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Keeping Your Refrigeration Healthy

Keeping Your Refrigeration Healthy

refrigerationAlong the same lines as our previous post where we introduced the fact that restaurant equipment in St Louis, including and especially commercial refrigeration, has a bad and a worse time of breaking down, we will continue our discussion here in terms of the details surrounding such a disaster.  Form one online reputable source of restaurant equipment information, we gain the following two cents, “If you’ve been in the business for a while, you’ve certainly experienced the anxiety (even panic) that occurs when a critical refrigeration unit goes down during a busy dinner shift. You can lose thousands of dollars in wasted product and lost business in a very short period of time. Not to mention the repair bill, which can often cost you double if it happens at night or a weekend, which of course it will!”

Luckily, avoiding commercial refrigeration repair isn’t as impossible as it may seem as most breakdowns of commercial refrigeration equipment can be prevented with simple regular maintenance, such as what is offered at your Refrigeration Maintenance and Sales in St Louis near Fairview Heights IL. You’re probably aware that your heating and air conditioning equipment needs to be cleaned and inspected twice each year. But many restaurant owners don’t realize that their refrigeration equipment also needs to be maintained and cared for on a regular basis in order to continue to be reliable to your restaurant business in St Louis MO near Fairview Heights IL.

In the post upcoming, we will cover an actual list of things to take care of on a routine basis in order to keep your refrigeration in St Louis MO and other commercial restaurant equipment in top running condition in order to keep your business as healthy and profitable as it can be for as long as you see fit.


Food Waste in Today’s Restaurants

Food Waste in Today’s Restaurants

food wasteIn the restaurant industry, according to your St Louis Restaurant Equipment sales and service near Jefferson County, we know that there exists trends to stay on top of and on behalf of your St Louis Restaurant Equipment Installation near Jefferson County, we want to bring you some of the latest.  “Just like in any art form, trends in the culinary world are constantly shifting to reflect the ever-changing interests and needs of people. Keeping up with these trends is important to restaurant owners, chefs, and really anyone working in the foodservice industry.”

The past few years have marked significant change within the foodservice industry as the food culture shifts towards higher quality food and expediency, along with one major change that correlates with overall awareness on the part of the general population and that is a way to minimize food waste in the restaurant industry.  According to your St Louis Restaurant Equipment Sales near Jefferson County, this is a true movement that most all new restaurants are taking quite seriously.

Running a foodservice operation of any sort requires a lot of thinking and planning ahead. “You have to order ingredients on time, balance your finances, and manage your staff amidst a world of other concerns. As important as it is to consider what food you’re making, it’s equally important to think about what happens to food that’s left uneaten.” According to Feeding America, America produces an estimated 70 billion tons of food waste each year.  This is such an elaborate subject on which to write that we thought it best to split the discussion into multiple posts.  Here, we identify the problem on behalf of your St Louis Restaurant Equipment maintenance near Jefferson County and in the next post we will talk about solutions to the food waste problem that faces so many restaurants today.

Restaurant Profit is a Must

Restaurant Profit is a Must

openHow to decide if opening your own restaurant is a good idea for you?  Well, for starters, you have to figure out if you can afford it, so pricing everything is a good place to start.  Along with a location and the financials that go along with hiring staff, you will need to shop for St Louis Restaurant Equipment near Ladue.  Before you invest that much of yourself, though, you must understand that you are about to embark on one of the hardest journeys ever.  One local restaurant owner says the following, “So before I get to the hurdles that appear when opening your own restaurant, let me state one important fact clearly: I love it. I really do. Sure, it’s a masochistic, chew off all your nails and pull your hair out kind of love. But after decades spent getting my butt kicked, I’m still madly in love with restaurants.”

He does claim that there are some main things to know about opening your own restaurant, however, and they are things involving all aspects like restaurant equipment sales in ST Louis MO.  We will cover some of them here and others of them in future articles on behalf of your Restaurant Equipment Install and Repair near Ladue MO.

