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5 Tips For Buying a Walk-In Cooler

5 Tips For Buying a Walk-In Cooler


If your next big commercial refrigeration purchase includes a walk-in cooler, you understand the cost commitment that comes with the territory.  This is exactly why it is so important to take the time to get the right walk-in for your needs now and for those to come.  Today, the American Services team will give you five tips to remember when making your final walk-in cooler purchasing decision.

  • Sizing Tip #1 – Walk-in unit sizing is based on the dimensions for the exterior of the unit only.  This means that the space on the inside of your unit will not be less than those dimensions.  When accounting for this, be sure to subtract the size of the exterior panels into your calculations.  Standard panels are 4 inches wide, but a custom unit may differ.
  • Sizing Tip #2 – The size of the walk-in unit you need can be determined by the weight of the food product you will be storing.  This calculation can be determined by remembering that one cubic foot of storage space has the food storage capacity of 28 pounds.
  • Flooring Tip – The customary flooring option for walk-in units is aluminum. Yet, aluminum isn’t always the best choice due to it’s inability to keep up with wear.  To avoid ruining your floor, opt for diamond thread flooring instead.  This type of flooring can absorb impact better and last much longer when compared side-by-side to aluminum.
  • Lighting Tip – You will want your walk-in to be outfitted with plenty of lighting and to be painted white on the interior.  This will give you and your employees the ability to see very easily when looking in the walk-in for food items and this step can also prevent avoidable slipping accidents that can occur in low-light walk-in environments.
  • Door Sizing Tip – If you plan on storing larger items in your walk-in, such as carts of food, you will want to opt for a larger door.  This is something to mention up-front since standard pre-fab unit doors are fairly narrow.

So, whether you decide on a pre-fabricated unit or one that is custom built to your liking, be sure to contact the commercial refrigeration experts near Wentzville at American Services for all the help you need!

Business Heating Options

Business Heating Options

industrial heating maintenance in MOCommercial warehouse heaters are an economical solution to heating requirements that provides a comfortable environment for otherwise difficult areas to heat. They operate as electric, natural gas or propane powered machines. Also, they come with a wide range of BTU outputs and power configurations, making these heaters versatile and customizable. With built-in safety features like auto shut-off capacity when the machine reaches a certain temperature. If these machines happen to tip over they will shut down automatically as well.

In other scenarios, container heaters may be needed. In this type of smaller temperature controlled environment, rapid heating can be used to keep more temperature sensitive material such as pain, asphalt, caulk or resins in good working order. These container heaters are well insulated and come with an adjustable thermostat. With low energy consumption these highly efficient heaters provide year round storage capacity with internal temperatures that can be easily maintained.

Electric ceiling heaters provide another option for temperature control. These heaters are nice for offices and industrial space too. They are safe and easy to use, with enclosed motors and a fan that provides circulation. Perfect for warming hard to heat areas, electric ceiling heaters are both durable and reliable. For additional safety, many of these units come equipped with thermal overload features that shut them down when safe operating temperature is exceeded.

There are plenty of other options available for space heating, there are; drum and barrel heaters, duct heaters, convection heaters, fan forced heaters, electric floor heaters, radiant heaters and plenty more. It is important to look into all of the available options and match them up to the application that they are to be used for. For industrial heating equipment near Bridgeton, contact American Services for help.

Restaurant Equipment Installation of Commercial Ice Makers

Restaurant Equipment Installation of Commercial Ice Makers

restaurant equipment service in MOAmerican Service restaurant equipment installation near Fenton knows that from classic cubes to specialized nugget ice, there is a commercial ice machine for any operation. When shopping for a commercial ice maker, take the time to consider what type of ice cube machine would best suit your operation. Restaurants, bars, hotels and even medical clinics and hospitals all have different requirements.

Besides ice types and sizes, there are other factors to consider as well when selecting the right ice machine. Yield, storage capacity and filtration factor into the decision-making process as well. Cubed ice, flake ice and nugget ice are all possibilities here. Flake ice is often used for food display applications. Cubed ice makers are further broken down into full-cube producing and half-cube making versions. Nugget ice is pellet-sized and perfect for frozen drinks or for carbonated beverages.

