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Ice Machine Accessories Explained!

Ice Machine Accessories Explained!

ice cubes in machine

When making a decision about the right ice machine for your business, it’s also important to consider the accessories you may need to make the best use of your new equipment.  These accessories will vary in price, but when chosen carefully can give you, your employees, and customers the most-pleasant experience when using the machine.  Today, the Ladue area heating and cooling experts at American Services are here to help explain a few of the most popular accessories used with ice machines and how they work.  Let’s get started!

  • Remote Condensing Unit – When noise levels from your ice machine are of concern, those with an air-cooled ice machine can opt for a Remote Condensing Unit.  This type of unit add-on will reduce noise levels in your customer area, but may require the addition of a refrigeration line set.
  • Storage Bin – Storage bins or ice bins, are used for storing ice until is it ready to be used.  These are a must for anyone who does not use a self-contained unit.
  • Dispenser – In quick service restaurants or other customer-based service environments, adding an ice dispenser allows for ice to be used without hands coming in contact with the remaining stored ice.
  • Bin Adapter – If you are looking to add a larger bin to your machine, or need to add a bin from another manufacturer the use of a bin adapter may be needed.
  • Water Filtration – Better tasting ice makes for better tasting drinks, that’s why the American Services team always suggest the addition of a quality water filtration system.
  • Ice Scoop – To maintain clean, sanitary conditions an ice scoop is a must.
  • Ice Tote or Chest – If you are moving ice from one area to another within your establishment the use of an ice transport tote or ice caddie will be a must.

Contact the American Services team about ordering these ice machine accessories now!

Choosing the Perfect Ice Machine In 4 Easy Steps!

Choosing the Perfect Ice Machine In 4 Easy Steps!

close up ice cubes and stainless ice scoop

Step 1 – Decide what type of ice you will need your commercial ice machine to make. When most think of ice machine needs they only think of the ice applied to drink service, but there are other uses also.  In the restaurant space, ice is also used for salad bars, chilling bottled beer and wine, or for other food-related display purposes. Yet, other commercial establishments use ice including hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, schools, office buildings and much more.  Be sure to think of your needs as well as your customer or employee needs when making this decision.

Step 2 – Decide how much ice you will need daily and pick the appropriate sized machine. This is probably the most important decision you will make when choosing your commercial ice machine.  You will need to be sure your machine is sized so that it can produce enough ice for your daily needs and can also keep up with any increase in demand for the near future.  The O’Fallon area refrigeration and ice machine experts at American Services are always eager to help with this part of the decision making process.

Step 3 – Decide between an air-cooled versus water-cooled condenser.  The biggest difference between these two styles of machine is this: Water-Cooled units cut down on noise and can be more reliable in hotter climates; Air-cooled units save on water costs.  Talk to your dealer about the advantages and disadvantages to both before making a final decision.

Step 4 – Decide on what options and accessories you will need for your machine. These add-on’s are important because they will allow you to get the most out of your machine on a daily basis.  Just a few of your choices include: Remote Condensing Unit (for air-cooled machines), storage or ice bins, dispensers, bin adapters, water filtration, scoops, and ice totes or carts.  These can usually be ordered upon the initial installation of your machine or even after you have your machine and find a need for them.

24/7 Heating System Support From American Services

24/7 Heating System Support From American Services

24 hours seven days a weekFinding reliable heating, cooling, refrigeration, and restaurant equipment service isn’t as hard as you may think thanks to the devoted team of professionals at American Services.  Our team is comprised of some of the top technicians in the HVAC field.  All of these individuals are highly trained and required to keep up with all of the latest certifications available.  We also make sure that we have an abundance of technicians that can accommodate the full-service nature of our clients. This means that you can get all of your service work done with one call to us!