They must be designed and structured to make real money, not nickels and dimes, restaurants, that is.  “This reality seems to irk some people who never want to believe that a restaurant is actually a living and breathing business, but rather a romantic hearth of creativity and deliciousness.”  The thing is, in order to stay a viable reality, people have to make a living, so he says the following to back that fact up, “But in the real world, few people strive to open a business where a profit margin of 6-8% is reality. Most would run far away in any direction. But this is the case in craft-oriented restaurants like mine, where any small stumble can have a disastrous effect. Simply put, zero profit means zero restaurant.”


Do Your Restaurant Equipment Homework

Do Your Restaurant Equipment Homework

commercial kitchenWhen looking for new restaurant equipment near O Fallon, make sure you do your homework and start by making sure it is all commercial and new in nature.  As mentioned in the first post here on your American Services website, saving a few bucks isn’t worth it in the end since your business is riding on the ability of your restaurant equipment to serve you in the ways in which you need.  “Purchase new equipment. Price is the big temptation for buying used restaurant equipment, but used restaurant equipment is less reliable because components are starting to wear out and can be costly to repair. New restaurant equipment, on the other hand, is in tip-top shape and comes with a factory warranty.”

You will want to look at the cost involved and decide what kind of quality you need and seek as well.  You don’t want cost to be the only factor when shopping for your new Commercial Restaurant Equipment in St Louis, but it will weigh in.  Remember that, like anything you buy, certain manufacturers will charge you more for higher end materials, etc and some will be charging you for their name and reputation as well.   “Different manufacturers use different materials and technology that affect reliability, performance and longevity. Each restaurant owner needs to determine for him- or herself the best quality of restaurant equipment that will fit within their budget and suit their particular needs.”

You would be wise to set a budget for yourself before you set out to buy that new Commercial Restaurant Equipment for your new business.  If you do not set parameters, then you are likely to overspend and that would be a negative way to start out in any business. “Stay within a budget. For any purchases you make, it is important to set and stay within a budget, otherwise you’ll end up over-spending which will hurt your bottom line.”  From there, do your research and find out what commercial equipment best suits your restaurant’s specific needs.


Restaurant Equipment Leasing FAQs – Part 1

Restaurant Equipment Leasing FAQs – Part 1


Many start-ups or restaurant owners who need to upgrade outdated equipment turn to leasing for an option that offers nice cash savings right away.  While this is a great option for some business owners, you need to go into a lease agreement with the right knowledge under your belt.  Today, the Sunset Hills area restaurant equipment experts at American Services want to give you the knowledge you need to get the affordable and fair lease you need!  So, let’s do a quick  leasing FAQ!

What is an equipment lease?

  • An equipment lease is kind-of similar to a rental agreement in that you agree to pay a set monthly payment for so many months in order to use equipment.

What are some of the benefits of a lease?

  • Leasing is good for those who have limited capital and are looking to reduce up-front costs associated with purchasing the equipment they need.  Leasing also offers low monthly payments and less lenient credit requirements.

What equipment is offered via lease?

  • Business owners can often find most equipment they need up for lease.  Do some research and you will likely find a multitude of options.

What lease terms are available?

  • The most common lease terms you will find include 24, 36, 48, 60, and 84 months with purchase options that include Fair Market Value, $1 Buyout, and 10% Put.

How does a lease differ from a loan?

  • When you get a loan, you are financing the full purchase price of an item across a period of time at a set interest rate.  At the end of a loan you own the equipment.  With a lease, you are essentially paying to use equipment for a set period of time with the option to then purchase the equipment at the end of the lease.

We hope this first set of FAQs will set you on the right path to a lease that works for your situation.  Join us again soon for Part 2 of this series with more valuable lasing information!

