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Avoid Refrigeration Repair

Writing on behalf of your refrigeration sales and service in St Louis near Overland, we want to look specifically at the importance of maintenance that you can do at home in order to avoid unnecessary expense in repairs and early replacement of your St Louis Refrigeration.  We start the process with the subject of cleaning.  “Looking to clean your appliances?  Your refrigerator, with its expired condiments, corner grime, and dusty condenser coils, should be the first project you take on. Here are some step-by-step instructions on making your fridge look and perform like new, and tips on how to keep it that way year round.”

You’ll need to likely allow yourself anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour and a half in order to fully clean your St Louis Refrigeration near Overland MO.  “Scrubbing down your fridge right before you go to the grocery store is a perfect time, as it will have the least amount of contents in it.”

Most people will want to power down the refrigerator before cleaning it so you can conserve energy when you are in the process of cleaning it, unless you are planning to keep it closed a lot.  “Because your refrigerator will be open while you’re cleaning, you’ll want to power it down and conserve energy. Loosen the bulb in your fridge until it goes out. Then, set the temperature dial to “off” and unplug it.”  Remove all of the food and place it all in a cooler, or just leave it on the counter if you are feeling fast and lucky.  Toss stuff that is expired or close to expiring or keep it, again, if you are feeling lucky.  Stay tuned to this chain of articles to continue with the advice we have to offer on cleaning your refrigeration in St Louis near Overland MO in order to avoid unnecessary repair and maintenance.


Keeping Your Refrigeration Healthy

refrigerationAlong the same lines as our previous post where we introduced the fact that restaurant equipment in St Louis, including and especially commercial refrigeration, has a bad and a worse time of breaking down, we will continue our discussion here in terms of the details surrounding such a disaster.  Form one online reputable source of restaurant equipment information, we gain the following two cents, “If you’ve been in the business for a while, you’ve certainly experienced the anxiety (even panic) that occurs when a critical refrigeration unit goes down during a busy dinner shift. You can lose thousands of dollars in wasted product and lost business in a very short period of time. Not to mention the repair bill, which can often cost you double if it happens at night or a weekend, which of course it will!”

Luckily, avoiding commercial refrigeration repair isn’t as impossible as it may seem as most breakdowns of commercial refrigeration equipment can be prevented with simple regular maintenance, such as what is offered at your Refrigeration Maintenance and Sales in St Louis near Fairview Heights IL. You’re probably aware that your heating and air conditioning equipment needs to be cleaned and inspected twice each year. But many restaurant owners don’t realize that their refrigeration equipment also needs to be maintained and cared for on a regular basis in order to continue to be reliable to your restaurant business in St Louis MO near Fairview Heights IL.

In the post upcoming, we will cover an actual list of things to take care of on a routine basis in order to keep your refrigeration in St Louis MO and other commercial restaurant equipment in top running condition in order to keep your business as healthy and profitable as it can be for as long as you see fit.


The Floor of Your Prefabricated Walk in Refrigeration

walk in refrigeratorPrefabricated Walk in Freezers are the way to go for some who are looking for the right walk-in freezer to mark off of their commercial refrigeration shopping list.  We have discussed that the parts consist of the following: panels, floor, door, and refrigeration system.  We already looked at great length at the panels in a walk in refrigerator or freezer system for your St Louis Refrigeration Sales and Service near Sunset Hills and how many things to watch for when buying one for your restaurant or commercial kitchen.  Next, we proceed to the floor of your next walk in refrigeration product.

Depending on the space you have, models with and without floors are available to help fit your commercial kitchen needs. Floor materials differ between manufacturers, but many will be made of smooth aluminum. Depending on the amount of traffic your cooler will see in a given day, you may need to look into upgrading to a more durable floor, and so they are offered this way as well, with the option of upgrading the flooring of your walk in refrigeration in St Louis near Sunset Hills MO.

Aluminum floors can prove to be very impractical, depending upon what you have in your walk in freezer, or refrigerator.  “For applications where fully-loaded transport carts or heavy shelving units will be used, an aluminum floor may not be practical. In cases like this, it might be better for your business to purchase a floorless model since this type must be installed on a ground-contact concrete floor. A concrete pad is more durable so that it can stand up to heavier use; just be aware that it may take additional planning and construction before the unit can be set up.”  In the next post on this subject for the sake of your Refrigeration Repair and Service in St Louis near Sunset Hills, we will focus on the actual refrigeration system that is present in a walk in system.

Walk in Freezer Options for Your Restaurant

freezersOn behalf of your restaurant equipment sales and service in St Louis near Chesterfield, we bring to you, today, an in-depth analysis of walk in freezers.  Most of you will need to pursue one if you are about to purchase or have recently obtained your own commercial restaurant.  It can be tricky to know just what system will work best for you, so we hve compiled some information that we gathered online on behalf of your St Louis Restaurant Equipment repair and sales near Chesterfield in an effort to make the search less cumbersome for you.

