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Using Solar Power in your overall Energy Plan

Using Solar Power in your overall Energy Plan

solor heating in MOAmerican Services HVAC heating and cooling in St. Louis knows that one of the most economical and environmentally ways to heat a building is to use solar power.  And since this green technology has advanced exponentially over the years it has become even more effective and costs less than ever before.

One of the easiest applications for solar power is to use it for the heating of all water in a commercial facility.  Hot water usage can come from showers, bathrooms or even cleaning and manufacturing.  The old fashioned way to heat water has always been by using a water heater that is either powered by propane, natural gas or some other fossil fuel.  The problem with all of these fuels is that there isn’t an endless supply of any of them and therefore the cost to a business can be daunting.  Additionally as fossil fuels become more and more rare and the techniques used to mine them become more expensive the cost is going to continue to rise.  The advantage of using solar power is that it’s a fixed cost with a onetime initial expense and then just maintenance from that point on.

The process to get this all started for a commercial application is fairly simple.  Evacuated tube collectors or a similarly designed solar panel is placed on the roof or high point near the building.  This tube design is particularly important because the solar panels are always facing the sun no matter what angle the sun is at or the time of day.  In addition the simplistic design is solid and offers years of practical use.  The energy is then captured in a solar collector and through a series of tubes and a central controller; the heat is pushed throughout the facility.  This design can be used in a variety of geographic areas and can be just as effective in the winter as it is during those dog days of summer when the sun is always around.

Using a solar panel system to heat water for a commercial building is not only smart business but is good for the earth as well.  Solar energy has been around for years, and continues to supply companies around the world with simple, fast and cheap energy.  If you’re looking to cut costs out of your business and need a simple and time tested solution then solar power might be just what you need.

Alternative Heating Sources

Alternative Heating Sources

solor heating in MOAmerican Services Heating and Cooling installation service in Missouri knows that there are many options when it comes to commercial heating systems.

One such option is for heat transfer fluids.  If you are considering solar heating heat transfer systems, be sure to consult the local authority in your area to find out what exactly is required for your geographic area.

Water is one type of substance that is effective as a heat transfer fluid, particularly with its low viscosity property which makes it easy to pump. Drawbacks are its low boiling point and high freezing point, and the fact that water can be corrosive and cause mineral deposits.

Glycol and water mixtures are made up of a 50/50 or 60/40 glycol-to-water ratio. Ethylene and propylene glycol make up the properties of antifreeze.

Hydrocarbon oils have a higher viscosity and lower specific heat than water meaning they need more energy for circulation.  With a low freezing point, these types of oils tend to be relatively less expensive than some others.     The basic categories of hydrocarbon oils are synthetic hydrocarbons, paraffin hydrocarbons, and aromatic refined mineral oils. Synthetic hydrocarbons are relatively nontoxic and require little maintenance. Paraffin hydrocarbons have a wider temperature range between freezing and boiling points than water, but they are toxic and require a double-walled, closed-loop heat exchanger. Aromatic oils are the least viscous of the hydrocarbon oils.

Refrigerants are commonly used in refrigerators, air conditioners, and heat pumps as the primary heat transfer fluid. They generally have a low boiling point and a high heat capacity which enables a small amount of the refrigerant to transfer a large amount of heat very efficiently.

If you currently own a refrigerant-charged solar system that requires maintenance, contact us today at American Services and we will sent out a qualified technician.

Active solar heating uses solar energy to heat transfer fluid or air, which then transfers the solar heat to an interior  storage system for later use. Solar heating systems can be implemented as a supplement to other heating systems such as radiant heating, boilers, heat pumps, or forced-air heating systems.

Active solar heating systems are actually most cost-effective in cold climates that have good solar resources.  Liquid and air systems are good choices for forced air supplemental heating. Note that commercial systems usually come with warranties of 10 years or more and usually last much longer.

Liquid Based Active Solar Heating

Liquid Based Active Solar Heating

solor heating in MOAmerican Services heating installation service near Fairview Heights knows that solar liquid collectors are a viable option for central heating systems.  These are the same systems used in solar water heating.  Flat plate collectors are the most prevalent type available, but another version is the evacuated tube and concentrating collectors.  These are heat transfer fluid heating systems which use water, antifreeze, or other types of liquid which can absorb solar heat.