Our 24/7 team of service professionals cover a wide range of industries and serve you in the most complete way possible.  The industries we serve include National Chain Restaurants, Convenience Stores, Food Service Industry, National Chain Food Stores, Cold Storage Facilities, Retail Grocery Industry, Truck Stops/Travel Centers, Independent Supermarkets and Restaurants, Retirement Communities, Schools, Office Complex, Apartment Complex, Hotels, and many more commercial applications.  This wide client base means we understand the needs of all areas of business and can provide specialized service to your industry too.

Beyond just he industries we serve is the wide-variety of products and service we provide.  These services reach well beyond just heating and cooling.  We can also take on all of your cooking equipment issues, refrigeration needs, ice machines, industrial equipment, beverage systems,  and water filtration.  For our clients in certain industries we are able to provide a one-stop-shop and greatly eliminate down time loss due to our full-service business.

Why would you trust your 24/7 HVAC, refrigeration, restaurant equipment, or industrial equipment needs to any other service provider?  Contact the Clayton area heating and cooling technicians at American Services right now!  Our customer care team is always waiting for your call and can take care of any emergency needs you may have.  Let us serve you today!

Keep Your Ice Clean With Ultraviolet Light

Keep Your Ice Clean With Ultraviolet Light

Three ice cubes Ice machines can be a breeding ground for mold, bacteria, and other biological contaminants.  That’s why it is so important that all businesses that work with ice machines and/or water filtration understand the importance of how to keep the products they serve clean and hazard free.  One of the options you have when looking to serve cleaner, better tasting ice is in the form of ultraviolet light.  Choosing to keep your ice clean with UV light is fairly inexpensive, easy to install, and offers a safe alternative to chemicals used to clean in a more traditional way.  Using ultraviolet light can also improve the performance and extend the life of your ice machines.

So, how does ultraviolet light work?  In the ice machine setting, UV germicidal lamps are first installed in your machine by a professional refrigeration expert.  The lights then go to work killing off all the biological hazards by using UV-C rays to damage the structure of bacteria, virus, and mold cells.  When the structure of these cells is damaged, they are killed off and leave your machine 99.9% free of contaminants.

Keeping the ice you serve as clean as possible is a must for anyone who serves cold beverages.  That’s why more and more St. Louis area businesses have turned to the experience provided by the American Services team.  At American Services, we not only serve Florissant area heating and cooling clients, but we also serve those in commercial settings that require water filtration and other food service equipment.  Our long list of specialties includes cooking equipment, ice machines, refrigeration, industrial equipment, and beverage systems.  This long list of provided services means we can fully serve our area clients in a complete and quick manner.  Don’t risk down time and waste money on a service provider who cant meet all of your needs.  Call American Services for a free estimate now.



Commercial Heating Service on a Budget?

Commercial Heating Service on a Budget?

Budget Newspaper ClippingAfter working with your average commercial heating service contractor you may be wondering if you will ever be able to stay on budget in regards to the repairs, maintenance, and upgrades you often need for your HVAC system.  This is most-likely due to the fact that you either have a contract that is not designed to meet your specific needs or because you simply don’t have one at all.  That’s why so many St. Louis business owners have decided to stick with the American Services team.  Our skilled professionals not only get the job done right, but can also get you into the scheduled maintenance contract needed to keep your costs under control and within your needed budget.

So, what makes an American Services service contact extra special.  It starts with our people.  The team at American Services specifically understand the commercial side of the HVAC business.  Our contract writers are able to meet with and understand your budget, maintenance needs, and specialty equipment.  These individuals are then able to make suggestions and write a customized preventative maintenance plan that fits into all of your must-haves.  We have been providing this service to our customers for over 25 years and take great pride in being the best around.

What are you waiting for?  Why not get the customized service you deserve by contacting the team about a preventative maintenance contract today.  We can even come out to your location to get a feel for what equipment you have and offer our many other services as well.  These extra services include repairs, maintenance, and instillation of cooking equipment, refrigeration units, ice machines, industrial equipment, beverage systems, and water filtration units.  You see, American Services can save you in down time as well by providing all of your needed services in one trip.  Let our team prove to you why we should be your commercial heating contractor near Edwardsville.

