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Restaurant Equipment and a Love Hate Relationship

commercial kitchenIt is our job to bring you the latest in information surrounding the restaurant equipment maintenance in St Louis near Kirkwood MO and all other applicable categories in the commercial restaurant equipment business.  We pride ourselves in doing our best to keep you informed and so we want to discuss, today, commercial refrigeration and how to best maintain its health and function for your St Louis Restaurant Equipment needs.

Say there is a big event hitting your town that involves local food and restaurants, or really even an ordinary weekend when you know your restaurant will be busy and the equipment in high demand.  If your commercial refrigeration equipment fails at the wrong time, you’ll be sending all those potential new customers home dissatisfied or worse. So, in advance of restaurant needs, we’ll be posting great tips and resources on how to keep your equipment (and your head) cool!  This is an important concept to avoiding disaster at the worst possible time for your restaurant business.

Refrigeration equipment is your best friend and can be your worst enemy, according to one source we found online when researching the subject of everyday commercial restaurant equipment in St Louis near Kirkwood and its daily health and general upkeep. “Anyone who manages a food service operation probably has a love-hate relationship with refrigeration equipment. On one hand, they help you serve fresh and appealing fare. Without your coolers, chillers and walk in freezers, you’d be serving lukewarm drinks, wilted greens and melted ice cream. And that’s exactly the problem: when they break down, your business quickly comes to a screeching halt.”  Stay tuned for more information in the posts to follow from your St Louis Restaurant Equipment sales and service near Kirkwood on what to do to avoid the above scenario.

From Dishes to Commercial Restaurant Equipment

dishesBuying restaurant equipment for your commercial kitchen in St Louis near St Peters is a pretty huge undertaking and can be overwhelming for many first time restaurant equipment buyers.  The list will encompass everything from commercial ovens to dining tables, restaurant dishes to ice machines and deciding amongst several options can be downright daunting. Fortunately, we have set out to find tips on behalf of your St Louis Restaurant Equipment sales near St Peters in order to make the job more doable for you.

First, we found in our reading and research that you may be able to save significant money if you consider used restaurant equipment.  “A new restaurant doesn’t necessarily require all new equipment. You can purchase quality used restaurant equipment for pennies on the dollar.”  Everything from tables, chairs, dishes, utensils, all the way down to the bigger things on your restaurant equipment list such as stoves, ovens, refrigeration units can often be found for good deals, used.  Did you know that you can also lease St Louis Restaurant Equipment near St Peters?  Here is some info we found online about the subject, on behalf of your St Louis Restaurant Equipment Service near St Peters, “Many companies offer leased restaurant equipment, which can save you a lot of money as you get ready to open a new restaurant. Equipment with short life spans, like ice machines, are perfect for a monthly lease. Vendors also offer leased equipment, like coffee makers and coolers, for free, so long as you buy their products.”

Dishes can be a purchase worth taking a little time to discern as well.  Though these don’t fall under the restaurant equipment category that you may envision for a commercial kitchen, in terms of big industrial pieces, the need is obvious and real.  “Restaurant dishes aren’t cheap, compared to those you can buy at Wal-Mart or Target. But that is because they are made to withstand the rigors of a busy restaurant kitchen dishwasher.”  You will want to invest in good dishes for the success of your restaurant in St Louis MO near St Peters.

The Refrigeration System in Your Walk-In Freezer

freezerWhen we are looking at walk-in freezers for your commercial restaurant equipment list, we need to focus, also, on the most advanced portion of the animal, the refrigeration system itself.  “The most complex part of the unit is the refrigeration system. To bring it down to basics, you’ll want to know how much power the system will need in order to operate, where that power will be coming from, and how much clearance and ventilation the system will need. All of these are things that could affect the configuration that you choose.”

