Restaurant Equipment Repair-Soda Machines

restaurant equipment repair in MOAmerican Services restaurant equipment repair near Webster Groves knows that vending machines made in recent years are significantly more complex than when they first were produced. What once was a simple mechanical machine is now a technologically advanced computerized piece of equipment, often able to accept debit cards and credit cards. That being said, a professional repair person may be required to make all but the simplest of adjustments. If the machine or machines in question happen to be under warranty, there may be restrictions about what can and can’t be done to fix it. Refer to the manufacturer for assistance before attempting any repairs in such situations.

The simplest fixes should be the first ones inspected. If the machine is plugged in, but not receiving power, plug it in another electrical socket and check for blown fuses or tripped circuits associated with the place of operation. If power isn’t the issue, but the equipment isn’t functioning, open it up and make sure that a can or bottles isn’t wedged in the mechanical chute or access window. Then presence of jammed coins is another quick fix that you’ll want to look for. Bill acceptors, coin mechanisms, credit relay devices are further components that could need to be fixed or repaired.

Beyond that, temperature could potentially be the issue. If this is the case it could be a simple matter of adjusting the temperature control mechanism. If the wrong products are being dispensed, the dispensing mechanism need to be checked, which is likely to be a task better suited to a service-person. Likewise, wiring may require the presence of an electrician. Vending machine repair specialists are typically not hard to locate and would be happy to help with your beverage machine repair, running and generating revenue again.