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Cooling Systems That Offer It All

Cooling Systems That Offer It All

Three businesspeople working with headsets in an officeCommercial cooling systems work hard to keep you, your employees, and your customers comfortable during the hot summer months.  The American Services team understands how much you rely on these units and want to make sure you never experience down time that causes loss of business and profits.  That’s why our team always pairs our commercial clients with only the best cooling systems on the market.

When you call our team for a free Overland area commercial cooling installation estimate, you will instantly gain access to the most reliable commercial cooling equipment on the market today.  Our sales team is on top of the latest innovations in everything HVAC related.  It’s our job and privilege to then bring this knowledge and comfort to you.

Upon receiving your free installation estimate from our professional team you will understand why we are known for our fair pricing standards.  This is accomplished by having a working relationship with a number of equipment providers.  These relationships gain our team access to special rebates, specials, and overall low pricing for our commercial cooling clients near Edwardsville and around the entire St. Louis Metropolitan area.

Choosing American Services as your commercial cooling service provider will also save you time and money when looking to upgrade your heating, ventilation, refrigeration, cooling equipment, ice machines, and other areas of your business.  Our full service approach spans a number of industries and covers your entire business in one phone call.  So whether you own a small office space, chain restaurant, or convenience store American Services has you covered.

Next time you are looking to find the right full service commercial equipment service provider we hope you put our team at the top of your list.  We always guarantee your complete satisfaction and can back our promise with the best team in town.  Give us a call to find out if we can help you today.


Commercial HVAC Service Contract Q&A

Commercial HVAC Service Contract Q&A

Q and A Deciding if a commercial HVAC service contract is right for your business can be tricky.  You’ll need to look at the average amount you spend on repairs over the course of a year, figure out if the terms of the contract will meet your needs, and then decide if investing in the contract will save you money and down time in the end. That’s why American Services has a team of experts devoted just to the area of customized preventative maintenance and service contracts.  These individuals can take you through the process of projecting your yearly service costs, designing your contract to meet your needs, and making it an affordable option that can be paid for over the course of the year.  Even though all of that sounds great, many of our clients have additional questions.  Today, let’s take a look at just a few of these questions and offer some answers.

Is is true that having a customized preventative maintenance and service contract can reduce interruption in my business?

Yes.  The down time you experience due to an emergency call-out can add up, but with a service contract many of those emergency calls will be avoided.

Can having a customized preventative maintenance and service contract really save me money?

Yes.  Our contracts are designed to keep your equipment in the best shape possible.  This reduces your cost of emergency repairs and prolongs the life of your equipment.  Our contracts also hep business owners budget the maintenance they will needs across an entire year making a service contract easy to afford.

Do your  customized preventative maintenance and service contracts comply with my manufacturer’s warranty.

Yes.  In fact, our team will review the necessary terms within your warranty to ensure our team is properly maintaining your equipment according to the appropriate specs.

Contact the American Services team to get your HVAC service contract near Ladue in place today!  Our team is waiting to serve you and can’t wait to help you save valuable time and money!

Restaurant Sales Are Up – Is It Time To Update Your Cooking Equipment?

Restaurant Sales Are Up – Is It Time To Update Your Cooking Equipment?

chef in kitchenThanks to dropping gas prices and rising employment rates, the restaurant industry experienced it’s best month in eight years during December 2014.  Gains were seen in both the casual-dining chains, which reported an increase of 4.4 percent, as well as in the quick-service arena which saw gains of 4.6 percent.  This is especially good news since sales in December 2013 were flat.  Since then, the industry has seen steady monthly gains and expects that trend to continue across 2015. All of this data is based-upon MillerPulse results and represents averages from operator surveys in all areas of the nation and in all segments of the food service industry.  You can get full details by visiting the Nation’s Restaurant News website at

Did your St. Louis area restaurant experience the same sales growth as what’s being reported by the NRN?  If so, maybe it’s time to consider upgrading or replacing some of your outdated equipment.  The team at American Services can help you with every aspect of your Jefferson County area restaurant equipment installation!  Our team is filled with the professional technicians you have been looking for.  We understand your needs, can address any current repair issues, and give you a free estimate for the services you need or want.  Plus, our attention to providing a well-rounded  list of services means we can also take care of any HVAC, refrigeration, ice machine, beverage system, or filtration issues you may be concerned with.