The size you decide upon will have something to do with what the Commercial Refrigeration in St Louis near Maryland Heights requires.  “Smaller walk-in coolers typically require a 1/2 hp compressor to hold temperatures at or below 41 degrees Fahrenheit. Walk-in freezers often need a larger compressor—around 1 hp—to maintain those colder temperatures.”  Size and efficiency are a toss up and balancing act as they are in so many other industries as well.  So, it is safe to assume that the larger the walk-in freezer, the more powerful the refrigeration system will need to be.  This will discourage you from buying a freezer that is more space than you really need since you will give up not only physical real estate for it, but also more money, a larger refrigeration system and a higher cost to operate.

While shopping around, also keep in mind that your space may limit your options when it comes to the location of the refrigeration system, as it is not only the space of the freezer you need to consider, but that the refrigeration system increases in size as well. If you have a very low ceiling, or can’t install the proper ventilation, you may need to go with a side-mounted or remote configuration.  Don’t forget that the ventilation takes up room too.  Either way, if you call on experts, such as your St Louis Refrigeration Installation near Maryland Heights, what seems a bit overwhelming in terms of content and vastness of information, can be cleared up in a jiffy.

Walk in Freezer Options for Your Restaurant

freezersOn behalf of your restaurant equipment sales and service in St Louis near Chesterfield, we bring to you, today, an in-depth analysis of walk in freezers.  Most of you will need to pursue one if you are about to purchase or have recently obtained your own commercial restaurant.  It can be tricky to know just what system will work best for you, so we hve compiled some information that we gathered online on behalf of your St Louis Restaurant Equipment repair and sales near Chesterfield in an effort to make the search less cumbersome for you.

There are two basic types of walk-ins: they are either prefabricated or built-in. Prefabricated units come with urethane panels that are sized according to the specifications of the product or built to order depending on the manufacturer and sometimes work best for restaurants who have very specific needs in mind. Before setting out to purchase a freezer from your list of restaurant equipment in St Louis near Chesterfield, you may want to take the time to determine if you need a custom size or interior. These prefabricated walk in freezers provide many great benefits including easier expansion and relocation. “Built-in units are also very popular and often consist of insulation that is covered with structural tiles on the walls and floors. These units can be built to meet the exact needs of your space but can’t be moved or changed as easily as prefabricated units.”

When it comes to walk in coolers and freezers, there are differences based on manufacturers too.  According to all that we researched on behalf of your Restaurant Equipment and sales in St Louis near Chesterfield, there exist quite the variety.  “At their simplest, a prefabricated walk-in cooler is just a large insulated box with a cooling system. The components can be summed up in a very short list: panels, floor, door, and refrigeration system.”  We will go into further depth on these individual parts in our following posts.

Food Waste Management at Your Favorite Restaurant

food wasteWhen you hear something about being wasteful, especially with food, our ears typically perk up.  It’s true, people seem to care about the need to exhibit the proper diligence when it comes to showing good conscience by doing all they can to prevent waste.  On behalf of your St Louis Refrigeration sales and service near Collinsville IL, we are taking time to discuss this in more details, the idea of food waste in a commercial kitchen, that is.

It is good news that we report in terms of modern times.  In fact, 2017 was an especially momentous year of change, with all sorts of innovations in equipment, service, food, and technology that have reverberated all around the world, and we expect that 2018 will also bring a lot of change. After researching all the forecasted developments in restaurant equipment, service, food, and even technology, we look forward to a 2018 filled with delicious cuisines and intelligent creations!”  But, what about the waste associated with the above success?  We set out to answer this question here and in the upcoming posts to follow on behalf of your St Louis Refrigeration and Restaurant Equipment sales.

As stated earlier, “This is something your customers care about, as demonstrated by food waste statistics. A study by Unilever, revealed that 72% of U.S. diners said that they care about how food waste is handled. 47% are concerned enough that they would be willing to spend more money to eat at a place that actively tries to reduce its food waste production. This makes it all the more important to find ways of reducing food waste in America.”  We read about something known as a food waste audit that could help with the issue, according to your Refrigeration installation in St Louis near Collinsville IL.  We look forward to elaborating on this subject in the next post here on your Commercial Refrigeration sales and service behalf.

