Commercial Refrigeration in Grocery Stores

commercial refrigertion in MOAmerican Services commercial Refrigeration systems near Collinsville IL knows that refrigeration systems can consume a great deal of energy in businesses such as grocery stores and refrigerated warehouses. With the increase in demands and federal regulations for a reduction in energy consumption, many organizations have developed refrigeration programs to aid in the transition from inefficient systems to efficient ones.

A typical company will have multiple refrigeration units ranging in efficiency ratings. A proper assessment of your company’s units will reveal systems that do not or will not meet efficiency standards. A licensed professional can conduct an energy audit and map out your entire system, showing areas of concern and areas of immediate change. Along with measurements in refrigeration energy efficiency, many companies will provide an audit on the lighting systems as well to further enhance your energy plan. Typical changes to systems include anti-sweat heater controls, electronic commutated motors, refrigerator fan controls, and custom interior lighting.

When seeking a company to perform an energy audit, there are many companies that offer a no-cost, no-obligation facility audit. The customer is provided with recommendations and estimates of energy savings, project cost, payback periods, and incentive amounts available based on the audit. These companies make their money if you decided to follow their recommendations and have them perform the work. Installation of systems and equipment that are performed by licensed organizations will first send out an engineer who will first perform a pre-installation inspection to verify all aspects of the project. Trusted contractors will then implement projects followed by a post-installation inspection by the company’s engineer again. This will ensure all work is completed correctly.

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