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How To Save On Your Heating Bills This Fall

How To Save On Your Heating Bills This Fall

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The expert HVAC team at American Services wants you to save the most money possible on your heating bills this fall.  As a commercial building owner, we understand that saving on everyday things like heating costs help to make your business more profitable and that’s important.  Today, our professional heating system technicians will explain a few of the top things you can do to keep your bills lower this season.

The first thing you can do to ensure your heating bills stay low during the fall is to call our customer service team for a scheduled maintenance check-up.  Maintenance is the top thing you can do to not only keep your system working efficiently, but it also keeps your heating unit in top shape.  By performing regular maintenance, including changing your filter, you till save money and cut down on repair costs.

Next, take advantage of nicer days as much as possible by utilizing fans and opened windows.  Both of these practices can keep your space comfortable and will cut your heating bills significantly.  Having the front door of your business propped open can also drive more traffic by creating an inviting atmosphere for those walking by.

Finally, don’t miss out on the chance to make any significant repairs or for upgrading while the weather still hasn’t gotten cold.  Making the decision to repair or upgrade your system is a big one that can carry a lot of expense, but it can also save you on your monthly bills.  Have an expert technician help you decide if it’s time to upgrade now.

Contact the team at American Services heating and cooling near St. Louis City today.  Our customer care team would be happy to get you a free estimate with one of our experts technicians and can also assist you with any repair or maintenance issues you may be having.  The American Services team looks forward to assisting you.

How To Maintain Your Heat Pump

How To Maintain Your Heat Pump

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The average lifespan of a heat pump unit is 15-20, but only if it is well-maintained by a professional HVAC contractor.  This means that simply installing your heat pump and using it won’t do the job if you want it to last.  Today, the team at American Services wants to give you the information you need to know about properly maintaining your heat pump.

Just like any other piece of HVAC equipment, regular scheduled maintenance is key in keeping your heat pump running smoothly.  This means you will need to have a maintenance schedule in place for your unit including a system cleaning and service check-up before both the winter and summer months.  It is also imperative that you chance your system’s air filter on a monthly basis and to clear any vegetation out from around the exterior unit just as often.

Getting your system on a maintenance schedule will serve you in a number of ways. First, when your unit is well-maintained it will run more efficiently.  This saves energy that equates to money saved on your utility bills.  In fact, a well-maintained heat pump system can save you up to 25 percent off your utility bills when compared to a neglected unit.  Secondly, maintaining your unit by keeping dirt, debris, and other vegetation away from it will allow your system to work as efficient as possible and extend it’s life.  This means you will be able to get closer to the full lifespan potential of your unit before replacement is need.  Finally, performing regular maintenance will help you in avoiding expensive repairs by finding issues early and resolving them.  This saves you money and makes your maintenance expenses very much worth it.

If you have a heat pump unit in need of maintenance this fall, the professionals at American Services commercial heating and cooling near Florissant can help.  Call today for a FREE estimated and get your heat pump ready for the winter season.


Local Commercial HVAC Maintenance

Local Commercial HVAC Maintenance

Local Search TargetingRegular commercial HVAC maintenance is the biggest area that many ignore.  Yes, having a trained professional perform regular maintenance will cost you some money up-front, but in the long run you will gain years of extra life and reduced costs thanks to regular maintenance.  Because of these reasons, we are giving you our top reasons to keep your HVAC maintenance up-to-date with a local provider.   Here are your top reasons to choose a local commercial HVAC maintenance provider:

  • Relationship Building – When you have a commercial HVAC expert perform your scheduled maintenance, you have a chance to build a relationship with that service provider.  This relationship will be very important when it comes time to either upgrade or replace parts of your commercial HVAC system near Clayton in the future.
  • Efficiency – If you are ignoring scheduled maintenance on your commercial HVAC system, you are most likely working with equipment that isn’t working as efficiently as it could.  This is not only costing you money, but keeping you from being as comfortable as you could be in both cold and warm temps.
  • Premature Replacement – Regular maintenance is meant to keep you system in top shape.  Without this regular maintenance you are most likely making your system work harder and thus will need to replace it sooner than you might think. This is a costly mistake to make.
  • Higher Repair Costs – When you are having regular maintenance performed, many of the unexpected repairs you may face will be caught and fixed early.  This can save you hundreds, maybe even thousands in repair costs.

