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Save Money Using Energy Star Rated Restaurant Equipment

Save Money Using Energy Star Rated Restaurant Equipment

Reduce your energy billAs a restaurant owner you understand how much overhead you incur just based upon the gas, electric, and water usage your business experiences on a daily basis.  Many restaurant owners with older, outdated equipment may be feeling the sting of higher utility bills more than others simply because the equipment they are using isn’t up-to-date in regards to modern energy savings standards.  Today, let’s take a look at how much you can expect to save on restaurant equipment near Chesterfield just by opting for new equipment that carries the Energy Star label.

Steamers – When a restaurant owner chooses an Energy Star steamer, he or she can expect to save up to $1,000 in water and sewer costs annually and up to $1,100 in gas or electric costs annually.  This equates to up to $2,100 in yearly cost savings.

Fryers – When a restaurant owner chooses an Energy Star fryer, he or she can expect to save up to $100 in electricity costs annually or up to $450 in gas costs annually.

Convection Ovens – When a restaurant owner chooses an Energy Star convection oven, he or she can expect to save up to $190 in electricity costs annually or up to $360 in gas costs annually.

Griddles – When a restaurant owner chooses an Energy Star griddle, he or she can expect to save up to $190 in electricity costs annually or up to $175 in gas costs annually.

Holding Cabinets – When a restaurant owner chooses an Energy Star holding cabinet, he or she can expect to save up to $310 to $880 annually in electricity costs.

Combination Ovens – When a restaurant owner chooses an Energy Star electric combination cabinet, he or she can expect to save up to $400 to $800 annually in electricity costs.

Broilers – When a restaurant owner chooses an Energy Star broiler, he or she can expect to save up to $600 annually by cutting idle times by 3 hours per day.

Contact the team at American Services for pricing on updated Energy Star equipment today!




Top Eco-Friendly Trends at the 2015 NRA Show

Top Eco-Friendly Trends at the 2015 NRA Show

Top Trends words under a magnifying glass to illustrate the lateTapping into eco-friendly trends is a great way to save money and work more efficiently. Today, the restaurant equipment experts at American Services are here to introduce you to just a few of the latest eco-friendly trends found at this year’s NRA Show 2015.  Let’s get started!

  • Eco-Friendly Trend #1 – If you are looking to reduce the amount of organic waste you put into landfills due to new regulations, a South Carolina company called EnviroPure Systems has a solution.  EnviroPure’s latest innovation takes that organic waste and turns it into gray water that can be used for irrigation in only 24 hours.  Thus reducing the amount of organic waste you throw away and helping to reduce water usage for outdoor irrigation purposes.
  • Eco-Friendly Trend #2 – Do you want to reduce water consumption and laundering services with an innovative napkin alternative?  If so, Pure Napkin California has a product you’ll love.  Their 100 biodegradable product is made from bamboo and comes in a compact tablet form that only needs a few drops of water to grow into a full-sized napkin.
  • Eco-Friendly Trend #3 –  Those who want an alternative to traditional grease traps will find Goslyn Environmental’s automatic grease removal system as a possible solution.  According to Doug Samuelson, the company’s president and CEO, “The system hooks up to a three- compartment sink, dishwasher or combi-oven  —  wherever the grease is going to be.  We want to capture the grease and recover it before it gets into the drain system. Once the grease is separated out, it can be used to create biodiesel fuel.”

St. Louis area restaurant equipment owners understand the investment of time, money, and effort it takes to run a smooth business.  That’s why so many of these individuals are choosing American Services for all of their new equipment, repair, service, and maintenance needs.  If you are looking for eco-friendly equipment options, simply call the American Services team for all the latest information now!



Emerging 2015 Restaurant Equipment Tech Trends

Emerging 2015 Restaurant Equipment Tech Trends

Women EatingWith a new year comes new technology aimed at making restaurant operations run smoother.  In fact, according to B. Hudson Riehle, senior vice president of the National Restaurant Association’s research and knowledge group, “Technology will perhaps be the largest arena to see some rapid innovation in 2015. Technology is just another tool in the operator tool belt, but 2015 is poised for a much more substantial integration of the technology into the typical restaurant operation.”  Today, let’s take a look at the trends that will make your establishment stand out in 2015.

POS Upgraded – About 47% of restaurants are reporting an upgrade in their POS system for 2015. This is partially due to the new EMV standards that are being pushed thanks to the many data breach issues of the recent pas.  Establishments are also expressing interest in adopting new payment options like e-wallet.

Dynamic Pricing – The dynamic pricing model allows an establishment to base pricing upon chosen factors such as time of day or a given day of the week.  Thanks to digital menu boards and innovative POS systems, establishments can take advantage of this pricing model to drive traffic as needed.  This also allows for on-the-spot testing of new or improved menu options.

Time & Energy Savings – New technology that allows for saved time and labor costs continues to hit the market and will be popular within the restaurant industry this year.  This improved equipment can reduce cooking times by 20% and new ice machines can take care of the cleaning for you with the use of ultraviolet light oxidation.  There are even new dishwashers with technology that reduces both water usage and drying times.

