all types of refrigeration equipment.  This list of equipment includes: Commercial Refrigeration, Industrial Refrigeration, Process Refrigeration, Walk-in Freezers, Walk-in Coolers, Supermarket Refrigeration, Display Cases, Convenient Store Refrigeration, Restaurant Refrigeration, Laboratory Refrigeration, and much more!

Customers who choose American Services also gain access to a full menu of equipment sales and repair options.  These options go beyond just refrigeration to include manufacturers in the restaurant equipment, ice machine, beverage system, water purification, and industrial equipment business.  Just a few of the popular brands that our team can handle include: AccuTemp, Eagle, Duke, Jackson, Univex, Wells, Reynolds, Glove, Cre-Cor and many, many more!

As you can see, the scope of work performed by the professional team at American Services includes all of your top needs.  For our customers this means that we can take care of all of your repair, service, and maintenance needs in one service call.  This fact makes us the most efficient, money saving, and full-service choice on the market.  No wonder our team is the preferred choice among the area’s top businesses.

Contact the customer care team at American Services to find out how our service team can assist you today!  We will visit your location, assess all of your current needs, and then provide you with a reasonably price FREE estimate for all of the work you need performed. Let us help you now!


Commercial Refrigeration Cost Savings Ideas

There are a multitude of ways to save when utilizing large or small commercial-grade refrigeration units at your business.  These money-saving tasks usually don’t require a huge time or money commitment, yet almost always save you from paying too much on your energy bills.  Today, our refrigeration experts will give you their best cost savings ideas.  Let’s get started!

  • Purchase the right sized units.  When designing the layout of your refrigeration equipment, be sure to employ experts who size your equipment properly. Whether it’s sized too small or too big you will end up paying extra every month based upon this one mistake during the purchasing process.
  • Scheduled Maintenance.  Getting on a scheduled maintenance calendar with a trusted service provider is key to keeping your equipment in proper order.  This needs to be done upon purchase and continued for the life of the equipment. Scheduled maintenance will also save you because your well cared for equipment will last much longer than those that are not taken care of properly.
  • Common sense.  This may sound silly, but using common sense around your equipment can save you money.  Examples of this include making sure you and your employees always securely close all doors to your refrigeration units.  Don’t let the gaskets gets too dirty to function properly and don’t overload a unit.

At American Services our commercial refrigeration customers include those in a wide range of businesses.  The types of businesses served by our team include Convenience Stores, Restaurants, Hospitals, Schools, Hotels, Truck Stops, Travel Centers, Supermarkets, Cold Storage Facilities, Retirement Communities, Office Complexes, Apartment Complexes, and much more.  This wide variety of areas served gives our team a huge experience advantage over all the rest and we would enjoy helping you run a more efficient business too!  Get started with our highly trained staff of HVAC-Refrigeration experts near Ladue today by giving us a cal at 314-733-1776.

5 Commercial Ice Machine Maintenance Tasks To Put On Your To-Do List Now!

Blue IceIf you own a business that uses ice machine units, you should already understand how much of an investment these practical machines can be.  So, isn’t it best to take care of that investment as opposed to letting some minor maintenance issues cause your equipment to loose value and work inefficiently?  Today, the refrigeration team at American services wants to give you an idea of the top five things you can do to keep your ice machines running smoothly.  Here’s our top five maintenance tasks you need to perform on your ice machines regularly.

  • Take out all removable parts to be properly cleaned according to manufacturer recommendations.
  • Pressure clean the bin drain.
  • Perform an acid wash on the unit’s evaporator.
  • Thoroughly scrub and sanitize the ice machine’s bin.
  • Adjust the ice level sense probe so that it is in proper calibration after cleaning has been performed.

As you can see, these tasks are something you can perform on your own or with the help of a trained professional.  Just make sure that you always follow the recommendations given to you in your unit’s owner’s manual.  This practice will ensure that you are serving clean, fresh ice from a machine that is working at an optimal speed and with little wear and tear.

If your commercial refrigeration equipment near Sunset Hills is in need of some regularly scheduled maintenance, the team at American Services is ready to help.  Our team of professional refrigeration experts can help you implement a maintenance plan that is on budget and in accordance with the manufacturer recommendations for your specific equipment.  The customer care team can also help you get into a customized preventative maintenance plan that will ensure that you will always be giving your commercial equipment the attention it needs.  Call to have us take a look at all of your HVAC, refrigeration, cooking, ice machine, and industrial equipment now!


What Happens When You Ignore Refrigeration Maintenance?

Hvac Technician WorkingEvery business that relies on any type of refrigeration equipment should be securing that equipment’s use with a smart and effective regular maintenance schedule.  Regular scheduled maintenance is key in the proper function of your equipment and additionally reduces down time from unexpected issues.  Today, the Fenton area refrigeration experts at American Services will explain the most common issues that occur when regular maintenance is ignored.

Here are six of the top issues caused by lack of preventative maintenance:

  • Fan Motor Failure – This issue it caused by dirty coils that restrict air flow.
  • Thermostat Failure – This is caused by high amp draw from dirty condenser coils.
  • Burnt and Failing Wiring – This is also caused by excessive amp draw that stems from dirty condenser coils and high head pressure.
  • Compressor Failure – This is caused by a combination of dirty condenser coils and high head pressure.
  • Capillary Tubing Restriction – This is caused by the overheating and fouling of refrigerant oil.
  • Excessive Electrical Consumption and Amp Draw – This is cause by longer dirty condenser coils that cause longer run times for your unit.

