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Avoid Refrigeration Repair

Writing on behalf of your refrigeration sales and service in St Louis near Overland, we want to look specifically at the importance of maintenance that you can do at home in order to avoid unnecessary expense in repairs and early replacement of your St Louis Refrigeration.  We start the process with the subject of cleaning.  “Looking to clean your appliances?  Your refrigerator, with its expired condiments, corner grime, and dusty condenser coils, should be the first project you take on. Here are some step-by-step instructions on making your fridge look and perform like new, and tips on how to keep it that way year round.”

You’ll need to likely allow yourself anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour and a half in order to fully clean your St Louis Refrigeration near Overland MO.  “Scrubbing down your fridge right before you go to the grocery store is a perfect time, as it will have the least amount of contents in it.”

Most people will want to power down the refrigerator before cleaning it so you can conserve energy when you are in the process of cleaning it, unless you are planning to keep it closed a lot.  “Because your refrigerator will be open while you’re cleaning, you’ll want to power it down and conserve energy. Loosen the bulb in your fridge until it goes out. Then, set the temperature dial to “off” and unplug it.”  Remove all of the food and place it all in a cooler, or just leave it on the counter if you are feeling fast and lucky.  Toss stuff that is expired or close to expiring or keep it, again, if you are feeling lucky.  Stay tuned to this chain of articles to continue with the advice we have to offer on cleaning your refrigeration in St Louis near Overland MO in order to avoid unnecessary repair and maintenance.


DIY Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance

refrigeration repairWriting today, on behalf of your refrigeration experts in St Louis MO near Clayton, we have decided to focus on some of the things that you can do for yourself when it comes to your commercial refrigeration and restaurant equipment.  Of course, there will exist situations in which you must call on an expert, such as the ones working for your Refrigeration installation service in St Louis, however, sometimes you can get by on your own with some expert advice.

It is no doubt, firstly, that commercial refrigeration maintenance can and will almost always extend the life of your restaurant equipment by years and also will typically help you save bundles in energy usage.  Mitch Byrne, an online refrigeration expert says, “I have been working in the Refrigeration Trade for over 16 years. I know from experience that commercial refrigeration maintenance can extend equipment life by years & save big on electrical consumption.”  He proceeds to follow up this introduction with information confirming the importance of St Louis Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance on a routine basis.

The fact is that some of this routing refrigeration stuff can absolutely be done by you, while other things should be left to a commercial refrigeration expert.  “It is possible for equipment owners to perform some basic maintenance tasks between contractor visits.”  When you are talking about walk-in coolers, freezers and ice machines, routine maintenance is of the essence.  Especially with line coolers, says Mitch.  “All refrigeration needs to expel heat. The majority of units do this through an air cooled condenser coil. This is done by drawing air through the coil. This causes dust & debris to form fairly quickly on the condenser coil. Failure to clean condenser coils on a regular basis will increase electrical consumption & lead to major system component failure such as burnt wiring, a failed condenser fan motor, a restricted metering device or a failed compressor.”  In order to prevent this type of disaster with your commercial refrigeration, you should use due diligence when it comes to routine care by calling your Commercial Refrigeration Repair in St Louis near Clayton MO today.

Ice Nerds Discuss Refrigeration and Ice Types

iceSummer is coming to an end, but it will be back around soon enough and even with the cooler weather, many of us still adore our ice.  That’s right, I said ice.  When it comes to commercial environments where ice is sold and or needed for consumers, the challenge, according to your Refrigeration install in St Louis near Florissant, is to find the right machine to do the work.  One article on Hoshizaki website says the following, “The challenge for operators is to accept that no single type of ice fits every application, and since having more than one type of ice maker in house is usually cost prohibitive, achieving a balance with the best ice possible becomes the goal.”

When talking about the ins and outs of ice makers and refrigeration in general, we will cover the strategies discovered in our research on behalf of your St Louis Refrigeration Repair near Florissant and how to choose the right machine for your business and its needs.  “The strategy for choosing the right ice maker starts not with the machine but with the beverage menu. A quick-service operation’s needs are significantly different from a fine-dining restaurant or a craft cocktail bar, meaning all require unique machinery. Fountain drinks sold at a drive-thru window must be icy cold when customers receive them, not to mention easily sipped through a straw. Smaller, softer ice cubes or pellets work best here.”

You can imagine, though, that the above facts would not hold true for refrigeration or ice machine needs at, say, a bar.  Hand cut spheres and squares may be in order for those consumers paying high dollar for a top shelf drink that they don’t want diluted in any way.   “Ice is such a crucial ingredient in a great drink, yet I think it gets overlooked way more than people think,” says Ori Geshury, director of education at the Aqua Vitae Institute in Philadelphia.

Refrigeration Troubleshooting

TroubleshootWhen it comes to HVAC, or refrigeration service issues in Bridgeton near Sunset Hills to be exact, it is rather important to know that it isn’t always the prudent thing to just replace the system. The ice maker, the compressor the entire refrigerator may need to be helped further, ie repaired, rather than simply replace.  Here is what HVAC magazine has to say on the subject, “Guessing at a problem and randomly changing out components is never a good strategy, and it seldom works out well for the customer or the technician. Instead, technicians should strive to prove out their diagnosis and only change out truly defective components.”  This is what they do at American Services in Bridgeton where they offer certified Service and Installation on your Bridgeton Commercial Refrigeration.