Why not contact our team to get your free estimate now?  This free estimate will allow you the chance to make an informed decision about how you want to re-invest in your business for the new year.  Don’t wait until it’s too late!  Broken or malfunctioning equipment will cost you valuable time and money.  Let the American Services team help you get started right in 2015!


Don’t Forget About Your Cooling System This Winter!

Don’t Forget About Your Cooling System This Winter!

Red String Tied Around FingerAt American Services, our technicians are often asked how they suggest caring for a cooling unit during the winter months.  This is a really good question and one we would like to address with you.  Here are some of our most basic recommendations:

First, it’s important to prepare your cooling unit for it’s off season by having a full maintenance check at the end of the cooling season. This service will go over all of the parts of your units, asses their functionality, and address any needed repairs.  The unit will then be ready for the cold months when it is not in use and ensure it’s proper function when it is put back into service later in the year.

The off-season for your cooling system is also the best time to prepare to replace or upgrade any outdated units.  Our team can come to your location and give you a full estimate with recommendations that will save you energy and thus reduce your overall energy bills.  We are well-versed in all the latest technology that makes cooling any size building more cost-effective and comfortable for employees and customers alike.

Finally, we also recommend talking to our customer care team about designing a Customized Preventative Maintenance Plan.  This team of experts can work with any budget and any size business in coming up with a plan that saves you both time and money.  The best part about these plans is that they make budgeting for maintenance work simple and they provide the needed maintenance to keep you in compliance with any applicable manufacturer warranty you may have.

Don’t waste the valuable time you have during the winter ignoring your cooling unit simply because it isn’t being used.  Take this time to contact our team for a full evaluation.  Our quality service is why so many Jefferson County area Commercial cooling clients continue to choose us over all the rest.

Save Energy When Cooling Your Commercial Space

Save Energy When Cooling Your Commercial Space

Save energyIt is estimated that commercial HVAC costs can account for up to 30 percent of your total overhead, depending on what kind of business you run.  Since this may be costing you so much, here are a few ways you can saving when you are using your cooling system:

  • When sufficient natural light is available, considering turning off an high-powered fluorescent lighting.
  • If possible, start your employee’s shifts earlier in the day as to avoid peak cooling hours.
  • Limit the inflow of warm outside air by configuring your ventilation system accordingly.
  • When not in use, make sure all computer, kitchen equipment, and other heat-generating appliances are turned off.
  • If you have an onsite cafe, encourage “cold” menu items on warmer days.
  • Have more casual dress days that allow you the ability to keep the thermostat at a higher temperature setting.
  • Get light-blocking window covers installed in order to reduce any passive heating of your office space.
  • In kitchen areas, consider upgrading refrigeration vents and oven hoods.  This move will reduce confined space heat build-up.
  • Schedule regular maintenance checks with American Services.  This will keep your unit running efficiently thanks to clean filters, vents, and other equipment elements.
  • Also have any needed repairs made ASAP.  Common parts that will need regular replacement include coils and condensers.

The commercial cooling experts at American Services are here to help you save!  Our Kirkwood area cooling services include sales, service, repairs, and maintenance making us the most-complete dealer in St. Louis.  You may also consider that we additionally specialize in cooking equipment, refrigeration, ice machines, water filtration, industrial equipment, and beverage systems.  This means we can come out and take care of all of your needs in one trip.  Let us help you save time and money today!  Talk to our customer care specialists about getting your free estimate now.

