Commercial Heating Options

industrial boiler repair in MOInstalling industrial heating systems near Clayton MO with sustainable resources is an attractive option offered by American Services.  We utilize energy sources such as solar and geothermal power. Heating options like these systems are good for the environment and are potentially more cost efficient than other options such as oil and gas. Since they often come with high startup costs, this type of commercial heating system is often passed over by smaller businesses with less available capitol.

Selecting an oil or gas steam commercial HVAC system may not be the most efficient choice, but it is one of the oldest and most widespread methods of heating commercial properties. The oil or gas is used to boil, condense and steam flows through the pipes. Besides being relatively inefficient, steam heating also requires additional time to circulate the heat. Once the boiler is started it must run for a while before the heating process begins.

Heating by using a water-based HVAC system is another available option. Much like steam heating, the water heating method requires a boiler to operate. The water flows through the system to radiators positioned throughout the building or property. Water-based heating systems come with their own efficiency issues. First of all, it is necessary to clear the air in the system every time the heating is started which slows down the warming process.

Industrial Boilers 

American Services can maintain and service your industrial water and low pressure steam boilers with no problem. You can count on us to keep your building inhabitable and do it at a reasonable cost.

Installing a heat pump is, on the other hand, a more efficient means of heating a building.  Interestingly, this process is heats by using a refrigerant. Then the process continues by pumping the heat generated throughout the commercial property. One of the best things about this method is that it does not require a fuel source to work. The heat pump method is a very efficient system that many folks use for commercial heating in Illinois.