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Restaurant Equipment and a Love Hate Relationship

commercial kitchenIt is our job to bring you the latest in information surrounding the restaurant equipment maintenance in St Louis near Kirkwood MO and all other applicable categories in the commercial restaurant equipment business.  We pride ourselves in doing our best to keep you informed and so we want to discuss, today, commercial refrigeration and how to best maintain its health and function for your St Louis Restaurant Equipment needs.

Say there is a big event hitting your town that involves local food and restaurants, or really even an ordinary weekend when you know your restaurant will be busy and the equipment in high demand.  If your commercial refrigeration equipment fails at the wrong time, you’ll be sending all those potential new customers home dissatisfied or worse. So, in advance of restaurant needs, we’ll be posting great tips and resources on how to keep your equipment (and your head) cool!  This is an important concept to avoiding disaster at the worst possible time for your restaurant business.

Refrigeration equipment is your best friend and can be your worst enemy, according to one source we found online when researching the subject of everyday commercial restaurant equipment in St Louis near Kirkwood and its daily health and general upkeep. “Anyone who manages a food service operation probably has a love-hate relationship with refrigeration equipment. On one hand, they help you serve fresh and appealing fare. Without your coolers, chillers and walk in freezers, you’d be serving lukewarm drinks, wilted greens and melted ice cream. And that’s exactly the problem: when they break down, your business quickly comes to a screeching halt.”  Stay tuned for more information in the posts to follow from your St Louis Restaurant Equipment sales and service near Kirkwood on what to do to avoid the above scenario.

High R-Value in Your Walk In Freezer

walk in freezerIn our adventures today in an effort to continue our discussions on walk-in freezers for your list of necessary restaurant equipment, we come upon the area of composition encircling the prefabricated walk-in cooler as opposed to the custom made version of these pieces of restaurant equipment in St Louis near St Charles MO.  “At their simplest, a prefabricated walk-in cooler is just a large insulated box with a cooling system. The components can be summed up in a very short list: panels, floor, door, and refrigeration system.”  Now it is time to go into further details about the above mentioned components.

Basically sandwiches made of foam insulation and thin metal sheets, panels range in size from 3 1/2″ – 5″ thick and their primary function is to keep the walk-in at the correct temperature for storing your fresh or frozen foods. They are generally made using a 24 to 26 gauge galvanized steel, aluminum or aluminum-coated steel, painted steel, or stainless steel that is called the skin of the freezer itself in the St Louis Restaurant Equipment world. In an effort to maintain a professional and perhaps commercial look, panels also often have embossed patterns in the metal. This pattern can actually add to its strength and reduce the notability of wear and tear.

“Pressed inside the skin is dense insulating foam to ensure energy efficiency. Some options come with extruded polystyrene foam insulation but the most common insulating material is foamed-in polyurethane.”  A high-performing insulator, extruded polystyrene has great moisture resistance. When researching the walk-in freezer options on behalf of your St Louis Restaurant Equipment Sales and Service near St Charles, we found it described as the best material to retain R-value.  “While most materials break down and lose R-value over time, polystyrene retains its insulating ability longer. Polyurethane is also a great insulator; however it may not stand the test of time as well as other materials.”  You are recommended to look for high quality insulation materials with low thermal transference and high R-value when seeking a walk in freezer to add to your list of restaurant equipment in St Louis.

The Floor of Your Prefabricated Walk in Refrigeration

walk in refrigeratorPrefabricated Walk in Freezers are the way to go for some who are looking for the right walk-in freezer to mark off of their commercial refrigeration shopping list.  We have discussed that the parts consist of the following: panels, floor, door, and refrigeration system.  We already looked at great length at the panels in a walk in refrigerator or freezer system for your St Louis Refrigeration Sales and Service near Sunset Hills and how many things to watch for when buying one for your restaurant or commercial kitchen.  Next, we proceed to the floor of your next walk in refrigeration product.

Depending on the space you have, models with and without floors are available to help fit your commercial kitchen needs. Floor materials differ between manufacturers, but many will be made of smooth aluminum. Depending on the amount of traffic your cooler will see in a given day, you may need to look into upgrading to a more durable floor, and so they are offered this way as well, with the option of upgrading the flooring of your walk in refrigeration in St Louis near Sunset Hills MO.

Aluminum floors can prove to be very impractical, depending upon what you have in your walk in freezer, or refrigerator.  “For applications where fully-loaded transport carts or heavy shelving units will be used, an aluminum floor may not be practical. In cases like this, it might be better for your business to purchase a floorless model since this type must be installed on a ground-contact concrete floor. A concrete pad is more durable so that it can stand up to heavier use; just be aware that it may take additional planning and construction before the unit can be set up.”  In the next post on this subject for the sake of your Refrigeration Repair and Service in St Louis near Sunset Hills, we will focus on the actual refrigeration system that is present in a walk in system.

Walk in Freezer Options for Your Restaurant

freezersOn behalf of your restaurant equipment sales and service in St Louis near Chesterfield, we bring to you, today, an in-depth analysis of walk in freezers.  Most of you will need to pursue one if you are about to purchase or have recently obtained your own commercial restaurant.  It can be tricky to know just what system will work best for you, so we hve compiled some information that we gathered online on behalf of your St Louis Restaurant Equipment repair and sales near Chesterfield in an effort to make the search less cumbersome for you.