The controller operates a circulating pump to move the liquid through the collector.  As the fluid moves quickly through the system.  “Heating a smaller volume of liquid to a higher temperature increases heat loss from the collector and decreases the efficiency of the system. The liquid flows to either a storage tank or a heat exchanger for immediate use. Other system components include piping, pumps, valves, an expansion tank, a heat exchanger, a storage tank, and controls,” says

In distributing heat for liquid systems, there are many options such as radiant floor, hot water baseboards, or even radiators, as well as forced air heat.  One of the best distribution methods is radiant floor heating for liquid solar systems because it works very well even at low environmental temperatures. Standard water heaters can be used as a back-up supply of heat.  Radiant slab systems finished with tile can take longer to heat than other distribution systems, but once they are heated up, they work very well to provide consistent heat.  The downside is that carpeting and rugs will lower the effectiveness.

“Hot-water baseboards and radiators require water between 160° and 180°F (71° and 82°C) to effectively heat a room. Generally, flat-plate liquid collectors heat the transfer and distribution fluids to between 90° and 120°F (32° and 49°C).”

Industrial Heating Retirement Communities

Industrial Heating Retirement Communities

retirement industry heating service in MOAmerican Services serves many industries for heating maintenance and repair in MO such as the retirement industry.  One of the most expensive costs for a retirement community is the heating of water.  Residents, kitchen staff, normal staff and visitors can use large quantities of heated water on any given day and for management staff that means money is literally going down the drain. 

One option for retirement communities looking to save on water heating expenses is to install a solar heating system.  This solution may not work for every geographic location, but even in colder areas there are systems that can be weather-proofed and installed.  For regions that have sun almost all year around, solar heating can be the perfect solution and a cost effective way to maintain hot water supplies 

The concept of solar water heaters is fairly simple.  A photovoltaic cell or a series of them is placed on a roof or high area in order to collect the necessary solar energy.  The panel heats the fluid that is either pumped actively or is passively driven through the system through a convection process.  These two methods are the basic systems; active and passive, and both have there advantages and disadvantages.

The water is stored in a tank that can then send the water throughout any area of the building as it’s needed.  Passive systems require the least amount of equipment and are the easiest to set up, while active systems require an electrical pump in order to move the water through the system.  The choice will often depend on the climate and the building size and configuration.

Solar energy can be a very cost effective solution and offers an endless and consistent supply of energy.  While the expense up front can be daunting, the eventual return on your investment is often worth the initial outlay.  The best way to figure out if this system will work for you is to call a well regarded installation company and an engineer that is familiar with this type of installation.  Not only will you be saving money, but Mother Nature might just smile down on you a  little as well.



Save Money on Industrial Heating

Save Money on Industrial Heating

industrial heating service in MOAmerican Services Industrial Heating service in Missouri knows that industrial heating is often the second highest single expenses spent on in a business setting. Any heating system that needs to be replaced should always be replaced with an energy efficient model of some sort. The difference in these models can save you a ton on your monthly bills and they can then help your profit margin.

One way to help save money on industrial space heating is the use of programmable thermostats. Although this is not a new option, it can certainly help to lower costs. Another quick fix to the energy needs of a large company is to simply maintain the current system and to keep it in good repair.

Geothermal heating system using heat from the Earth’s soil to heat a building is growing ip popularity. This natural, renewable source of energy is another option that should be considered is solar heating. Solar heating water to warm a building is another viable option that can be very cost effective. Finally, more and more warehouse owners and managers are opting for highly efficient furnaces using renewable energies like corn. If your facilities are located in an agricultural region, this might well be a very good option, since heating with corn is nowadays the cheapest way of warming an industrial space.

More and more interested parties are paying close attention to the topic of energy usage. As prices keep increasing alternative industrial space heating options become highly important topics to consider. By taking advantage of some of them you may find that not only your costs can diminish and your needs for repairs decreases too. When the time comes to repair the broken product, it would be wise to carefully consider one or more alternative industrial space heating options.