Refrigeration Services For Your Restaurant Business

Refrigeration Services For Your Restaurant Business

Your Success Is Our GoalDo you own a restaurant business in the St. Louis area?  Are you looking for a reliable equipment service provider that can repair your refrigeration units in a timely and appropriate manner?  If so, the team at American Services is here to take care of your needs!  At American Services, O’Fallon area commercial refrigeration unit owners have come to rely on the swift services provided by the American Services team.  Those who choose American Services get friendly scheduling, quick call-outs, expert service, and professional follow-up.  All of these qualities add up and make American Services a leader in the are of refrigeration service.

So, what if you also have other restaurant equipment that needs service at the same time.  Or, what if you are also experiencing an HVAC-related problem?  Well, that’s no problem for American Services.  Our team is filled with technicians who have experience in a number of commercial equipment areas including: heating, cooling, ventilation, beverage systems, ice machines, water filtration, beverage systems, industrial equipment, and cooking equipment.  For an American Services client, this wide variety of areas served means you will have fewer call-outs, be more efficient, and reduce any down time that can cost you valuable time and money.

Don’t rely on a refrigeration service provider that can’t give you the full-service attention given by the American Services team.  Call us toll-free at 855-733-1776 right now.  We are here to take your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  When you call, you can count on friendly customer care and the prompt service you need to stay in business and keep your customers happy.  Our mission is to make you happy and that is exactly what we will do for you!

Your St. Louis Restaurant Equipment Dealer Is American Services

Your St. Louis Restaurant Equipment Dealer Is American Services

Cook in kitchenAt American Services, you can count on our team to provide the best HVAC-R sales, service, and maintenance work in St. Louis.  Our extensive list of provided services includes:

  • Soda system, coffee equipment, cappuccino machine, tea maker, and frozen concentrated beverage machine sales, installation, service, and maintenance.
  • Gas repairs including thermostat calibration, pilot adjustment, pilot replacement, gas leak inspecions, steam boiler de-scaling, steam boiler change-outs, gas pressure tests, and more.
  • Electric repairs including equipment rewiring, amperage draw checks, impact for loose connections, and inspecting wire terminals for oxidation and overheating.
  • Equipment sales and repairs including the following brands: AccuTemp; Garland; Rankin Delux; Globe; Reynolds; Southbend; Star; Jade; Dito Dean; Eagle; Merco; Waste King; Embergol; Wolf; Frymaster; and many more.
  • Refrigeration services for: commercial refrigeration; industrial refrigeration; process refrigeration; walk-in freezers; walk-in coolers; supermarket refrigeration; display cases; convenient store refrigeration; restaurant refrigeration; and laboratory refrigeration.
  • Ice machine and water filtration services that maximize equipment performance, reduce downtime, reduce repair costs, assure manufacturer warranty compliance, and reduce the formation of lime/scale and mineral build-up.
  • HVAC services like: AC maintenance; AC repair; AC replacement; heating replacement; heating repair; indoor air quality; preventative maintenance; air duct free system; gas furnace; heat pumps; and zoning products.

Our full-service approach means you can count on the fact that our professionals can take care of all of your HVAC, Cooking Equipment, Refrigeration, Ice Machine, Industrial Equipment, and Beverage Systems needs.  We truly are your one-stop-shop for restaurant equipment sales and support near Belleville, IL!

Don’t delay a repair or maintenance service any longer!  Your procrastination will only cost you added time and money in the long run.  Call our office to schedule your appointment today!

Why You Should Only Use Trained Commercial Cooling Professionals

Why You Should Only Use Trained Commercial Cooling Professionals

Commercial Cooling Near Jefferson CountyWhen you decide to invest in the installation, repair, or maintenance services of a Hazelwood area commercial cooling company, it is important to consider the benefits of using one that exclusively utilizes the services of trained HVACR Technicians.  Certified HVACR professionals are the only technicians that can perform the quality service you deserve, in a reliable and customized manner!  Let’s take a look at what sets trained professionals apart!