There are two basic types of walk-ins: they are either prefabricated or built-in. Prefabricated units come with urethane panels that are sized according to the specifications of the product or built to order depending on the manufacturer and sometimes work best for restaurants who have very specific needs in mind. Before setting out to purchase a freezer from your list of restaurant equipment in St Louis near Chesterfield, you may want to take the time to determine if you need a custom size or interior. These prefabricated walk in freezers provide many great benefits including easier expansion and relocation. “Built-in units are also very popular and often consist of insulation that is covered with structural tiles on the walls and floors. These units can be built to meet the exact needs of your space but can’t be moved or changed as easily as prefabricated units.”

When it comes to walk in coolers and freezers, there are differences based on manufacturers too.  According to all that we researched on behalf of your Restaurant Equipment and sales in St Louis near Chesterfield, there exist quite the variety.  “At their simplest, a prefabricated walk-in cooler is just a large insulated box with a cooling system. The components can be summed up in a very short list: panels, floor, door, and refrigeration system.”  We will go into further depth on these individual parts in our following posts.

Efficient Cooling In St Louis MO

fanIn our previous post here on behalf of your St Louis heating and cooling installation and sales near Bridgeton MO, we mentioned that there exists many small pieces of advice that can really reduce your cooling costs in St Louis.  We neglected, however, to get into the nitty gritty and so we will do that here.  “Reduce the cooling load by employing cost-effective conservation measures. Provide effective shade for east and west windows. When possible, delay heat-generating activities such as dishwashing until evening on hot days.”

In addition to the above advice, our research on behalf of your Cooling Maintenance and Repair in St Louis near Bridgeton also uncovered the following pointers for maintaining the most efficient cooling methods as home:  Over most of the cooling season, keep the house closed tight during the day. Don’t let in unwanted heat and humidity. Ventilate at night either naturally or with fans.  You can usually get rid of unwanted heat by way of proper ventilation at the right times and at the proper temps (no more than 77 F).

According to our Cooling experts in St Louis near Bridgeton, you will want to consider window fans also used at the proper times and temperatures.  “Window fans for ventilation are a good option if used properly. They should be located on the downwind side of the house facing out. A window should be open in each room. Interior doors must remain open to allow air flow.”  Ceiling fans are another great tool for efficient cooling measures in your St Louis home near Bridgeton MO.  These are used at higher temp settings.  “Use ceiling fans to increase comfort levels at higher thermostat settings. The standard human comfort range for light clothing in the summer is between 72 F and 78 F. To extend the comfort range to 82 F, you need a breeze of about 2.5 ft/sec or 1.7 mph. A slow-turning ceiling-mounted paddle fan can easily provide this air flow.

Dance For Heat

danceIn the previous post, here, on behalf of your Heating Sales and Service in St Louis near Chesterfield, we have been chatting about what to do if your furnace goes kaput in the middle of the winter.  Assuming you are unable to have it repaired or replaced in the immediate future, you will need some strategies to temporarily brave the cold.  Blocking off a small space, preferably a room is the best way to start.   You will want to pile all bodies in this space, human and otherwise.

One article suggested, when doing our research on behalf of your Heating Maintenance in St Louis near Chesterfield that you should have a dance party.  “This works well if you have young children. The more movement generated in the room, the more heat is given off. Be sure to put away breakable things before you jig. If dancing isn’t your thing, try some light exercises to get the blood flowing and the room warm. From yoga to jumping jacks, any movement will work.”

There are a few other small yet worthwhile ideas we came up with in researching our subject of heating a space with no furnace temporarily when composing our article on the subject on behalf of your St Louis Heating and Cooling install near Chesterfield MO.  “Bake a pie or cook a stew. The oven and range generate a lot of heat. And the lovely smell of a tasty treat will be sure to warm hearts throughout the home. You can cook and heat at the same time, but using the oven solely as a heater is dangerous and should be avoided.”  Also, for those who have areas with no carpet, you will want to find a rug or non-slip blanket or even a towel to warm your feet with and to warm the room by preventing the escape of heat.  Ultimately, you will want to get your furnace fixed, but these are great (and in some cases, fun) ways to solve the problem in the immediate here and now.

Gain Control of Food Waste in Your Commercial Kitchen

food wasteWe have been discussing food waste lately, on behalf of your St Louis Refrigeration install and repair since we represent so many commercial kitchens in the St Louis area and since it is a topic that restaurant consumers have most definitely proved passionate over.  We finished the previous post just before going into details about a food waste audit.  What is a Food Waste Audit?

“The first step to reducing waste is to find out how much you’re wasting to begin with and what kind of waste your establishment is producing. The primary goal of a waste audit is to identify where your operation’s waste comes from, so you can then find ways to reduce it.”  How does one go about counting or tracking the food waste they produce?  We set out to answer this and other questions surrounding the subject of food waste in your St Louis restaurant refrigeration near O Fallon MO. “There are two main factors to take into account as you track your food waste. You need to consider how much food is being wasted and how many people are coming through your restaurant. By gathering data for both of these variables, you can get a better sense of what your biggest source of waste is.”