Getting on the right track with your scheduled commercial HVAC maintenance is easy when you call the team at American Services!  We can help you will all of your HVAC needs and even give you a FREE estimate.   Contact our team now and get on the road to maintenance today!

Why Perform Heating Repairs In the Summer?

Why Perform Heating Repairs In the Summer?

summerDuring the summer months most commercial heating systems sit on stand-by for the coming winter season.  Why not use this opportunity to have your system inspected, maintained, and repaired?  In fact, the summer months are the perfect time to upgrade you old system so that you can take advantage of the utility savings immediately as the winter weather rolls in!

Here at American Services our trained technicians are experts at helping commercial heating customers make the right decisions concerning repairs, maintenance, and upgrades.  Let’s check out all the reasons why you should call the experts at American Services for heating service now.

Why do repairs during the summer?  Taking care of know heating system problems now will take the guess work out of whether or not your system will function once the weather turns colder.  It also reduces down time and ensures the comfort of your employees and customers.

Why maintain during the summer?  Proper regularly scheduled maintenance is the biggest factor in the overall health of your heating system.  Even if you aren’t using your system an American Services tech can come by your place of business on a monthly or quarterly basis to ensure that your system will start up and function properly as needed without any question.

Why upgrade during the summer?  The summer months are the perfect time to upgrade your system for a couple of reasons.  First, since you aren’t using your heating system while the weather is warm, you won’t even notice that the system is down while the install is happening.  This approach also affords you the time to carefully research the system you want without the immediate need that comes from replacing a system out of need.

Don’t put off the health of your heating system just because the summer heat is here. Contact the Belleville area commercial heating technicians at American Services to inquire about repair, maintenance, and upgrade services today!

Common Commercial Cooling System Questions Answered

Common Commercial Cooling System Questions Answered

Questions and Answers Feeling comfortable and confident in the heating and cooling equipment you decide to purchase is an important part of finding the right HVAC contractor.  At American Services, our technicians are committed to making sure all of your questions are answered.  We want you to feel confident in your purchasing decision and to know that you are backed by a friendly customer care team that has your best interest in mind.  Today, let’s go over just a few of the questions we answer every day.

When is the best time to perform scheduled maintenance on my air conditioner?

Normally the best time to perform a maintenance check on your air conditioner will be in the Spring.  This allows our techs the advantage of finding any issues before you need to put the unit into use for the warmer months of the year.

How much can I set my thermostat back when my building is not in use?

If you want to save money by not cooling a space while you are away be sure to set the thermostat no more than 5-7 degrees back from your normal setting.  This should keep your space cool enough that getting it back to your normal comfort zone is pretty easy.  If you are wanting to take advantage of this type of savings, we also recommend that you invest in a programmable thermostat.

What types of maintenance tasks should I be performing on my air conditioning unit?

The most basic maintenance task you can be performing on your air conditioning unit is to clear any debris or other objects away from the unit.  You can also use an outdoor hose with light water pressure to clear airborne debris from the unit’s aluminum fins.

If you have more questions about your commercial cooling equipment near Hazelwood, simply give the team at American Services a call today!


Commercial Refrigeration Cost Savings Ideas

Commercial Refrigeration Cost Savings Ideas

There are a multitude of ways to save when utilizing large or small commercial-grade refrigeration units at your business.  These money-saving tasks usually don’t require a huge time or money commitment, yet almost always save you from paying too much on your energy bills.  Today, our refrigeration experts will give you their best cost savings ideas.  Let’s get started!