Walk-In Refrigerator Cost-Saving Tips

Walk-In Refrigerator Cost-Saving Tips

Scissors cuts word COSTS

When looking at the average restaurant owner’s monthly utility usage, you will find that they most likely spend about 6 percent of it on refrigeration costs alone.  And that only accounts for the energy usage.  Not the maintenance, repairs, or other replacement costs that may come up.  Since refrigeration can be a costly business expense, it’s important to consider how you can cut these costs without any added expense.  Today, the team at American Services will focus on passing along tips as recommended by concerning how you can save on your walk-in refrigeration operating costs.  Let’s get started!

As noted by the experts at, there are a few low cost upgrades and good practice techniques that all walk-in refrigeration owners can consider when wanting to save.  First, take a look at the lighting in your unit.  If you are using old incandescent light bulbs simply swapping those out with low temp compact fluorescent lamps can cut heat output by up to 75 percent.  That’s a huge heat savings that will help your unit hold that cool temperature you need.

Next, you can save outside air infiltration by up to 75 percent by investing in strip curtains and automatic door closers.  These items are easy enough to install on your own and are very low cost.  This is something you should work on today!

Finally, you can reduce fan energy consumption by about two-thirds by adding electronically commuted motors or ECMs to your evaporator and condenser fans.  If this sounds like too big of a job for you, don’t worry!  That’s when you call the American Services team for a free parts and labor estimate.  Our team can help you determine the cost of this simple install and also help you determine how quickly you will get your money back via your extra energy savings.

Get in touch with the Refrigeration Installation Near Hazelwood experts at American Services today!

Energy Efficiency – How Does Your Restaurant Rate?

Energy Efficiency – How Does Your Restaurant Rate?

coffee shop

As a restaurant owner, you obviously understand the burden of energy costs on your business.  But have you ever taken the time to audit your usage and make changes that can help you save hundreds, or even thousands in utility costs over the course of a year?  If you are answering no to this question, it’s time to say yes!  The team at American Services understands how to make your space as energy efficient as possible.  And thanks to the help of new innovative equipment, our team could help make your restaurant the most energy efficient facility in town.

Here is an example of what the average restaurant’s energy consumption breakdown looks like:

  • In the area of sanitation, about 18 percent of total consumption.
  • In the area of refrigeration, about 6 percent of total consumption.
  • In the area of lighting, about 13 percent of total consumption.
  • In the area of HVAC, about 28 percent of total consumption.
  • In the area of food preparation, about 35 percent of total consumption.

When you call American Services, our team can help you with the majority of these areas all in one service call.  Our technicians are skilled in the areas of HVAC, refrigeration, restaurant equipment, ice machines, industrial equipment, beverage systems, and cooling equipment.  For you, this means that you will have one dedicated company to back all of your needs in one, simple visit.

So, what are you waiting for?  Don’t continue to waste energy by overlooking the key areas where you can start saving today!  Contact our customer care specialists right now and ask about how you can save on your monthly bills by upgrading to the most-energy efficient options available on the market.  Our customer care specialists will schedule you for a free estimate appointment and answer all of your questions.  As American Services you can rely on our expert care and knowledge regarding all of your Overland Area Restaurant Equipment

Save Money Using Energy Star Rated Restaurant Equipment

Save Money Using Energy Star Rated Restaurant Equipment

Reduce your energy billAs a restaurant owner you understand how much overhead you incur just based upon the gas, electric, and water usage your business experiences on a daily basis.  Many restaurant owners with older, outdated equipment may be feeling the sting of higher utility bills more than others simply because the equipment they are using isn’t up-to-date in regards to modern energy savings standards.  Today, let’s take a look at how much you can expect to save on restaurant equipment near Chesterfield just by opting for new equipment that carries the Energy Star label.

Steamers – When a restaurant owner chooses an Energy Star steamer, he or she can expect to save up to $1,000 in water and sewer costs annually and up to $1,100 in gas or electric costs annually.  This equates to up to $2,100 in yearly cost savings.

Fryers – When a restaurant owner chooses an Energy Star fryer, he or she can expect to save up to $100 in electricity costs annually or up to $450 in gas costs annually.