Food Waste in Today’s Restaurants

food wasteIn the restaurant industry, according to your St Louis Restaurant Equipment sales and service near Jefferson County, we know that there exists trends to stay on top of and on behalf of your St Louis Restaurant Equipment Installation near Jefferson County, we want to bring you some of the latest.  “Just like in any art form, trends in the culinary world are constantly shifting to reflect the ever-changing interests and needs of people. Keeping up with these trends is important to restaurant owners, chefs, and really anyone working in the foodservice industry.”

The past few years have marked significant change within the foodservice industry as the food culture shifts towards higher quality food and expediency, along with one major change that correlates with overall awareness on the part of the general population and that is a way to minimize food waste in the restaurant industry.  According to your St Louis Restaurant Equipment Sales near Jefferson County, this is a true movement that most all new restaurants are taking quite seriously.

Running a foodservice operation of any sort requires a lot of thinking and planning ahead. “You have to order ingredients on time, balance your finances, and manage your staff amidst a world of other concerns. As important as it is to consider what food you’re making, it’s equally important to think about what happens to food that’s left uneaten.” According to Feeding America, America produces an estimated 70 billion tons of food waste each year.  This is such an elaborate subject on which to write that we thought it best to split the discussion into multiple posts.  Here, we identify the problem on behalf of your St Louis Restaurant Equipment maintenance near Jefferson County and in the next post we will talk about solutions to the food waste problem that faces so many restaurants today.

Range Options For Your Restaurant Equipment

commercial rangeWhen it comes to buying restaurant equipment, you will have several different appliances to purchase for your new business venture and knowing just where to start can be a tad bit stressful to say the least.  It is best, probably, to seek out some professional assistance in the form of advice and product reviews before you set out on the venture of St Louis Restaurant Equipment Sales near Fenton MO.

Here is the first bit of information we found on behalf of your St Louis Restaurant Equipment near Fenton.  “The range is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment in a commercial kitchen, with the ability to fry, grill, broil, saute, boil, braise, simmer, warm and even bake! Whether you are opening a new restaurant and are considering the purchase of a range, or looking to replace the one you currently have, this handy guide will walk you through the most important purchasing considerations to help you select the best product for your needs!”  We found this guide to be rather helpful and so we will use it here throughout our writing, on behalf of your St Louis Restaurant Equipment Repair near Fenton.

There are two basic types of ranges in the industry and are usually referred to as “Restaurant Ranges” and “Heavy Duty Ranges”, which may also be called “Master Series” or “Modular” ranges. Restaurant Ranges are the most common type between the two and are focused on ease of use and durability when they are being designed.  On the other end, the heavy duty ranges are more designed for higher volume uses and so, depending on your needs, you may be better off with one of these types in a restaurant environment.  “Heavy Duty ranges are designed for higher volume usage, and boast more durable construction, and often are available with more features and options.”  We will elaborate further in the next post, here, on behalf of your Restaurant equipment sales and service in St Louis MO.

Flexible Dining Space is a Must

tablesWe have been on a kick discussing restaurant equipment in St Louis and the needs that surround stocking any commercial kitchen right off the bat.  We all know that restaurants experience some of the greatest start-up costs as a result of all the equipment and refrigeration products that they need in order to ever get off the ground.  Beyond the St Louis Refrigeration Sales recommendations on equipment and St Louis Refrigeration near Kirkwood, it should also be know that your commercial kitchen needs to be well stocked to ensure success.

Here is a bit more on the subject that we found in our recent research conducted on behalf of your St Louis Refrigeration sales and installation near Kirkwood MO, “A restaurant kitchen requires careful planning, to maximize space and promote efficiency. A typical restaurant kitchen is composed of different stations and restaurant equipment. A station is the area where a certain type of food is prepared. Stations help keep a restaurant kitchen running smoothly.”