As you can see, a number of issues can arise from simply ignoring the routing care that is needed by your refrigeration equipment.  Just think about how much of an investment each piece of equipment is!  Don’t waste your money and cause an inconvenience to your customers by ignoring a few simple tasks.  Maintenance service is always money well spent!

Get your refrigeration equipment on a regular maintenance schedule that will prevent these issues and save you money by calling the customer care team at American Services today!  We can give you a free estimate, get you on a monthly payment plan, and save you money.  Don’t let your equipment fail due to a simple maintenance issue. Call the American Services team now!

Ice Machine Maintenance Tips

IceKeeping your ice machine in good shape is imperative to your production of clean, fresh ice for your customers.  Don’t make the mistake that so many ice machine owners do by not taking some time to maintain your machine.  Here are a few tips to help you get started when looking to keep your ice machine properly maintained.

  • Keep your ice cooler clean by simply cleaning all of the components according to your manufacturer specifications.  This can usually be done every other week and will keep your ice cubes uniform in size and smelling fresh.
  • While doing your routine cleaning, watch for brown slime.  This icky substance grows when your machine comes in contact with certain types of yeast.  You will need to remove any evidence of this pest via your manufacturer’s cleaning recommendations.
  • Think about the location of your ice machine and how the temperature could be affecting how efficiently it runs.  It isn’t always possible to move an ice machine, but if you are able to keep it in a cooler location it will run less often and use less energy.
  • As a part of your cleaning ritual, be sure to take a look at the condition of your condenser coils.  Your machine’s condenser coils greatly determine the temperature of your unit and will cause slow production if dirty.
  • Do a visual inspection of your ice machine and listen for any strange noises.  A simple weekly check can help you identify issues early and this will help you save money if a repair is needed.

If you need help with your refrigeration and ice machine maintenance near Belleville, give the team at American Services a call today.  Our technicians can help you come up with a plan that keeps your equipment running smoothly and we can take care of any areas you aren’t able to take care of on your own.  Call us for a free estimate now!

Springtime Commercial Business Refrigeration Maintenance

Repair IconWhen the seasons change, many commercial refrigeration clients begin to notice that their equipment could use some maintenance.  At American Services we think that this is a great time to provide you with a comprehensive list of the components you should either be maintaining on your own or that you should have included in a commercial refrigeration maintenance contract near Sunset Hills.  Today, let’s review our maintenance list and talk about the importance of having a maintenance check this spring.

On the American Services basic refrigeration maintenance checklist a client will find:

  • Defrost timer check and adjustments
  • Thermometer check
  • Door gasket condition check
  • Refrigerant level check
  • Inspection of oil motors on an applicable oil ports
  • Temperature and cycling monitoring
  • Condensate drain line clearing
  • Pressure cleaning and degreasing of coils
  • Monitor thermostat operation and make adjustments as needed
  • Suction line insulation check
  • Inspection of door closers and hinges
  • Compressor operation check
  • Control wiring check

This list of points cover will cover the majority of areas on your refrigeration units and provide a good understanding of the overall function of the unit being inspected.  From here, a trained technician can make the recommendations needed to get your unit running at it’s peak performance.  This not only prolongs the life of your equipment, but it also saves you money on your energy costs in the long run.  Both of these points are the main reasons why proper, regular maintenance is something all commercial refrigeration owners should be doing.

If you are a St. Louis business owner who relies on refrigeration units for the smooth operation of your business, let the team at American Services assist you in creating a manageable routing maintenance schedule today.  We can customize your plan based upon the equipment you own and according to your budget.  Take the guess-work out of maintaining your refrigeration units by calling us today!

Keep Your Refrigeration Maintenance Costs Low With American Services

Cost Cutting Concept.When you own refrigeration equipment you understand how high-maintenance and expensive it can be!  In fact, many owners who rely on refrigeration equipment avoid taking the proper precautions needed to keep it up and running smooth.  This is a huge mistake because ignoring a little issue can soon turn into a very expensive disaster.  Don’t make this mistake any longer!  Today, let our team tell you why refrigeration maintenance near St. Charles is so affordable with American Services.

At American Services, our team works together to make sure you will always get the most out of your equipment investment.  We have a specific set of standards that work and we want to offer those to you!  First, we pair all buyers with the right sized equipment for what ever job they need done.  Our technicians and sales staff work together to asses your needs to chose the most cost-effective units.  Under sizing or over sizing can waste lots of energy and make your monthly bills unnecessarily high. This is the first step.  Next, we make sure your installation is done properly, the first time, and with as little interruption in service as possible.  Every day that you are without the equipment you need, you lose money and customers.   This is something we are highly aware of and work to avoid.  Finally, we draw up a custom maintenance plan that not only keeps your new equipment warranty in place, but also takes care of the little issues as they happen.  Plus, since our contracts are all custom written, you choose the payment and interval terms that you want!  This makes this lasting plan super affordable for all clients!

Don’t waste you time with other refrigeration companies who don’t understand you needs.  Call the professionals at American Services today!  We guarantee your complete satisfaction and even offer free estimates!