Commercial Laboratory Refrigeration Systems

commercial lab refrigeration service in MOAmerican Services commercial refrigeration services near Sunset Hills knows that protecting the integrity of your work is by far the most important aspect to ensuring your work is completed correctly and efficiently. Research and clinical laboratories require high quality refrigeration solutions because a refrigeration malfunction can be extremely costly for both time and samples, not to mention the repair of the refrigeration equipment. 

There are several basic laboratory refrigeration systems. Common lab refrigeration systems exist include;  under counter, general purpose, glass door, solid door,  combination units, flammable materials storage and explosion proof refrigerators, blood bank and pass through units, and portable blood/vaccine refrigerators.

Under counter refrigeration systems are designed to accommodate standard counter heights and are often placed below work areas. These systems are relatively compact and usually run on standard 115V outlets. General purpose refrigerators are designed for use in a wide variety of applications that require rigorous control of temperature. These also will usually run on standard 115V outlets.

Glass door and solid door units will typically reach a height of 6 1/2 feet and can be over 72-inches wide. These are large systems that are not easily moved. It is not uncommon for glass door and solid door units to require multiple 115V outlet plug-ins. Chromatography refrigerators are specifically designed for applications from vaccine storage to media and reagents where critical control of temperature is essential. Much like other refrigerators, they come in a variety of sizes and usually utilize 115V outlets.

Portable Blood/Vaccine Refrigerators run on battery and should be able to operate in a car or truck at +4 degrees Celsius for over 3 days without recharging. Additionally, it should be easy to clean and have an integrated locking function.