Sometimes a proper diagnosis is found by “jumping out” the component you suspect is causing the problem.  Then you can perform an additional test to pinpoint that it is indeed the issue, or that it is not the cause.    Defective controls are the easiest to confirm, according to one professional Refrigeration technician who writes about the subject online. “Simply jumping out the suspect control will verify if it is the problem. Be careful, though, because not all control components can be left jumped out. This is especially true of safety controls — they may be jumped out for a very short period to verify a diagnosis, but cannot be left that way.”

We certainly do not expect or recommend that you do any of this without being trained and totally qualified in Commercial Refrigeration Repair and Maintenance.  If your business is having refrigeration troubles, then call someone you can trust to handle the issue, like your Bridgeton Refrigeration Service near Sunset Hills.

Refrigeration is More Modern Than You Think

Rows Of Modern Fridges In A StoreDid you know the history behind refrigeration?  Well, we want to spend some time sharing what we learned today about just that!  Most of us, including those who work for the St Louis American Service Refrigeration repair near Clayton MO, could never even imagine a world without ice cream, fruit, cold beer or frozen dinners.  There was a day, before the convenience of refrigeration, when people had to go to the grocery store every single day in order to make sure they had fresh food for themselves and their family.

Here is what one famous Appliance Magazine online had to say, “Over the last 150 years or so, refrigeration’s great strides offered us ways to preserve and cool food, other substances and ourselves. Refrigeration brought distant production centers and the North American population together. It tore down the barriers of climates and seasons. And while it helped to rev up industrial processes, it became an industry itself.”

To examine closer, the impact refrigeration has had on consumers and the industry alike, you really first must understand that there exists a difference in the appliance that we use to cool food in the kitchen, both industrial and home, and the refrigeration process itself.  “Refrigeration is the process of cooling a space or substance below environmental temperature. To accomplish this, the process at first removed heat through evaporation and then later in the 1850s with vapor compression that used air and subsequently ammonia as a coolant. Refrigeration has been around since antiquity.”  The man who invented the refrigerator, Thomas Moore, did so in 1803.  Prior to that, and for centuries, people worked to preserve their food, dairy in particular, in cellars and outside window boxes.  Sometimes even under water!

Designing Your Commercial Refrigeration Layout

RefrigeraterWhether you own a grocery store, gas station, or eating establishment refrigeration placement will play a vital role in the overall look and feel of your space.  For this reason it is always best to work with a professional commercial refrigeration expert when building or remodeling your business space.  These types of professionals can help you determine how much space you need for your refrigerated and frozen items, then help you select units that will accommodate those items while still maximizing your space.  Let’s explore this topic a little more with a little help from the American Services Refrigeration team.

Common Concern #1 – What if I don’t have a lot of space, but need refrigeration units for a considerable amount of food items?

  • This is an issue many business owners face and can only be taken care of with some careful planning and creative space saving ideas.  The good news is that the team at American Services helps clients maximize space everyday!

Common Concern #2 – I’m worried about the flow of my business once new units are installed.  How can I make sure I’m not ruining my customer and employee’s ability to easily maneuver around my business?

  • When worried about flow, it’s often a good idea to get an idea of the sizes of units you will need and then outline where they will be located on your floor using masking tape.  This way you can get a clearer picture of how everything will fit upon installation.

Common Concern #3 – I ordered the largest unit that my space allows, but still don’t have enough room for my food items.  What suggestions can you give?

  • Often times adding shelves and organizing appropriately is needed when working with large refrigeration units.  Take a look at what you are wanting to store and brainstorm ideas of thing that will maximize the space you do have.

If you need more help with South County area commercial refrigeration service, contact the All-Star team today!


Walk-In Refrigeration Energy Cost Reduction Tips

Refrigeration Unit DoorWalk-in style refrigeration units, or walk-in coolers, are a huge part of the everyday operation surrounding all restaurants, convenience stores, grocery stores, and many other commercial establishments.  These units also account for a large portion of the energy your business consumes on a daily basis.  For this reason, it is important to regularly check to make sure your unit or units are not causing your energy costs to go up.  Neglecting this area will no doubt cost you money on your monthly energy bills and maybe in repair costs down the road.  Today, let’s take a look at a few tips to help you keep your energy usage under control.

Maintenance – Maintaining all of your expensive equipment is vital in the overall well-being of the units in questions.  To many, the up-front cost of maintenance may be overwhelming – so they just skip it all together.  This not only causes your equipment to wear out faster, but it can also void your manufacturer warranty.  Not maintaining your equipment will also cause it to run in a way that it is at it’s least efficient, causing a spike in energy usage.  The bottom line is, investing in maintenance is a must!

Upgrade – Did you purchase your unit a while back?  If so, it many not meet new energy standards designed to save you money on your monthly bills.  Why not get a free upgrade estimate from the team at American Services.  We can show you how much a new unit will save you over it’s lifetime and also introduce you to newer, time saving features you will love.