Duct Noise – When Should You Worry?

Duct Noise – When Should You Worry?

Woman closes her earsIt’s winter and your duct work may be experiencing a little expansion due the sudden bursts of warm air being used to heat your space.  But what if that very normal function begins making a lot of unsettling noise?  Well, not to worry!  Most duct noise is very normal and harmless.  As mentioned before, your duct work is just expanding and making way for the air that is being used to keep you comfortable in the cold weather.  But it there ever a time to worry?  Let’s find out.

So, when should duct noise be of concern?  Duct noise is only of concern when the noise is actually come from your furnace and not your duct work at all.  Gas furnace owners know that there are burner elements as a part of their system.  As time passes, these burners can become dirty, clogged, and/or corroded.  When this happens, interference happens in the ignition process. The noise you hear from this issue will occur just after your furnace kicks on due tot the ignition sparks lighting the extra gas that has filled the chamber during missed ignition.  When you notice this type of issue, it’s time to call a professional HVAC service technician as this can turn into a very dangerous issue.

As you can see, duct noise itself is not of concern.  Yet, if the noise you hear is actually coming from your furnace, service is needed.   If you are in need of heating or cooling service near Wentzville, contact the team at American Services today!  Our professional technicians are ready to take care of your entire list of commercial HVAC, refrigeration, cooking equipment, water filtration, industrial equipment, and beverage systems needs in one short visit.  We can even give you a free estimate on upgrading your existing equipment with new, energy efficient models!  Why not give us a call today?

Beer Cave Refrigeration For Your Convenience Store

Beer Cave Refrigeration For Your Convenience Store

Drink CanWalk into any convenience store right now and you are sure to find a wide variety and large selection of beer, wine, and other alcoholic beverages.  This shouldn’t be a surprise since the majority of alcohol sales come from convenience store establishments.  So, why not take your sales to the next level by having the commercial refrigeration experts at American Services help you with the installation of a beer cave?

A simple addition like a beer cave will not only help you to attract more buyers into your store, but it will also give your customers a place to get the cold beverages they need for parties and other large gatherings.  Also consider the fact that as a business owner you will not just benefit from increased sales, but you will additionally gain storage space for the extra supply of cold beverages in your store.  Having all available products out in front of your customers will allow them the chance to make an informed decision, will encourage them to try new products, and will leave a lasting impression on their buying habits.  Plus, you get to re-locate your inventory and make room for other non-refrigerated staples.

If you want to offer your customers access to the “coldest beer in town”, the addition of a beer cave makes perfect sense.  Get started on this fun and profitable project by giving the American Services team a call today.  At American Services we offer free estimates and can handle all of your HVAC, refrigeration, beverage system, ice machine, water filtration, and restaurant equipment needs.  Our commercial refrigeration services near St. Louis City are the most reliable in the area, making us a great choice for maintenance, repair, installation, and service.  Don’t delay increased profits and more customer satisfaction – get your beer cave installation started now!

Web Resources Designed To Help You Save On Heating & Cooling Costs

Web Resources Designed To Help You Save On Heating & Cooling Costs

Web AddressIf you have ever searched for ideas on the internet related to heating and cooling cost savings, there is no doubt that you have been overwhelmed with the number of “expert” opinions out there.  To help you dis-spell some of the myths or incorrect information you may find, the O’Fallon area heating and cooling experts at American Services have compiled their favorite resources for you here in this post!  All of these sites are filled with common sense tips and tricks that will help you save money all year long.

The ENERGY STAR Guide for Energy Management 

This comprehensive ENERGY STAR guide is designed to help business and commercial building owners create and implement strategies that will not only save them money, but that will also help to preserve the environment.