Convection Ovens – When a restaurant owner chooses an Energy Star convection oven, he or she can expect to save up to $190 in electricity costs annually or up to $360 in gas costs annually.

Griddles – When a restaurant owner chooses an Energy Star griddle, he or she can expect to save up to $190 in electricity costs annually or up to $175 in gas costs annually.

Holding Cabinets – When a restaurant owner chooses an Energy Star holding cabinet, he or she can expect to save up to $310 to $880 annually in electricity costs.

Combination Ovens – When a restaurant owner chooses an Energy Star electric combination cabinet, he or she can expect to save up to $400 to $800 annually in electricity costs.

Broilers – When a restaurant owner chooses an Energy Star broiler, he or she can expect to save up to $600 annually by cutting idle times by 3 hours per day.

Contact the team at American Services for pricing on updated Energy Star equipment today!




Tips To Consider When Leasing Restaurant Equipment – Part 2

Tips To Consider When Leasing Restaurant Equipment – Part 2

lease agreement formThank you for re-joining us as we continue our discussion on leasing restaurant equipment near Kirkwood.  Many restaurant owners decide that leasing is a great deal because it reduces the need for up-front cash, but there are a few things that need to be taken into consideration before embarking on the process of entering a lease. Today, the American Services team will go over a few more tips and reminders for those looking to lease.

  • Don’t take the first offer you get.  Comparison shopping is key if you want to get the best deal.  Get pricing from 3-5 vendors, ask to take a look at the agreements, and do your homework.  If nothing else, having that many quotes will allow you to more effectively negotiate with the company you most want to do long-term business with.
  • Check into your current credit score.  Is your credit damaged or non-existent?  If so, leasing will either cost you big bucks in interest or may not even be an option at all.  Checking your credit before you get started can save you a lot of time in the long run.
  • Read all the fine print and consider having an attorney look over your lease agreement.  Never sign anything until you fully understand it.  Lease agreements can be a wonderful option, but if you get stuck in a bad one you will suffer for a long time.
  • Check into the option to try before you buy.  Some leasing companies also have rental programs that allow you to try a product before you purchase or lease it.  This is a great way to see if the equipment will perform as needed before you sink money into it.
  • Consider purchasing used.  Used equipment can offer a great cost savings if it was well taken care of by previous owners.  Check with the lease company to see if they also offer used options.

If you are a restaurant owner with equipment maintenance, service, or repair needs contact the American Services team today.

How To Find Used Restaurant Equipment

How To Find Used Restaurant Equipment

Restaurant KitchenMany restaurant owners will try to save money on expensive restaurant equipment purchases by trying to find used equipment when possible.  Just as with most purchases, buying used equipment can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars.  For this reason it may make sense for you to seek out used equipment for your business.  But where do you look?  Today, the American Services team will help you brainstorm ideas related to finding quality used restaurant equipment for sale in the Ladue area.

The first place to look would be at used restaurant equipment dealers.  Just as if you were purchasing a used car, a used equipment dealer will be able to provide you with a large inventory and a little extra peace-of-mind.  Used equipment dealers can be found in the yellow pages or by doing a quick google search.  It’s also a good idea to ask around for recommendations when looking for a trustworthy dealer.

Another place to get a great deal on used restaurant equipment is at auctions. Auctions will often be listed in your local classified ads, but you can also call local auctioneers to inquire about upcoming events.  Most equipment auctions are held on site.  This makes it easier to determine the equipment’s scope of use.  Bottom line, auctions are a great place to find slightly used equipment at a great price.

Finally, look for scratch and dent sellers in your area.  The equipment taken to these dealers was simply refused upon delivery because of a cosmetic flaw.  These flaws don’t normally affect the function of the equipment, but it does lower the price.  This makes a scratch and dent dealer your best friend when looking to save money on quality equipment in like-new condition.

If purchasing used isn’t for you, contact the American Services team for a free estimate on new restaurant equipment today!