There are two basic types of walk-ins: they are either prefabricated or built-in. Prefabricated units come with urethane panels that are sized according to the specifications of the product or built to order depending on the manufacturer and sometimes work best for restaurants who have very specific needs in mind. Before setting out to purchase a freezer from your list of restaurant equipment in St Louis near Chesterfield, you may want to take the time to determine if you need a custom size or interior. These prefabricated walk in freezers provide many great benefits including easier expansion and relocation. “Built-in units are also very popular and often consist of insulation that is covered with structural tiles on the walls and floors. These units can be built to meet the exact needs of your space but can’t be moved or changed as easily as prefabricated units.”

When it comes to walk in coolers and freezers, there are differences based on manufacturers too.  According to all that we researched on behalf of your Restaurant Equipment and sales in St Louis near Chesterfield, there exist quite the variety.  “At their simplest, a prefabricated walk-in cooler is just a large insulated box with a cooling system. The components can be summed up in a very short list: panels, floor, door, and refrigeration system.”  We will go into further depth on these individual parts in our following posts.

Doing It Yourself is Not Always Wise

refrigeration serviceWhen you are working at proper maintenance and care for your commercial kitchen, then all that you do is for the greater good and attempt at keeping costs as low as possible.  You see, by properly maintaining and using your commercial Refrigeration products in St Louis near Webster Groves, you will help ensure the full life of these commercial refrigeration products is realized and therefore reduce or eliminate the need for unnecessary premature replacement.

Keeping your St Louis Commercial Refrigeration near Webster Groves clean is the first step to proper maintenance and life extension of your ice maker, ice machine, walk in cooler, walk in freezer, or any other refrigeration product in your commercial kitchen or restaurant.

Also, being aware of needed repairs as they crop up is another smart choice in refrigeration maintenance in St Louis.  “Replace broken or worn out parts. – Over time, parts just wear out and need to be replaced. If something appears worn out, better to replace the worn out part soon before it causes serious problems.”  You will want to be somewhat leery of do-it-yourself situations as well.  Often times those can backfire and cost you more time and money in hiring a professional to fix your attempt to correct the problem and also still address the original issue to begin with.  Her is how one online source puts it regarding restaurant equipment and refrigeration service near Webster Groves MO, “Be careful with do-it-yourself fixes. – One way to save money on restaurant equipment repairs is to simply fix it yourself. If the equipment is new, fixing things yourself may void the warranty, so be sure to read the warranty and know what you can and cannot do yourself. Even if the equipment is not under warranty, overly complex repairs should still be performed by an authorized service agent.”

Selecting a new Walk-In Freezer

walk in freezer refrigeration service in MOIf you are considering the purchase of a new walk-in freezer, there are several considerations that are of high importance to ensure the unit you are purchasing will suit your specific application. Choosing a commercial refrigeration system that is sized incorrectly or designed improperly can lead to a disastrous and frustrating situation. Taking a little extra time and investigating what you really need will save you time and money in the future.

First off it is important to make a list of the goods or products that are intended to be stored. Specifically, identify the dimensions of the products and the number of cases that would be stored at any given time. Don’t forget about deliveries. Also, while thinking about the products, identify the temperature they are required to be stored at, most commonly it may be 0 degrees or -20 degrees. Another important consideration is the weight of the items. Most walk-in-freezers can handle up to 850 pounds per square foot of weight.

Locating your system is also of vital importance. Most operations will have the unit placed indoors while there are a few that choose to install it outside. For exterior building installation, ensure there is a wall that is able to have a doorway installed that gives direct access to your walk-in freezer. Along with the physical location of the unit, you must also think about the electrical requirements. Can electricity be run to the location that you are wanting? and, does your operation have the electrical requirements to handle the system that you are choosing?

For any of your needs in refrigeration sales and installation near St. Peters, contact us today at American Services; you won’t be disappointed!

Conserve Energy and Extend Life of Refrigeration Equipment part II

commercial refrigeration repair in MOAmerican Services check site seo
restaurant maintenance in Missouri” href=””>restaurant equipment maintenance  in St. Louis knows that maintenance managers have many options to reduce power usage and extend the life of commercial refrigeration units including coolers, freezers, and ice machines. Here is a short but extremely important list of suggested maintenance tips that you may want to implement at your facility;

– Gaskets: refrigeration systems work hard to achieve proper product temperature. Routinely inspect the door gaskets or seals on all coolers and freezers. Check for tears, rips, or missing magnetic strips in gaskets. If gaskets are found to be worn out replace them immediately. You’re losing cold air, and making your system work harder to replace that air. This increases power consumption and lessens refrigerator systems’ life span.


– Door hinges and closers: most doors and hinges on refrigeration units close properly utilizing spring cartridges.  Be sure to inspect these mechanical hinges insure proper operation. Larger cooler and freezer doors- especially walk-ins normally use hydraulic door closers. Doors that are not closed all the way in this matter contribute to excessive run time, inefficient use of energy; shorten the life of the equipment and causes evaporator coils to ice up.


– Calculate accurate internal food temperature: using a product sensing thermometer, is far superior to an air sensing thermometer in refrigeration’s units due to rapidly changing ambient conditions. Refrigeration systems using an air sensing thermometer only reveal how cold the air is in a refrigeration unit at the moment you open it. There are situations when it does not give an accurate picture of a product’s actual temperature. Product sensing thermometers are much more accurate.

To schedule maintenance on your walk in freezer, cooler, or refrigerator unit, be sure to contact American Services refrigeration repair service in Saint Louis MO today.  You won’t be disappointed!