  • Modern HVACR systems require a specialized skill when being installed, repaired, or maintained.  These units are not longer just mechanical, but use specific programming advancements that require the right knowledge-base to function properly.  Don’t trust your HVACR dollars to anyone but a trained professional.
  • Trained HVACR professionals also have a certain level of customer service skills and portray a friendly and business-minded image.  By using a trained professional you will benefit from these valuable qualities and feel more satisfied with the work that is being performed.
  • If you are using a company that requires their technicians to be properly trained, you can feel more secure about the overall trustworthiness of the business.  Let’s fact it, it costs money to train and continually educate HVACR technicians and most people won’t invest in someone who doesn’t perform quality work.  This gives you a good indication of the work your technician will provide.
  • Trained technicians are also more likely to do the job right the first time!  They take pride in the installation and want their customers to be happy.  Plus, many will assist you in learning how to properly care for and maintain your equipment. A skill that can save you time and money in the future!

So, now that you understand why hiring trained HVACR technicians is so important don’t make the mistake of choosing the wrong team again!  Contact American Services to receive the care you deserve today!

Troubleshooting Common Cooling System Issues

Troubleshooting Common Cooling System Issues

Cooling Repair Near South CountyLearning how to troubleshoot common issues that may occur with your commercial cooling system is a must for all business owners.  This skill will allow you to quickly assess what kind of attention needs to be given to the situation and can even save you money.  Today, the South County area commercial cooling experts at American Services present a few tips and tricks that will allow you to properly troubleshoot some of the most common AC-related issues.

ISSUE #1 – You notice your cooling system isn’t cooling as efficiently as it used to.  In fact, your bills have gone up although the outside temps have been consistent.  What should you do?  If you are experiencing these symptoms, the most common cause is debris build-up around your AC unit.  Debris restricts airflow and causes your unit to work harder to cool your building.  This results in higher cooling costs, along with unnecessary wear and tear to your unit.  To relieve the issue, simply clear any debris that you discover around the unit. This easy task should provide an immediate difference in the efficiency of your unit.

ISSUE #2 – You notice frost build-up on your condenser coils located on the outdoor air handler.  This doesn’t seem right, as you’ve never noticed the build-up before.  What should you do?  The first thing you should do is turn your unit off for a couple of hours so that the coils may thaw.  Once they have thawed, turn the unit back on and feel the coils. Are they cold?  If not, you may have a coolant problem that requires the attention of a trained technician.

Having a basic understanding of your cooling unit is a great way to save yourself time and money!  We hope you have found these tips useful and encourage you to continue learning about how to properly care for and maintain your AC unit!

Tips for Organizing your Refrigeration System

Tips for Organizing your Refrigeration System

commercial refrigeration in moAmerican Services commercial refrigeration repair in St. Louis knows that when it comes to organizing your cooling and refrigeration system for your commercial restaurant, it may not be one of the most exciting tasks on your list of things to do, but did you know that the efficiency of your cooling system will be maximized if you organize the food properly?

A poorly arranged freezer and refrigeration system could even cause your equipment to work harder than it should and wear out quickly as well as raising your utility bills.

Commercial refrigerators and freezers require a specific organized method for efficiency to be maximized.  This includes installation of interior pan rack slides and shelves.

With just a few changes in your commercial refrigeration system, you can increase safety and cleanliness and prevent hot spots, follow the tips below;

1. Space food items appropriately and be sure to allow adequate space between food boxes so cold air can properly circulate.

2. Refrain from storing food items on the floor- make sure all items are located at least 6 inches higher than the floor by using shelving units or dunnage racks in your walk-in cooler.

3. Be sure to keep meat stored on the lowest shelf to ensure that any spills will not end up thawing and contaminating other food items.

4. Store the fresh produce away from fans which could potentially damage fresh food resulting in freezer burn.

5. Use stickers with dates on every product and keep the newest items stored in back to ensure that the oldest food gets used first to avoid spoilage.

6. Label refrigerator shelves to keep storage organized and to make identifying food quicker for employees.

Keeping your commercial refrigerator clean and well organized will save time and money in the long run while at the same time ensuring safety and longevity of the food quality.