  • Purchase the right sized units.  When designing the layout of your refrigeration equipment, be sure to employ experts who size your equipment properly. Whether it’s sized too small or too big you will end up paying extra every month based upon this one mistake during the purchasing process.
  • Scheduled Maintenance.  Getting on a scheduled maintenance calendar with a trusted service provider is key to keeping your equipment in proper order.  This needs to be done upon purchase and continued for the life of the equipment. Scheduled maintenance will also save you because your well cared for equipment will last much longer than those that are not taken care of properly.
  • Common sense.  This may sound silly, but using common sense around your equipment can save you money.  Examples of this include making sure you and your employees always securely close all doors to your refrigeration units.  Don’t let the gaskets gets too dirty to function properly and don’t overload a unit.

At American Services our commercial refrigeration customers include those in a wide range of businesses.  The types of businesses served by our team include Convenience Stores, Restaurants, Hospitals, Schools, Hotels, Truck Stops, Travel Centers, Supermarkets, Cold Storage Facilities, Retirement Communities, Office Complexes, Apartment Complexes, and much more.  This wide variety of areas served gives our team a huge experience advantage over all the rest and we would enjoy helping you run a more efficient business too!  Get started with our highly trained staff of HVAC-Refrigeration experts near Ladue today by giving us a cal at 314-733-1776.

Commercial Heating and Cooling Service Contracts That Make Sense

Commercial Heating and Cooling Service Contracts That Make Sense

Maintenance Contract on the Metal Gears.Is your air conditioning system ready for the upcoming Summer season?  If not, you should consider investing in an affordable heating and cooling service contract with American Services.  At American Services we provide commercial heating and cooling clients with personalized service agreements designed to take the worry out of maintaining even the most complicated HVAC system.  Today, let’s talk about why our contracts make the most sense and how you can get signed up with your very own.

When looking to sign up for scheduled maintenance services via a commercial HVAC service contract, you first need to be sure of the contractor you are choosing.  Your chosen contractor should have experience with your type of equipment and also have knowledge concerning your specific business needs.  The contract that your service provider writes should meet all of those specific needs and not fit into a cookie-cutter system.  That’s why the team at American Services will sit down with you, assess your needs, and come up with a plan designed just for you.  This takes any wasted cost out of the equation and also ensures that the plan meets all of your budget, time, and other specific needs.

So, how do you get started with a heating and cooling service contract with American Services.  That’s simple!  Just give our customer care specialists a call at 314-733-1776 or 855-733-1776 right now.  When you call we will set up a time to sit down and talk about the specifics of your plan.  These customized service contracts are not written in a confusing way and you will always know what you are paying for.  Plus, having a scheduled maintenance service plan in place will ensure that you will not void any current manufacturer warranties on your equipment and will also keep your equipment in great shape for years to come.  Give the commercial heating and cooling experts near St. Louis County a call today!

5 Commercial Ice Machine Maintenance Tasks To Put On Your To-Do List Now!

5 Commercial Ice Machine Maintenance Tasks To Put On Your To-Do List Now!

Blue IceIf you own a business that uses ice machine units, you should already understand how much of an investment these practical machines can be.  So, isn’t it best to take care of that investment as opposed to letting some minor maintenance issues cause your equipment to loose value and work inefficiently?  Today, the refrigeration team at American services wants to give you an idea of the top five things you can do to keep your ice machines running smoothly.  Here’s our top five maintenance tasks you need to perform on your ice machines regularly.

  • Take out all removable parts to be properly cleaned according to manufacturer recommendations.
  • Pressure clean the bin drain.
  • Perform an acid wash on the unit’s evaporator.
  • Thoroughly scrub and sanitize the ice machine’s bin.
  • Adjust the ice level sense probe so that it is in proper calibration after cleaning has been performed.