RESNET Residential Energy Services Network

If you are a business owner who either operates out of a residential-style building or who owns and manages residential units, the RESNET Residential Energy Services Network is a valuable source when looking to save on energy costs.

Ameren Missouri

Ameren Missouri provides Missouri business owners with a number of resources that help them save on energy across their commercial buildings.  A few of the ares they cover on their site include a fuel cost calculator, energy glossary, and commercial energy efficiency recommendations.  Ameren Illinois customers can find the similar resources here.

At American Services our goal is to provide you will all the tools you need to make your business a comfortable environment for your employees and customers.  We can provide you with comprehensive heating and cooling service along with maintenance, repairs, installation, and contract work.  Our team is additionally trained in restaurant equipment repair, water filtration, ice machines, beverage systems, cooking equipment, refrigeration, and industrial equipment.  Make us your one-stop-shop next time you are in need of any of these services!



Save On HVAC Services In 2015 With American Services!

Save On HVAC Services In 2015 With American Services!

Budget 2015As the year comes to an end, many business owners are looking for new and creative ways to start saving money in 2015.  This includes those who utilize HVAC services like those offered by the team here at American Services.  In response to this customer concern, our technician, service, and customer care providers want to give you with what you need!  That’s why we continue to broaden our reach and offer a full lineup of services to our loyal customers.

Our first suggestion when a client wants to save money on their HVAC costs is to consider a Preventative Maintenance Plan.  Our customized plans can cover as much or as little of your costs as you want.  We will also take all factors into consideration when composing your plan including budget, maintenance needs, the type of equipment you have, the need for emergency service, and many more.  Basically you tell us what you need and we will write a plan that will work for you!

We also save our customers money by offering a variety of specialty services.  Our skilled technicians not only understand the ins and outs of heating and cooling, but also have experience with restaurant and cooking equipment, refrigeration and freezer units, ice machines, industrial equipment, beverage systems, and water filtration. As you can see, we are able to meet most of your needs in just one service call.  This saves you time, money, and gets your business running at full capacity sooner.

Don’t take your chances with another St. Louis City area HVAC contractor, call our specialized team today by dialing 855-733-1776 now!  Our customer care professionals will be able to put you in touch with the department that best solves all of your issues whether it be normal service, a free estimate, or the possibility of getting a money-saving customized preventative maintenance plan.


Hot Water Heater Expansion Tank Q&A

Hot Water Heater Expansion Tank Q&A

Electric Water HeaterThanks to the backflow prevention valves used by some municipalities, it is now a good idea to consider an expansion tank for your hot water heater.  This is a minimal addition cost-wise and prevents your hot water pipes from experiencing high pressures that can cause heater failure and leaking pipes.  Let’s answer some common questions about these units.

Are Hot Water Heater Expansion Tanks required by code?

This depends on where you are located.  In areas that use pressure regulators or backflow preventers, it is common that an expansion tank requirement will be within the code guidelines.

What will an Expansion Tank do?

Expansion tanks are designed to get rid of any pressure that can be caused by thermal expansion. Thermal expansion happens as water is heated and can cause pipes to rupture, blown 0-rings, and reduce the overall life of your hot water heater.

What about the Temperature and Pressure Relief Valves that are already on my hot water heater?

These parts are only designed to prevent an explosive failure of the hot water heater.  These valves can drip and get mineral deposit build-up.  They are not considered a replacement for an expansion tank.

Can I install an Expansion Tank on my own?

Individuals who could consider themselves moderately handy can install an expansion tank in about 30 minutes.  But, if you feel at all uncomfortable or run into issues, it is best to call a professional.

At American Services we specialize in a wide-range of heating services near Kirkwood.  Our trained professionals can help evaluate your need for updated heating and cooling equipment, refrigeration units, ice machines, water filtration, and cooking equipment.  Don’t neglect the need to keep your equipment in good health! Contact us and we will give you a free estimate the new, highly efficient equipment you need.