If you are a commercial refrigeration user near Florissant, it’s time to give the experts at American Services a call!  We can help you with all of your refrigeration needs and also provide a source for the area’s premier HVAC, cooking equipment, beverage system, and water filtration products.  We are your St. Louis area one stop shop!

How to Purchase Energy-Efficient Commercial Refrigerators and Freezers

Supermarket ShopperThe team at American Services wants to provide the best energy-efficiency recommendations to all it’s commercial clients.  That’s why we wanted to provide you with this quick overview of what the Department of Energy deems an effective guide when purchasing your commercial refrigeration and freezer units.  Let’s take a look at what they recommend!

Efficiency Recommendation

Refrigerator – Basic recommendation for solid-door, reach-in commercial refrigerators and freezers is 0.10V + 2.04 kWh/day or less.  Recommendation for 24.0 cubic feet sized units is 4.44 kWh/day.

Refrigerator-Freezer – Basic recommendation for solid-door, reach-in commercial refrigerators and freezers is 0.27AV – 0.71 kWh/day or less.  Recommendation for 24.0 cubic feet sized units is 7.81 kWh/day.

Freezer – Basic recommendation for solid-door, reach-in commercial refrigerators and freezers is 0.40V + 1.38 kWh/day or less.  Recommendation for 24.0 cubic feet sized units is 10.98 kWh/day.

Ice Cream Freezer – Basic recommendation for solid-door, reach-in commercial refrigerators and freezers is 0.39V + 0.82 kWh/day or less.  Recommendation for 24.0 cubic feet sized units is 10.18 kWh/day.

This efficiency guide information will help you find a unit that meets or exceeds the Energy Star guidelines that will help you save the most money over the lifetime use of your equipment. It is also important to get a unit that is properly sized for the work it will be doing.  If you purchase a unit that is oversized, you will not only spend more up front but you will additionally spend more money on energy usage over time.  Other factors like worn door gaskets and improperly functioning auto closers can cause your unit to run more than needed and can additionally lead to temperature control issues.

For full details on energy efficient commercial refrigeration equipment near Sunset Hills, the experts at American Services can help!

Customizable Preventative Maintenance Plans Can Save You Money

MaintenanceKeeping up with the maintenance your commercial refrigeration equipment needs is the best way to sustain the life your investment.  At American Services, we understand how important preventative care can be and recommend all of our clients purchase a maintenance plan that meets their needs. This is why our team has made a commitment to creating plans that are both affordable and specific each of our clients.  We call these plans customization Preventative Maintenance Plans and recommend that all HVAC and refrigeration customers purchase one.

Why should you choose American Services when purchasing a preventative maintenance plan for your refrigeration equipment?  We believe there are some unique reasons why you should use American Services for this service.

  • The first is that we have the expertise to maximize your equipment’s performance.  Our technicians understand HVAC and refrigeration processes making our team the most knowledgeable in the area.
  • Secondly, our continued attention to your equipment will reduce interruptions in your business due to malfunction.  Most HVACR problems can be spotted during routine maintenance, and thus fixed before they cause you an issue.
  • Third, our plans allow business owners the opportunity to reduce costs and budget services over time.  This leaves less room for surprises expenditures.
  • Finally, our preventative maintenance services help you comply with your manufacturers warranty.  Proving your attention to the equipment you own will allow for easier claims processing if a warrantied repair occurs.

As you can see, there are a number of practical reasons why your refrigeration business near St. Louis County should call American Services for a customizable  preventative maintenance plan.  Be sure to give our team a call to set up your consultation today!

Tips for the Purchase of used Refrigeration Systems


commercial refrigeration maintenance in MOAmerican Services commercial refrigeration repair service near Maryland Heights knows that many restaurant owners, in order to stay within budget, opt to purchase used restaurant equipment.

Buying a used commercial refrigeration system can really save money, but as a restaurant owner, you want to be cautious to be sure you are getting a unit in good operating condition.  If you don’t choose wisely you could spend more money on replacement parts and repairs then a new unit would cost.

Although there are no guarantees when you buy used, here are some tips to help ensure you make the best choice possible;

  • Be sure to inspect the unit thoroughly yourself, resist the urge to purchase used equipment online.
  • Check inside and out for signs of wear and tear.
  • Check the door gasket and evaporator fins to make sure there are no cracks and that the fins are not bent because it will cause decreased performance.
  • Check the frame and doors for signs of corrosion which may indicate the unit was poorly maintained.
  • Check for signs of mold such as a musty smell-if you detect any mold do not buy the unit because it can adversely affect the smell of the food.
  • Be aware that compressors commonly go out in used refrigerators and the cost to replace them is nearly $1,000.
  • If you have any questions about the performance of a used unit, you can contact the manufacturer to get more information on what may be wrong and how much it could potentially cost to fix.

Once you have purchased it, performing regular routine maintenance on your used refrigeration system is the best way to ensure that it runs well for years to come.  Contact American Services today for a quote on a maintenance program on your commercial restaurant equipment.