Start by gathering ways to track or log your food waste.  By providing your staff with a simple sheet of paper where they can keep track of what’s being thrown out, why it’s being thrown out, and how much is wasted, you will be on the right track from the start.  We wanted to dig a little deeper, though, on behalf of your Refrigeration Sales and Service in St Louis near O’Fallon MO, so we read and researched a bit more to find that there is an alternative to what could be unrealistically cumbersome for your staff.   “As an alternative, there are waste tracking systems like LeanPath that use a specially designed scale with touch screen terminal and computer software to track how much food you’re throwing out without the hassle of a pencil and paper.”  Either road you choose, this is the beginning of a food waste audit and ultimately gaining control and making the most of food waste in your St Louis Restaurant near O’Fallon.

Tips Coming Up For Efficient Cooling

energy efficiencyWhen you are trying to figure out what you can do to cool your home in the least expensive ways possible, you would be wise to do a little research online for new ways to get the job done.  We, on behalf of your St Louis Cooling Installation near Maryland Heights, have done some of the research for you and will share it here and in the next couple posts to follow.  “Puzzling out how to keep your house as cool as possible during these hot summer months? Trying to remember the conventional wisdom but not quite sure how it goes? Those window fans, for example, should they be placed to draw air in or out? Upwind or downwind of the dwelling? And what about windows, shades, and awnings? Are windows on the North side of the house better left closed or open during the day? Are awnings better than shades?”

The above list are some of the questions we found tackled online and plan to report the answers to you on behalf of your St Louis Cooling Sales and Service near Maryland Heights MO.  Efficiency is definitely a goal for all and it becomes a seasonal concern as things heat up over the United States in the summer months.  I am sure that the more efficient our systems can get, the more affordable and the better the quality of life.

“Turning to Consumer Guide to Home Energy Savings by Alex Wilson, Jennifer Thorne, and John Morrill of the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy has provided a wealth of answers to just these questions and more. I’ve compiled 23 tricks about how to keep a house cool to reduce the need for air conditioning from this book, as well as a few from The Real Goods Solar Living Sourcebook. These tips are really useful.”  We want to share some of them here and will do so in the upcoming posts from your St Louis Cooling Repair near Maryland Heights MO.

Heat Pump Particulars in HVAC

heat pumpWe enjoy the efforts we put forth on behalf of your HVAC installation and repair in St Louis near Overland MO.  One of the best aspects of this job is to learn more about interesting topics and pass along what we discover to others.  Today, we are looking closer and the H in HVAC, which as most of you probably know, stands for heating.  Heat pump seemed interesting, so we first researched the details surrounding those.

There are two main types of heat pumps used in residential and commercial applications: air-source heat pumps (by far the most common) and ground-source (or geothermal) heat pumps. Did you know that a heat pump works like an air conditioner in the cooling cycle?  Then, when it is in the heating cycle, it simply does the reverse, working to cool the outside while venting heat to the inside. A major difference in the two mentioned above, was found during our research on behalf of your HVAC sales in St Louis near Overland, as follows, “Ground-source heat pumps transfer heat through earth or water, whereas air-source heat pumps do so via air. Because heat pumps simply move heat around rather than creating heat, they can be a very efficient method of space conditioning, especially in moderate climates.”

What lets us know the efficacy of a heat pump?  Well, this would be best measured in efficiency compared to yield.  “Heat pump efficiency is rated using two metrics: SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) is used to rate the performance when the unit is acting as an air conditioner; HSPF (Heating Seasonal Performance Factor) is used to rate the performance when the unit is in heating mode.” In our research, we learned, on behalf of your St Louis HVAC sales, that there is much to be known about efficiency and many ways to dive deeper online.  For now, the above rating system is all we uncovered for time’s sake.  Stay tuned to this site for more posts on heat pumps and more discussion about their efficiency and other surrounding details.

Heating Advice For Your Home

coldDepending on who lives in your house, it is true that every home full of people has its preference in temperature.  However, if you find the ideal temp, even if it is an average that can be calculated from everyone’s personal preference, and then setting it and leaving it there, is definitely not the most efficient way to go about heating your home in the winter, according to the research we recently did on behalf of your St Louis Heating Repair near University City MO.  “Every home has its temperature preference, but setting the thermostat to that temperature and never changing it isn’t helpful to your energy bills.”

You should, however, set your thermostats at that desired high temperature.  Then, once you and your family acclimate to the colder weather, lower the temperature in the home by one degree each week, according to the expert information we found online, this will gradually bring your heating bills down.  It is amazing that this one degree reduction can make a 1% cost difference in your energy bills.  This was verified by the U.S. Department of Energy.

Lowering the temperature further and preserving these lower temperatures for longer periods of time increases those savings, and you’ll probably never notice the difference with such a slow, gradual change, unless you are someone who is extra sensitive to temperature change, and some people are.  I am the one with the lowest tolerance for temperature variation in our house.  I can actually walk in and tell you the exact temp of the house without looking.  It just so happens, that I like things cool though, so I am able to keep the Heating bill low as a result of my preference.  Depending on the dynamics of your household and how they handle the heating and cooling of your space, you may wish to read further post here, where we go into more detailed tips on how to most effectively control the temperatures in your home, on behalf of your St Louis Heating and Cooling Sales near University City MO.