Ice is something that establishments can’t afford to be short on, so calculating maximum daily usage and making sure to buy a machine or machines that can out-produce demand is vital. It is estimated that 1 and ½ pounds of ice per person in a restaurant setting. Hospitals, on the other hand need to produce around 10 pounds of ice per bed, while hotels need to have machines that can whip up 5 pounds per day, per room.

As for the types of machines, there are under-counter, cube ice, combination ice, flake ice, and nugget machines to choose from. Undercounter ice machines are convenient because they make and store ice in the same unit. Cube ice-makers create ice with a larder surface area for slower melting. Combination machines make store and dispense ice and flake ice-makers are good for keeping food temperatures low and are more visually appealing when on display. Finally, nugget ice machines produce a more chewable type ice, otherwise known as pellet ice or pearl ice.



Half Door Refrigerators For Commecial Restaurant Equipment

Half Door Refrigerators For Commecial Restaurant Equipment

commercial restaurant equipment in MOAmerican Services refrigerationl restaurant equipment repair near Sunset Hills knows that in today’s restaurant operations it is imperative that the highest level of efficiency is achieved in all aspects of the business. Many restaurants are integrating new restaurant equipment technologies into their operation as a way to say ahead of the competitors. Half door refrigerators are becoming more and more popular as they provide many opportunities over the traditional refrigerator with added convenience.

Half door refrigerators allow for dual temperature zones within one unit. Often times, a restaurant will opt for a combination of a solid door and glass door as opposed to the traditions style of two solid stainless steel doors. This allows for easier access to product by quickly visually inspecting what is inside. Anything to speed things up is the key to this game.

When looking for a half door refrigeration, ensure that is constructed of stainless steel material or a combination of stainless steel and aluminum. Exterior digital thermometers will ensure the system is operating at peak efficiency while allowing for increased speed in monitoring such equipment. Most units will run on 120 volts that can be plugged into a standard outlet. However, large half door refrigerators have been known to require 240 volts.

Some manufactures have incorporated new concepts into the interior construction of half door refrigerators to allow the restaurant operator to customize the interior shelving and storage capacity with the purchase of a few accessories. Manufactures know that all restaurants operate differently and have different storage requirements so they are now producing differing storage rack styles and configurations to meet the needs of all customers in today’s market.

For maintenance and repair of your commercial restaurant equipment in Missouri, call us today at American Services.


Energy-Efficient Cooling Alternative

Energy-Efficient Cooling Alternative

cooling service in MissouriAmerican Services commercial Heating and Cooling installation in Jefferson County knows that a quiet, energy efficient alternative to traditional air conditioning in commercial buildings has been developed and is known as  Radiant Cooling.

This cooling process has been designed as a passive system. Radiant cooling uses off- peak electric power at night, minimizing the need for energy draining air conditioning operations during daylight hours.  This provides the flexibility in downsize chiller units, completely eliminating the need for individual air conditioning units.

The Radiant cooling process makes use of the energy storage capacity of concrete floors for the purpose of cooling the commercial
unit. In this cooling system, energy  moves to the cooled surface, thereby lowering ambient air temperature. Radiant cooling helps eliminate the drafts and temperature fluctuations commonly associated with traditional HVAC installed systems.

Radiant cooling is also effective in areas where high-glazing  and solar gain could be a concern. Radiant cooling is especially effective in avoiding problems with mold and allergens spread by forced-air systems. This makes Radiant cooling systems a perfect application for hospital and healthcare environments.

Radiant cooling systems offer many great advantages. They can be combined and work with existing HVAC  systems already in place to conserving energy during peak hours. Radiant systems offer the ability to accurately control and vary temperatures throughout the commercial installation.

Key Benefits
– Energy savings average from 17 percent in cold ,humid climates to 42 percent it warm dry climates.
– Effective for building designs incorporating large glass surfaces
that carry high direct solar loads
– Allows you to establish a centralized location for the control system and mechanical equipment simplifying installation operation and maintenance
– Systems can be designed to transfer heat away from one area of a building to another.