Are you looking to cash in on the latest trends in the restaurant business?  If so, you can find all the latest restaurant equipment for sale near O’Fallon by contacting the team at American Services!  Call today to find out just how easy upgrading your restaurant can be!


Is Water Heating Costing You Too Much Money?

Is Water Heating Costing You Too Much Money?

Businessperson with coinsHeating the hot water your business uses can account for a large portion of your monthly heating bill.  The good news is that you can reduce this cost by taking a few simple steps as outline below:

  • Check your hot water heater’s thermostat setting.  When your unit is installed, it will be preset from the factory to heat your water to 140 degrees.  Taking this setting down to 120 degrees will not only save you money on your monthly energy bill, but it will also prevent scalding from water that may be too hot for young children.
  • Limit the amount of hot water you are using.  This simple step can be accomplished by intsalling water-saving fittings on faucets around your building.  You can also advise your staff to only run dish washers or clothes washers when they are full.  This is the best utilization of both water and overall energy usage.
  • Drain your hot water heater tank on a regular basis.  Once or twice a year it is a good idea to drain a few gallons of water from the bottom of your tank.  This practice will help to remove any sediment or mineral deposits that can restrict heat transfer and thus cause an increase in water usage.
  • Insulate your hot water heater pipes.  Wherever you can reach the pipes, insulate them. This will work to reduce heat transfer and result in reduced water heating costs.
  • Insulate your hot water heater unit.  If you have an older hot water heating unit, you can consult the manufacturer’s recommendations for insulating the unit.  This practice won’t work well for new units that are already well insulated from the factory.

If you would like more recommendations for saving energy on your heating bills this winter, contact the South County area commercial heating experts at American Services today!

Using Solar Power in your overall Energy Plan

Using Solar Power in your overall Energy Plan

solor heating in MOAmerican Services HVAC heating and cooling in St. Louis knows that one of the most economical and environmentally ways to heat a building is to use solar power.  And since this green technology has advanced exponentially over the years it has become even more effective and costs less than ever before.

One of the easiest applications for solar power is to use it for the heating of all water in a commercial facility.  Hot water usage can come from showers, bathrooms or even cleaning and manufacturing.  The old fashioned way to heat water has always been by using a water heater that is either powered by propane, natural gas or some other fossil fuel.  The problem with all of these fuels is that there isn’t an endless supply of any of them and therefore the cost to a business can be daunting.  Additionally as fossil fuels become more and more rare and the techniques used to mine them become more expensive the cost is going to continue to rise.  The advantage of using solar power is that it’s a fixed cost with a onetime initial expense and then just maintenance from that point on.

The process to get this all started for a commercial application is fairly simple.  Evacuated tube collectors or a similarly designed solar panel is placed on the roof or high point near the building.  This tube design is particularly important because the solar panels are always facing the sun no matter what angle the sun is at or the time of day.  In addition the simplistic design is solid and offers years of practical use.  The energy is then captured in a solar collector and through a series of tubes and a central controller; the heat is pushed throughout the facility.  This design can be used in a variety of geographic areas and can be just as effective in the winter as it is during those dog days of summer when the sun is always around.

Using a solar panel system to heat water for a commercial building is not only smart business but is good for the earth as well.  Solar energy has been around for years, and continues to supply companies around the world with simple, fast and cheap energy.  If you’re looking to cut costs out of your business and need a simple and time tested solution then solar power might be just what you need.

12 Ways to Reduce Commercial Heating Cost-Part II

12 Ways to Reduce Commercial Heating Cost-Part II

heating maintenance in Saint LouisAmerican Services is committed to helping business owners to save on heating expense.  Below are the remaining 6 tips for energy savings for commercial business owners;

7. Check and replace weather stripping on doors and windows.  Leaking air around faulty weather stripping on doors and windows contributes to increased heating expenses in interior spaces of your building. Check for drafts and be sure to repair and replace stripping when necessary.

8. By installing storm windows you create double pane window efficiency for reducing heat loss obviously these storm windows must be kept closed , Make a check of all your storm windows to assure you have closed them when cold weather arrives.
9. Operate your kitchen and bath vents minimally throughout the winter cost season. Bath and kitchen vents exhaust heated air and moisture to the outside. If your home is dry during the winter, you may not need to operate these vents at all. However if condensation appears on windows use your vents to remove cooking and bathing moisture being sure to turn them off when no longer needed.

10. Lower the thermostat set point on your water heater. Water temperatures above 145 degrees are not needed for most tasks, and drives up energy efficiency costs.

11.Install a water heater insulation kit. Older water heaters may not have adequate insulation, by installing one it will keep heat in.  Exercise caution and be sure to follow manufacturer’s recommendations and be sure not to cover the thermostat unit.

12. Monitor hot water usage regularly.  Reducing hot water usage is effective in reducing the cost of heating water.  Installing low flow plumbing fixtures and repairing leaky faucets and defective plumbing joints saves on water and water heating energy costs.

To learn more about cost effective heating systems in Missouri,  contact American Services heating installation in Missouri today, you won’t be disappointed.