As you can see, these tasks are something you can perform on your own or with the help of a trained professional.  Just make sure that you always follow the recommendations given to you in your unit’s owner’s manual.  This practice will ensure that you are serving clean, fresh ice from a machine that is working at an optimal speed and with little wear and tear.

If your commercial refrigeration equipment near Sunset Hills is in need of some regularly scheduled maintenance, the team at American Services is ready to help.  Our team of professional refrigeration experts can help you implement a maintenance plan that is on budget and in accordance with the manufacturer recommendations for your specific equipment.  The customer care team can also help you get into a customized preventative maintenance plan that will ensure that you will always be giving your commercial equipment the attention it needs.  Call to have us take a look at all of your HVAC, refrigeration, cooking, ice machine, and industrial equipment now!


Commercial HVAC Rules To Live By!

Commercial HVAC Rules To Live By!

Top 3 card isolated on white backgroundWhen it comes to your commercial HVAC equipment, there are some simple rules you need to keep in mind.  These rules will help you to keep your equipment not only running smoothly, but also help to sustain the life of your valuable investment.  After all, when you make a purchase as large as a commercial HVAC system, you need to make sure you are doing everything in your power to help it work for you!  Let’s get started with our top rules.

  • Rule #1 – Equipment Sizing: When you initially purchase and have your commercial HVAC system installed you will want to ensure that your technician fits your unit to your specific needs.  You don;t want a system that is overly powerful, just as you don’t want one that isn’t powerful enough.  Either situation will cost you more money, hassle, and headache in the long run.
  • Rule #2 – Maintenance Is Key!  All business owners need to keep their large investment equipment pieces on a regularly scheduled maintenance plan.  This type of plan should be something that us very specific to your equipment.  You can also get on a plan that meets your monthly budget needs by planning out all of your services as a part of a Maintenance Contract.  A good maintenance contract will save you money and make your maintenance easy.
  • Rule #3 – Know when to upgrade: Understanding when you need to upgrade or replace an old, outdated system is really important when you want to maximize your monthly utility expenses.  Outdated equipment often doesn’t utilize all of the latest innovations and technology needed to perform at an optimal level.  This will cause you to spend more and also reduce performance.

If you find that you need help with any of the above Ladue area commercial HVAC services, simply give the experts at American Services a call!

What Happens When You Ignore Refrigeration Maintenance?

What Happens When You Ignore Refrigeration Maintenance?

Hvac Technician WorkingEvery business that relies on any type of refrigeration equipment should be securing that equipment’s use with a smart and effective regular maintenance schedule.  Regular scheduled maintenance is key in the proper function of your equipment and additionally reduces down time from unexpected issues.  Today, the Fenton area refrigeration experts at American Services will explain the most common issues that occur when regular maintenance is ignored.

Here are six of the top issues caused by lack of preventative maintenance:

  • Fan Motor Failure – This issue it caused by dirty coils that restrict air flow.
  • Thermostat Failure – This is caused by high amp draw from dirty condenser coils.
  • Burnt and Failing Wiring – This is also caused by excessive amp draw that stems from dirty condenser coils and high head pressure.
  • Compressor Failure – This is caused by a combination of dirty condenser coils and high head pressure.
  • Capillary Tubing Restriction – This is caused by the overheating and fouling of refrigerant oil.
  • Excessive Electrical Consumption and Amp Draw – This is cause by longer dirty condenser coils that cause longer run times for your unit.

As you can see, a number of issues can arise from simply ignoring the routing care that is needed by your refrigeration equipment.  Just think about how much of an investment each piece of equipment is!  Don’t waste your money and cause an inconvenience to your customers by ignoring a few simple tasks.  Maintenance service is always money well spent!

Get your refrigeration equipment on a regular maintenance schedule that will prevent these issues and save you money by calling the customer care team at American Services today!  We can give you a free estimate, get you on a monthly payment plan, and save you money.  Don’t let your equipment fail due to a simple maintenance issue. Call the American Services team now!