You will want your restaurant dining room to have a certain amount of flexibility, we found, in our St Louis Refrigeration Sales research.  You can achieve this best during the set up process of your dining space.  “Setting up your restaurant dining space to be reconfigured is a good idea. It allows you to accommodate larger parties or change the flow of the dining room if you feel it isn’t working.”  If you think back, we can almost all recall a real life example of standing in the middle of a restaurant with no idea how our party will be seated there.  Either they are unable to accommodate the number of people, or the seating we need, either for younger, or sometimes older members of the party is unavailable.  This presents a pretty awkward feeling while you stare at others around you, eating their meals, and the staff shuffles to try to make something work.  Bottom line is to heed the advice above in creating a flexible dining space.

Restaurant Equipment Can Be Found Used Too

save money buttonWhat is included under the heading of restaurant equipment?  This is something we set out to answer initially on behalf of your St Louis Restaurant Equipment Service and Sales near Creve Coeur MO.  For, in order to discuss some of the intricate details of supplying your new commercial kitchen, we must first agree upon what is included in the description, right?  As it turns out, the subject is a broad one.  “Restaurant equipment covers everything from commercial ovens to dining tables, restaurant dishes to ice machines.”  It is true that the category is broad and also that deciding what type of restaurant equipment to purchase can be overwhelming for a new restaurant owner to say the least.  We are going to try to help in this and the post to follow when it comes to narrowing your search for St Louis Restaurant Equipment near Creve Coeur MO.

Begin by realizing that there is a budget friendly way to stock your commercial kitchen with restaurant equipment and it involves considering pre owned stuff.  New restaurant equipment is not always better or necessary to accomplish your goals.  In fact, it can push you over budget very quickly if you are not careful.  “A new restaurant doesn’t necessarily require all new equipment. You can purchase quality used restaurant equipment for pennies on the dollar.”

For, it is true that tables, chairs, dishes, utensils are all perfectly fine to buy second-hand in St Louis near Creve Coeur and though you may wish to be slightly more particular with restaurant equipment that will be functioning regularly, such as larger appliances, even things such as your stoves, ovens, refrigeration units, all of them can be had at a great discount in the used arena.  Did you know that you can even find restaurant equipment to lease? This may be very reassuring to those who are hesitant to dive into the business due to the poor stats that we see on the other end.  Your risk would potentially be less if you check into the possibility of leasing your St Louis Restaurant Equipment near Creve Coeur MO.  Read our next post for further information on the subject.

Your HVAC and Refrigeration Advice

adviceWriting for your HVAC installation in St Louis near Collinsville IL, we cover many different topics all related to HVAC, refrigeration, and restaurant equipment.  These three categories are all specialties for your St Louis HVAC service and sales near Collinsville.  We began, in our last post, a pretty in depth discussion of restaurant equipment and how to decide just what your commercial kitchen needs.  Obviously, refrigeration is at the top of the list and we want to spend more time elaborating on that now.

Before deciding between the two main types of refrigeration, and also whether or not you want one of the other (you could do both types), you will want to know that you have reach in and walk in units from which to choose.  Before making a decision, consider the size of your operation, according to your HVAC installation company in St Louis near Collinsville.  We have done plenty of research on the subject and it definitely seems like those who take careful considerations before making the refrigeration purchase plunge, end up happy with the final products in their restaurant equipment and commercial kitchen.

Smaller restaurants, according to your HVAC service near Collinsville IL, can and should consider the following facts, “Although they have larger cold storage space and can be custom built to fit any kitchen, smaller restaurants may not require a walk-in cooler. There are even outdoor refrigeration and freezing options available if interior space is an issue.”  Whichever type you end up choosing, you should understand that your refrigeration and cooling units of all types will be essential pieces to your business indeed.  It will definitely behoove you to pay for professional installation, service and routing maintenance whenever necessary in order to extend the life of your HVAC and refrigeration products in St Louis MO.