Tips for the Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance

commercial refrigeration maintenance in MOIn addition to cleaning your commercial refrigerator regularly, there are some other things you should do every other month in order to keep your commercial refrigerator operating in optimal condition.

American services commercial refrigeration service near Fairview Heights knows that scheduling routing maintenance checks to your commercial refrigeration system is imperative.  Most commercial refrigeration manufacturers suggest routine maintenance programs that you can enroll in to have your refrigeration system checked out regularly.  Maintenance technicians such as our professional trained staff at American Services can detect potential problems before they result in costly breakdowns.

“Check the door gasket for a proper seal. In order to assure the door or drawer is properly sealing, insert a dollar bill between the gasket and door frame and close the door. The bill should give some resistance when you pull on it. If it falls to the floor or slides out easily, the door is not properly sealing, and you need to replace the gasket,” says

In order to ensure safety of food be sure to check the holding temperature.  The holding temperature should actually be checked several times per day.  If he holding temperature is too low, food can spoil resulting in increase in expenses.  Low temperatures in commercial refrigeration systems could be caused by blocked vents or even a malfunction of the system itself.

Be sure to keep interior lights replaced when needed.  This will allow employees to quickly be able to identify food that they need rather than hanging inside the refrigerator with the door open  while searching for food items.  Be sure to replace old bulbs with those of the same wattage to be sure proper illumination is attained.